Yoga to elevate your spirit

So I have been trying to understand how yoga can help us become spiritually connected. It seems as though, most would say that this concept/thought is real and can be experienced in settings like hot yoga and vinyasa. Yoga is truly a great way to experience new things both physically and spiritually. Not to throw religion into the mix, but if we think about it, the bible talks about the presence of the spirit in the groups of two more, I think that the same applies here to Yoga group classes in which people gather bringing the one common desire to discover the inner strengths of the spirit and to feel better through a process other than one which is physical.

The experience is always, different for each person but when properly engaged, immersed and involved, I think that the spiritual benefits of yoga are truly much more valuable than that of the physical. As a coach, I think that the reality of it all is that we all need to center ourselves spiritually in order to accomplish greater things whether it's in training or in fitness there is a level of spiritual awareness we must have in order to achieve.

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