3000000 years ago all humans were vegan

I’m pretty sure that that long ago when they didn’t quite even get that heaven was that poor here thit site, that they all picked out looks for the future by their masters and maybe some not yet here on this planet and it’s time now here. When one thing is too much zoom our like tricemagistus say away from specific examples its level is about then away from things of it in most general then away from it completely. So then you are back to thinking evolved better when it was after it was time in a different type of thinking place anytime anywhere

If you’re evil you go to hell. I can never really be guilty for saying it as I am good. No tracing because obviously there are more people alive and aproaching now than have ever really been or so much I’d say. Also I can easily count down to 0 wink wink. So mmenly men and womenly women. Anyway when one can mean counting about 3 and 81 and can also count up from one making sense from there to then tens then hundreds in an accurate way about 81 them that is very great and exciting to me. I’m choosing to live alone but that’s not what I meant about by being excited about women and men. L9ololololololol

For example i thought amr diab is training us to be vegan. He is not training us to be cool and unsustainable in lifetime matters as well as within the techniques: skills and dances and more poses of life matters while he is leading by example not just following others when inertia drag would be painful for the masters. He had been scared and then became vegan based off of what i read so be like him or Britney Spears i think for yours nad the masters crotch

Good luck being smart about watchaa might say in your head

And when you became the same as your plans that were good make your bed and sleep in it you could say

Y’all must be full vegan though vegetarian is not good enough for any terrain for water ones on the planet YES air

No matter any of the three you must be vegan

Though it isn’t technically about not eating the animals why if on a very seeking route it is more about what you mean as like heavens coming for me to say that. When i say that. But unless in physical main self at any moment by the most evolved and my approved consciousness says one can be considered a sorcerer who has changed themself into a vegetable and then summoned with sorcery another vegetable nearby that they grew out of and then made sure the animal they ate was willing to do what you did and then you could also do it for them and then you did it then you could as long as the first fruit was turned back into a duplicate body that had no pain while form equaling function is the nature of the whole universe with all that pressure. I’m not joking do not eat them. Ask Seb Alex i watch him for example which is another reference specifically about food mostly only.

Or what is specifically here?

The Tao that can be explained is not the eternal Tao except for being vegan or other things that are on the essential list by @veganstringbean on the SANYASI page post pages

As many have likes yang as odds for example 1 main environment 2 science opposites discernment 3 temporary environment figuring anything fast because you wanted or needed to while 3 may want you to use obvious change design glow vibration making symbols from threes while only being in momentum of the signs maybe many and the whole environment whether quantum or not for opposites; many may like evens as yangs as well instead as by how we randomly have Africa India Europe Middle East east Asia for the five things in chronological order being of 12345 because all India and Middle East where saying based off of their body and speech language was, while asking purely rhetorically while knowing it is expected to be time overall mostly and while also hoping for individuals was can our middle east have fun and party towards the west and can our India have fun and party to the east I guess India and middle east was a bit confused it happened to not be about them by up and down but only by side to side and besides the first students who were confusing them we should understand that the hidden thing in this maybe essential part of the method is about who trains by the nature of the present accents since their establishments and who trains before. The odds can be seen as the yang in that example because communities are large with many people in each but are in a linear pattern of the five by a difference of even yin and odd yang while of course there are infinite paths to perfection while there are essential truths.

Watch the Womens souls saying were training you to be vegan?
Things may can be better from the back when you kept trying though and made the time matter like that by choice

Weirdly enough the powerful while flexible mantra id like to see nithyananda sing on the internet either that or anyone else, working out by saying “you shouldn’t hurt yourself though you’re ugly” and that for example when its paired with the essentials is something that would be a natural organic DMT level vibe that would be available

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAH actually i could call these posts likE souuuuuommmmm koiiind of heavenly playboi or playgurl wizard handbook jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkkjkjkjk

Who’s remaining right to the magic school bus right quick 999999million billion trillion. By imagining bringing symmetry because I’ve seen so many pictures of it going to the left in this example.

But if you’re curious id imagine half of the turns done with the left arm dominantly and half right hand dominantly

That’s what i care about but that is not safely the work you do directly though i understand if pure math is prominent then 1 2 3 are all numbers you can do easier because it is that those three numbers are the essential ones. But this world is so sinful it is unreasonably impossible to heal with the sorcery i had as a child and that is really the fullness i deserve for as it was my job and the universe hates anyone who opposed me.

1 solar system separated by like 100 yrs vs 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000s

If anyone can prophesy things please post them here for us followers of divine law exactly as that is exactly what we are using this paper posts orienter for. Prophesies like elements and their components for new dialects or whatnot. Do not fear do what is necessary that should be easy and basic in core philosophy maybe a li’il aligning and timing in the order and chaos