Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala


If we talk about today's era than now people indulge more in yoga and dhyan, because everyone now faces stress and diseases every day. And by doing yoga, they find themselves more liberated and relaxed, it is not only the stress that yoga can heal, but miracles can be performed. But you have to have a deeper understanding of yoga for that.

There are many yoga teacher training centers in all over the world but if I talk particulerlly about Dharmshala as Dharamshala is a city in Northern India, in beautiful state of mountains, waterfalls and amazing forests at the foothills of the Himalayas – Himachal Pradesh. It is the best place for training in yoga. And there is none place like this to learn yoga, because the first thing you would get here is peace of mind ehich is the first step for yoga training.

Since Dharmshala is the best place to learn yoga, there are many training centers in Dharmshala that offer yoga training, but according to my experience, I found that the Multi Style Yoga School is the best place for training in Dharmshala. It's a school that gives you quantity and quality at the same place and there are various things you get here. Other than yoga, you'd find there the the best trainers to teach students. It is a school that offers a range of authentic and comprehensive multi-style courses. At theMulti Style Yoga School, they focus mainly on three yoga paths:

• Hatha Yoga
• Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
• Yin Yoga.

There are also different types of courses that can be chosen based on interest and convenience.

100 hours Multi Style Yoga TTC
200 hours Multi Style Yoga TTC
300 hours Multi Style Yoga TTC
500 hours Multi Style Yoga TTC.

Yoga is a way to heal all our problems. Many people suggest yoga for a better life, but if we don't know what it really means, it doesn't affect anything. One should join the training in Dharmshala for deeper and full understanding of yoga.