Yogic Nutrition and Mindful Eating

A well-balanced nutritious diet has a huge impact on physical and mental well-being. However, even after knowing this fact, the hectic routine hampers living, making it difficult to maintain a proper diet and then growing health problems.

Mitahara is a Sanskrit combination word, from Mita (moderate) and Ahara (taking food or died) which literally means the habit of moderate food. It’s an ancient Indian concept, where one abstains from either eating too much or too little quantity of food for certain varieties of food. It integrates awareness about food, drink, balanced diet and consumption habits and its effect on one’s body and mind. It is considered as a Yama or self-restraint virtue in ancient Indian texts.

Several people are doing yoga and also following unhealthy food diet. This will surely affects the body health condition's. Consuming healthy and natural food diet will supports to keeps the body healthy and also avoid over weight body issues.