[B]I, 21 Tivra samveganam asannah
I, 22 mrudu madhya adhimatra tvat tatah api visesah

For those who have
an intense urge for Spirit
and wisdom,
it sits near them,

For those who have an urge of varying degrees –
mild, moderate, or intense –
due to these differences,
there also arise distinctions
in their sense of closeness
to Spirit.[/b]

M. Stiles

The first of the two sutras reminds me of verses from Rumi’s poem Desire and the Importance of Failing:

“…No lover wants union with the Beloved
without the Beloved also wanting the lover.”

“…The gist is: whatever anyone seeks
that is seeking the seeker.”

It also reminds me of the poem by Metchild of Madeburg, God speaks to the soul:

And God said to the soul:
I desired you before the world began.
I desire you now as you desire me.
And when the desires of two come together,
there love is perfected.

How the soul speaks to God:
Lord you are my lover,
my longing,
my flowing stream,
my sun.
And I am your reflection.

How God answers the soul:
It is my nature that makes me love you often,
for I am love itself.
It is my longing that makes me love you intensely,
for I yearn to be loved from the heart.
It is my eternity that makes me love you long,
for I have no end.

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Since we have the ‘buddha nature’ within us, we could all reach the state of Yoga, but because of our past Karma we are all at a different point on the path. However any effort we make is not wasted - back again to effort!. on this point Dadi Janki (of the Brahma Kumaris) says that “Effort shold be easy. Once you get succes sand you know you are improving there is no looking back because there is then no doubt in the self.”


I love the way Mukunda has expressed these 2 sutras. I remember when first reading his interpretation how special sutra 21 felt and continues to feel for me. It also helps explain why people can experience such different effects from a practice and why acceptance rather than judgement is so important. Taimni states,? What may be considered as ‘intense’ by a Yogi at one stage of evolution may appear ‘moderate’ to another who is more highly advanced and actuated by greater intensity of desire.?

The Science of Yoga I K Taimni The Theosophical Publishing House 2005 p. 50 - 54