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This is a thread for you to write what happened in your yoga practice today in 3 words.



surprising shoulder stiffness.


my hips hurt


Oh no I got people started on negative stuff.

How about, from yesterday, surprising blind sukham


After a lot of Back-Bending yesterday, my body has been particularly grateful for today’s asana’s which included: Lots of forward bends, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Halasana and Sarvangasana. Gave my legs a good stretch with, amongst others, Triangle, warrior I and II. My body now feels incredibly light, ethereal and invigorated; whilst my mind feels still, cool and vital. Really hit the spot. Back-Bending is incredible, but yesterday must’ve left me out of balance slightly.


good feelings increase


The yoga exercise is improving our health quality as well as connecting with our spirituality.


My yoga experience comes in cycles, keeps transforming, and not limited to one day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Three words?
My yoga practice today is: Making-it-through-the-first-19-hours | of-a-46-hour-international-flight-itinerary | and-still-having-hope-for-the-future.


Experiencing the self


Explore, discover, surrender.


I missed it.


Frustration, realization, acceptance


Oh I enjoy it! Its just different sometimes. The OP asked what happened in my yoga practice today, and those were the first things that came to mind. I was frustrated at my life/practice for not being what I “think” it should be. Then realized that life is a growth process and I should not measure(“read expectation here”) my growth in relation to others or even myself. And that even if I could do the meditation or the poses to the degree I think I should be able to do, I would still be the same person I am. And then acceptance of my shortcomings came after that. Somedays it is a continual cycle, other days I break free and can fly.


Yoga is way of life style. It gives to freshness and energy for long time.


more hamstring flexibility!


Better balance than last yoga practice.


Love and alignment (during class), but anger and irritability after. I did a yin class. Maybe my yang felt too left out!?


Positive mind

3 words as requested by topic creator :blush:


Quited 30min early..! :joy: