Yoga Surf and nature walks in Portugal

A time to reconnect mind , body and nature .

For those of you that are looking for a time to train mind and body to develop a deeper connection with mind body and nature , we would like to invite you to come to the beautiful SW tip of Europe, in a town called Sagres, Portugal. And join a week with Yoga Surf hiking and meditation .

Our philosophy

Life is a great ocean of potentials. We are sailing on this ocean and we are the captain of our own ship. In order to set our destination and to sail where we want to sail, we have to maintain our vessel in good condition, we need to know the workings of our ship, the workings of the tides, the currents and the weather etc.

So too must we know the workings of our mind in order to create and to live fully. If we want to learn we have to pay attention. Attention, awareness or consciousness is something that we tend to lack during most of our lives. if we want to feel the connection with the Moment, God, The Creator, the NOW, whichever way one looks at it, or whatever one wants to call it we have to become sensitive and conscious. We are a part of universal creation just as creation is a part of us. When we awaken we can flow and create harmoniously with the universal creative force.

We are conscious, sensitive and creative beings that have the power and the right to decide our state of mind. We experience this life with both our body and mind. If they are healthy and ‘correctly tuned’, a harmonious life unfolds in and around us. If we are unaware of the workings of them and live with unconsciously, we will be victims of all the negative states our thoughts and actions produce in our daily life. We can train our mind and body to become more aware and more conscious about our lives and the reality it produces.

Pure Flow Motions organises retreats in Portugal to recharge and reconnect your life with the big LIFE.
Integrating (Hatha) Yoga, Surfing, Meditation, QiGong, healthy food and hiking on the beautiful coast of Western Algarve, in SW Portugal. It is the ideal retreat to re-establish a deep connection with your inner self and Nature…

In the retreat you will dedicate your time to deeply reconnect and rediscover your Mind & Body. This happens in a beautiful environment so you can also relax and rest at the same time.
Our commitment is to make this retreat a profound experience, to train awareness and boost your physical health, to re-energize your life in an active way, developing a healthy, happy and connected state of being to live a full and happy life.

Yoga, surfing, meditation and hiking

In this week you are led through the natural elements in Portugal, as Water and Land; an experience which has something to offer to each one of us. The Pure Flow Motions surf yoga retreats are designed for people that are looking for an insight on their life in a harmonious way, treating both body and mind to become more awake and aware of their lives. In a natural environment our senses can become awaken and our body feels more free to experience some new challenges. More info :

Meditation is extremely helpful for a conscious and free mind. Training it in a positive way makes you more ready for your daily challenges and your look into life will be broader and connected to the LIFE.

Surfing is a full experience with nature as well as a therapy. For us surfing is the sport that is more connected with one of our favourite elements, Water: the Ocean. Feeling the energy of the waves and understanding that you can use this to have fun and to enjoy this ride with the help of a board is a unique feeling of freedom. This area in Portugal is ideal for surfing, weather you just start to surf or surf for a long time already. The retreat is both beginners and advanced surfers.

Yoga (mainly Hatha Yoga, sivananda style) exercises are the essential elements to connect with your mind, body and Nature. Starting the day with yoga exercises will get you ready to ride the waves during the day, get more aware of your body, achieve more flexibility and go beyond your limits.
Doing a yoga session in the afternoon gives you the necessary relaxation and inner peace just before a great vegetarian meal and a restorative sleep. This surf yoga retreat is mainly for beginners and intermediate yoga practisioners

Nature walks. The best way to really experience the Natural Park in which this retreat takes place, is hiking through it at a gentle rythm. This surf yoga retreat in the south west tip of Europe will get you fully connected with nature in the most purest form, hiking along the cliffs, valleys and hills. We choose amazing trails to reveal some of the Algarve’s most secret places. You?ll get the joy from walking on these breathtaking paths guided by an local nature guide that provides you with valuable information about it’s unique flora and fauna, geology and local culture of SW Portugal in the SW point of Europe.

Accommodation and Location

The retreat takes place in the beautiful, pure and wild southwest of the Algarve, Portugal in the mythical town of Sagres. An ideal place for a yoga retreat.
You?ll be sleeping in a beautiful 4* design hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A perfect place to relax, enjoy the local outdoor activities and of course have a full experience in Nature. Starting with watching the sunrise from your room - it rises just in front of the bay behind the protected islands of Martinhal. If you’re more of a sunset person you can either bike or drive towards the famous cape Saint Vincent and watch from there the most amazing sunset of the western world.
Almost like an island, the south west of Europe on the SW coast of the Algarve is a narrow peninsula of Portugal esurrounded by the Ocean from west to south. An ideal place for a retreat to practice and learn yoga, surf and meditation. To see more info about the hotel :

Price and Date .

Retreats will be held all year every month . Prices start from 630 Euro for a all-inclusive full board package. for 6 nights.

Check for more dates, info and prices.

Peace Love and Happiness to everyone and we hope to see you in the sunny Algarve , Portugal to connect mind, body and nature.

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The combination of yoga, surf, and nature walks in Portugal sounds absolutely cool. Speaking of great experiences, the napa valley lodge customer service recently impressed me with their attention to detail and hospitality, much like the care you'd expect in a yoga retreat. It's always wonderful to find places that offer such a holistic approach to relaxation and wellness. Portugal's natural beauty must complement these activities perfectly.