You have been doing Yoga wrongly


Fellow seekers, if you are interested to know what is real yoga please read an article from my blog as mentioned below…". it might change your perception towards yoga. It is little long post which first explaing about Kaulantak Peeth and then the article on yoga starts.

You are for sure to gain some different perception after reading this post thoroughly. It explains how the yoga is done in himalayas, how yoga originated and what is the real purpose of doing a yoga.

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Kaulantak Peeth Nepal


Western people think that yoga is a kind a sport. They pay for yoga classes, and they do asanas, pranayama, and meditation to feel good. Unfortunally no one can change their view.
Yoga is for Free. Yoga is not a sport, like baseball etc. Yoga is the path to liberation from reincarnation cycles.Meditation is upon God only.
Bhagavad Gita mentioned 4 of them in order to get Moksha - Karma Yoga (Selfless work), Raja Yoga (mystic way), Jnana Yoga (knowledge) and Bhakti Yoga (devotion).
Classic yoga or Raja yoga or Ashtanga Yoga (Pantajali ) have 8 limbs- Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Prathyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. First 4 limbs are Hatha Yoga and the last 4 are Raja Yoga.
In fact Yoga begins with Samadhi, not end with it. All the 7 steps prepare the sadhaka for the last one.
To get liberation u need all 4 -Karma, jnana, raja and bhakti yoga.
Guru is important on the path and must be a liberated sage. Guru is the one who will remove the darkness from a sadhaka. Influence of Kali Yuga is very powerful, thats why people love to live in this world (Maya),


This is an incorrect and grossly exaggerated statement.

No one has said that Yoga is a “sport” - yet you cloud this board with your spam - why? Be quiet about your personal obsession with “Westerners” – You are just a racist! Not very impressive.

Yes, and before the BG there were thousands of years of Sramana yoga practices. Mentioning the Brahmin text BG brings no merit. It holds nothing unique. It is a Brahmin retelling of a physical reality that belongs to all creatures.

Yes, as everyone already knows. Pantajaliyogasutra is not a rare or unpopular text. It is the easiest and most accessible text on yoga.

This is your personal opinion. The views vary greatly depending of which region and tradition your teachings are from. That is to say, this is a false statement. You cannot arbitrarily set rules.

There are many ways to moksha and yes these four you mentioned are the most mainstream and popular. Again, you are bringing nothing new to the discussion. Your tone and style of writing lack any sort of clarity.

This again is a personal opinion and differs according to the region and tradition.

I don’t know who you are or how old your body is, but it seems like you are a new yogi that is very young in age. In which case that is fine, but please remember to hold your tongue when discussing spiritual matters. You are only hurting yourself and confusing yourself.

jai guru


Sport yoga? Formula Y?

This sounds awesome, I'm voting for the mixed doubles downward facing dog relay lol