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I am just getting back into yoga after a hiatus, and I am finding myself drawn more toward the spiritual side than the physical side this time. My problem is I don’t know exactly how to get started with the spiritual side of yoga. Can someone please help me out?


Hi peaceguru!

Why don’t you start with a nice book on yoga? There is one called The wisdon of Yoga from Stephen Cope. He writes both about the history and the eight limbs of yoga but it’s very relatable and easy to read. It presents some of the common spiritual questions and how ordinary people approached them.

You could also bring the spiritual into your every day practice - before your asanas do a five minute centering - set an intention for your practice, give gratitude. After your asanas you can finish with some breathing exercises, guided or silent meditation or guided yoga nidra.


I haven’t been able to find it on Kindle, are there any other books that you would recommend on the subject?


There are several free kindle books that fit your criteria. The original version of, Autobiography Of A Yogi is a wonderful place to start. It has opened many doors for millions of seekers.


Namaskaram Peace guru,

I practice and teach Isha Classical Hatha Yoga. We teach yoga in its purest form, as it was practiced and ‘transmitted’ by the very first yogi, Siva. The practices are, as intended, deeply spiritual and require a conducive atmosphere in order to be taught, as yoga was always about a transmission of energy rather than just bending the body and stretching.

You can take a look at the teaching of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Youtube. My website is

Please feel free to ask me any questions you want to


I live in a small town, so I practice yoga through instructional videos(mostly yoga zone). Would it be beneficial for me to take a yoga retreat in order to get the full benefit?


Yoga retreat is always a great experience. You meet likeminded people, share experiences, deepen your practice. But you never HAVE to do or buy anything. If you have the time and means, I’d say go for it. But if not, continue with your home practice and add some meditation and breathing exercises. If you are using youtube, the Fightmaster Yoga is very nice - she starts with a centering, setting intention for your practice and often adds a breathing exercise so you are getting more than just an asana practice.



It depends on what aspect of yoga spirituality you are most interested in, psycho physiology, cosmology, bhahkti, etc. I personally belive the most important is surrender of the ego. I said it elsewhere but will say it again that Aurobindo has been the most helpful to me. The Synthesis of Yoga and the Life Divine are 1000 page books. But great blessings because if you read them slowly they are a mediatation. It took my five years to get through one of them. Now that I am done with both I am starting over.


Hello I am no expert but Yoga has eliminated allot in the way of my inner negativity, would you please check out this site and tell me what you think, thanks hope to talk to you more often.
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Hi Stacy. It might be a good "booty burn" work out but I don't see any Yoga Spirituality.