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I am looking for a Yoga Therapy or Structural Yoga course in India. Ideally this should be 4 weeks-max 6weeks course and must be certified i.e. the course to be internationally recognized so that I can use it in UK. I am only looking for well established schools/courses (not the newly ‘established’ ones)

Any recommendations ?!!

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Most of the yoga therapy courses I know of are long term, for good reason when dealing with the health of others. What background do you have already to better direct your inquiry? What are your goals? Where are you interested to teach?

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I was a chronic back sufferer with Degenerative Disc at L4-L5 and L5-S1, I had physiotherapy, osteopathic treatment, chiropractic treatment, I had cortisone injection I tried pilates…until I discovered yoga and have increased the number of classes to two-three a week. This is when I noticed that the pain was easing off for 1-2 hrs after the class. I realised that yoga is "THE THING’ for me and I did my TTC with Sivanada and after 1 month in the ashram, I was pain free. Being away from stress, meditating, doing the asanas, having a healthy diet etc, brought about changes that were obviously much needed. Since then I want to make aware other back sufferers of the benefits that yoga can bring. I also did a TTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I teach weekly 2 classes of general yoga and two of ashtanga. Teaching yoga is my part time job-at present. In view of all the above, I am interested in doing either a Structural Therapy Course or Yoga Therapy Course. I cannot afford the time to do a long course, hence I am looking to do a 4-6 weeks course. I have looked into the 18 months course -which in fact is 24 days over 18 month. I much prefer a 4 week residential course say in India - but has to be a well established place. Hope this helps. Many thanks, Livia

Is everybody know of any good spiritual enlightenment courses?

Our Yoga Therapy Course is designed to help you become a Yoga Therapist. It will take you on a journey of discovery, learning and growth and you will be stretching your body whilst at the same time delving deeply into your mind.

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This course was THE course for me :wink:

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