Yoga Sankalpa - Yoga & Creative Journaling Retreat - AUROVILLE

Yoga Sankalpa - Yoga & Creative Journaling Retreat - 2 day / 2 night Intensive Residential Retreat


Saturday, October 27, 2018 5:30 AM
Sunday, October 28, 2018 4:00 PM

Location: Auroville - Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, India

Yoga Vana conducts a 2 days Yoga Sankalpa at Auroville, India

In our daily life, we set goals to accomplish something based on our personal need and imagine how happy we will be when we get what we want. Most of the times we fail to be there and we abandon our resolutions as our enthusiasm and will power run out within weeks.

The Yogic term Sankalpa is not just about setting some resolutions to achieve our goals, but a deeper affirmation that connects within to that which already exists. San means a connection with the highest truth and Kalpa means - the rule to be followed above all other rules. Thus Sankalpa is honoring the dharma – the deeper meaning of our life. Sankalpa is a statement we can call upon to remind us of our true nature and to guide our choices. It is not something we need to make up or search for. It is already present, waiting to be seen, heard and felt.

  • Explore and express yourself through the healing practice of yoga and journaling

  • Learn to use yogic wisdom to listen, reflect and transform through creative journaling

  • Receive guidance and techniques to enhance creative focus and flow

  • Cultivate a self-care routine, deepen your yoga practice and teaching methods

  • Make your journaling practice a habit that sticks

  • Develop a spiritual practice of Jnana Yoga

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate

  • All levels are welcome, no previous experience required

Retreat Content

  • Introduction to and practice of Yoga as a science dealing with body, breath, mind, soul and universe
  • Two faces of emotions in Yoga psychology
  • Being beyond the mind and its modifications
  • Coordinating the 4 functions of the mind 
  • Know yourself at all levels - the key to fulfilling your Dharma
  • Going beyond resolutions - how to discover your Sankalpa
  • Emotions and Conscious Living - how to nourish your Sankalpa
  • Yoga journaling as Jnana Yoga
  • There’s no right way to journaling 
  • Self-discovery through writing
  • How to find your creative way

Teachers: Mani Raman & Mugdha

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