Yoga Training Videos for Parents to Teach Kids


I am currently doing pro bono consulting for a small yoga studio in the Atlanta area. In thinking of ways to provide additional revenue streams we thought to look into a video yoga training for parents to teach their kids how to do yoga at home / create a safe space within their homes for their kids to relax and destress.

I am curious to know if:

  1. Anything like this already exists?
  2. If so, how popular is this? How much does it cost?
  3. If not, would anyone be interested in something like this? How much would you be willing to pay?

Any and all input welcome!


As a Yoga teacher and Yoga website owner in the Atlanta area. I would be honored to have the Karma Kriya Center provide the videos through our website. I am currently adding Asanas now and wanting to start adding videos soon. I have been working on the website for the past year and a half and the website is now the largest website on the internet for the practices of Yoga.

Karma Kriya Center

Joel Simon