Yoga Teacher Training Nutrition

I will be attending Yoga Teacher Training in 2 weeks, the classes start at 7:30 and we will be practicing Yoga till 9:30, I am unsure what to eat before the class. We will be studying for 8 hrs a day for 2 weeks, any suggestions?

Could you please tell us where geographically you are training and what your constitution is, Ayurvedically speaking?

I will be training in the Paific Northwest, close to may bay inlets. My ayurvedic constitution is primarily Pitta.

This is what I do on long days of study like those you have coming up. This may be helpful to you, though it may not be what you need, so be willing to adjust to what your body is calling for everyday of your training. Have food on-hand so you have what you need.

I’ll have a big tea (12-16oz) with milk and agave before morning asana practice. I’ll have bragg’s or tamari almonds with dates or dried cherries for a midmorning snack–something you may eat during lecture. And then I am hungry for lunch. I will have another snack of dried fruit and nuts, or some tea in the afternoon before dinner. This keeps my pitta-belly happy and my mind sharp for class. Sometime when I am tired and realizing that I still have the other half of the day in front of me, I will mistakenly overeat at lunch to combat this. Sometime I also overeat at lunch if I am eating with my classmates and we are talking and having a good time. When this happens, I just take more steps than usual after lunch–1000 steps is what one should usually take after meals.

Those are long days so it may change day to day. Drink plenty of water and have water-out breaks.

Enjoy your training,

I would tend to focus on garlic, onion, potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, and radishes. Following any challenging physical practice (asana) some healthy protein within 45 minutes when possible - lentils, tofu, seitan, almonds, fish (if you are so inclined).

Generally speaking, hydration, oxygenation, and alkalinity. Hydration penetrates to the cellular level best when there is something in the water in which you drink. So use some lemon in the water you are consuming. Deep green leafy veggies are also advised.

Thanks for the input, any suggestions on what settles best on the stomach, and provides enough energy for breakfast? I tend to have energy drops in the early afternoon, and feel like napping, I want to stay alert. Thanks again, Eagle

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