Yoga Strap Length


I am new to yoga & want to purchase a yoga strap, mat & blocks. I’ve noticed there are varied lengths for the straps and am confused as to which one to buy. Does height matter or just flexibility? I am 5’10" and moderately flexible, I guess. I can’t decide between a kit with a 6’ strap and one with an 8’ strap. Any ideas?


Also, what type of mat would work best when I am practicing yoga on berber carpet?


I got a natural rubber mat and it’s great. I hope the carpet is a really good one, it’s no fun dealing with dust, lint, etc. The mat gives a really good grip and it’s about 4 mm thick gotta roll it a little extra tight but it will fit in a standard mat bag. I don’t know about berber carpet, though, I just got a good mat.


Usually you would need a longer strap if you are tall or if you are particularly inflexible. I am about 5’ 8" and I would say about average flexibility and I use a 6’ strap. I don’t think the extra length would be a hindrance, though, so if you are uncertain, perhaps you should get the longer strap.

As far as the mat, I am not sure what difference the type of carpet would make, but the main point of the mat is to keep from slipping, so as long as you have a decent quality mat you should be OK.


As far as mats go, I think you should get a thin one since you’re already on carpet. I find the thinner the mat, the easier to balance on both hands and feet because you feel the sturdiness of the floor.


Much like all things yoga the answer is “it depends”. How are you planning to use the strap? For me and my practice I have several. I can tell you which work for me but can’t tell you which will work for you without knowing your intention.

If you were my student I would recommend yoga belts rather than the conventional strap (d-ring, plastic clip, plastic cinch).
I prefer to have two lengths for differing purposes. One 6’ and one 10’. I think this meeets nearly all needs.