Yoga retreats in South Africa


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I’m new to yoga and this forum. I am looking for a yoga retreat in Cape Town, South Africa. Any suggestions from the forum members would be greatly appreciated.



You will not likely find a retreat in Cape Town itself, it is a large city with too many distractions. Retreats in SA are usually presented more towards the platteland (rural areas). You can try Under the Mountain Yoga Centre in Greyton with Jonathan Blumberg, he presents a retreat there from time to time. Call 028 254 9667 for more info.

The Yoga Awakening and Complete Yoga magazines available from all leading stationers and booksshops in SA, offers a host of info regarding retreats etc. They are on the shelf right now and are available.


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Spirals Yoga Studio in Jeffreys Bay on the east coast of SA will be having a retreat in August.spiralsyogadotcodotza for contact details.


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