Yoga retreats


what have been your experiences on a yoga retreat? I’m interested in going on a yoga retreat to mexico but not sure what I should be on the look out for. Does anyone have any suggestions on things to look for when choosing a retreat? Thanks!


It all depends on what you are looking for in a retreat. At our yoga retreat in Thailand, we try to inform people of how to make their stay the best it can be as well as not intruding on the experience of others. If you have a small retreat center, or packed rooms, etc, your focus may not be on yoga and/or meditation. Another thing to look for is teacher quality. See if there are any bios or write-ups about the main teachers. Also try to find reviews on a certain center you may be interested in.


By the way our yoga retreat in Thailand Is a perfect escape from the winter blues to those of you who are interested. Our center, the Karuna Meditation and Yoga Center, is located in beautiful Phuket, Thailand and is very accommodating. To get more info check out Yoga Thailand


i’m hoping to find a yoga retreat in mexico. amara bliss looks good. thanks for the advice.


we may not predict the best Yoga retreats unless a person has gone through. If you have done yoga practices, i would suggest to go Yoga retreats which is given by spiritual master. Yoga is retreats are nothing but spending valuable time with you. My style of yoga retreats are many, Listening my own music Ojas - Foundation, Vedic Chanting and Meditation on the day, Having gone unknown places.


I went to a yoga retreat in oaxaca a while back and it was amazing!! I highly recommend them. Retreats are a spiritual journey that you never forget. Try they were great to me!


don’t forget to look in costa rica as well. there are many retreat options here and the natural landscape is outstanding.


I was wondering if there are any reviews or feedback for yoga-centered retreat hotels in Costa Rica. I live in Costa Rica and would like to spend a week in a place that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Yeah, whats with the pricing on yoga retreats, why the heck are so many so expensive? They price a lot of people out. I don’t think i could do yoga 7 days in a row. I practice a lot as but sometime’s the body just wants to chill.


If you are a first-timer in particular, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect when you visit a yoga retreat center.