Yoga Retreat


How does one find a yoga retreat? I don’t plan on going for a while. I have to save some money first. But I want to do some research on places and types of yoga retreats in the U.S. Where I can learn more about yoga and meditation.

Does anyone have experience with any yoga retreats in the U.S?


Hello LaLuz!

I am the founder of Leela Travel, a full-service tour operator that specializes in eco-luxury yoga retreats. We have some fabulous trips planned for 2010 to destinations in India, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize. We are also looking into doing some retreats next year in California and Montana. Please check us out and check back as more info goes online!

Good luck!


Hello Again,

Since Leela Travel doesn’t have any US retreats at this time I wanted to point out some retreat centers that I have heard are wonderful:
Feathered Pipe Ranch
Eselen Institute
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm Grass Vally, CA



I haven’t been to one in the states but I have been to one in mexico. It was fabulous, so serene and relaxing. Wherever it is you decide on , I suggest you go it’s such a wonderful experience.



You can find many yoga retreats listed on websites like and It all depends on what you are looking for. There are quite intense retreats at ashrams where you will study yoga and mediation all day long and others that are more like vacations with daily yoga.