Yoga teaching course coming up and I'm injured :(

Hi fellow yoga-lovers,

I have an ashtanga vinyasa yoga teaching training course 200 Hour YTTC coming up in a couple of months, something I would be super excited about if it wasn’t for my injured hamstring.

I’ve been diagnosed with proximal hamstring tendinopathy and can’t do any forward folds at the moment as it hurts too much. My confidence is completely gone and it’s making me so anxious. I can’t really cancel as I’ve booked flights, taken a month of work and paid the course fees, so it’s not really an alternative at this point.

Has anyone else had any experience with doing a teaching course whilst injured? Any advice/thoughts/pep talk would be so helpful!

Thanks so much in advance!

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My favourite Yoga and Meditation music youtube channel: Your Relaxation
It makes me get trough stressed day and gives me inspiration. I hope it does the same with you :slight_smile: