Yoga retreats in the UK


I would love to go to India and do a Yoga retreat but unfortunately can’t afford it. Does a anyone knows a good retreat in the UK?


Hi Yogabug :slight_smile:

We run detox and yoga retreats in Somerset. We have different dates.

Our daily program includes : Yoga Gentle but powerful - Yoga focusing on breathing and relaxation, Additional Yoga - An evening session of yoga to compliment the morning one, Meditation Following yoga - a meditation session to help you centre and be calm, Pilates - Stretching, breathing, alignment and movement ,Meditation Movement in water supports our body weight and helps us stretch, Colonic Irrigation - Twice daily colonics to clean out the bowel and large intestine, Juices & Supplements 5 juices per day – a mixture of juices with supplements, Nutritional Talks - Educational information about foods you should and should not eat, Raw Food Training - Eating without eating, healthy, tasty and nourishing, NEW Skin Care Course -Blend your bespoke facial oil for your own skin type , Complimentary NLP 1-1 session of NLP to help you deal with any limiting behaviors, Group Walk - A chance for a peaceful stroll through beautiful countryside , Infra Red Sauna - The very latest in sauna technology that allows you to detox further, Swimming Pool Swim - at your leisure in your private pool and Private Room Relax.

You can check out our website for more info or if you have any questions let me know.


The two people above are the same person. Therefore, in my my opinion, the people from Anamchara Detox Retreats who run are highly unethical and their courses should be avoided like the plague.

All the UK yogis here please give some alternatives to the cheat above!!!

I went to the Burren in Ireland some years ago it was lovely they host a wide range of teachers there…and a place at Glastonbury…cannot remember the name tho…

If you can get hold of a copy of Spectrum (British Wheel of Yoga’s own mag.) it lists all sorts of yoga weekend courses/retreats and longer. You can find the same info on BWY website.

If you are familiar with Satyananda yoga - or even if you’re not - you could try Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. Their longer course run in the summer months and they close in the winter but it’s well worth a visit.

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You could check out this article which gives a review of the top 18 places to go on retreat

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