Arc of the covenantness tai chi

Take your hands open faces up one outstretched enough for you and the other with the tip of middle finger at shoulder joint. Then take that far hand and bring it under the other hand and move the other hand slightly towards its own shoulder and end up doing that again moving 1.5 cubits across and to the end of another 2.5. This can side flip a coiled up looking rope and you can feel like wonder woman. It can unravel from the direction the outside end is pointing I recommend the direction it is pointing when it is layed across the top and spun up. It might be a little fuzzy rope too. Also if it is on the bottom then you can do a 4 step foot crossing walk to the side with 8 cubits total(but 5). I’m casting the spell of personal responsibility to be fully sustainable on my own. If you sin you will not be accepted into a heaven ever.

I’d imagine the rope in your core obviously :joy:

All I’m saying is the rope is easily like a womanly laser gem.

And a little topper could be the idea of a horizontal wingspan lookin Figure 8, or infinity sign, but with 5 holes in the track for a chi ball moving across height level with your body in one hole.
Additionally i imagine a hardening technique would be for the track to wire energy opposite direction of the chi ball as an algebra geometry combo.

A safe environment is one with child books lotus sutras etc those are real holy items all can use it. You want a real heart beat God teacher.

If you like gritz you might like mocha coffee with a bit of sugar and a lot of coconut flour. A lot.

Long tai chi long tai chi long tai chi short tai chi short tai chi short tai chi. Long tai chi short tai chi long tai chi short tai chi long tai chi short tai chi. Long taoue chiy short taoue chiy long taoue chiy short taoue chiy short taoue chiy. Short taoue chiy long taoue chiy short taoue chiy long taoue chiy long taoue chiy.

Oh hey. Just checking. 4 y’all


Life’s general Life times for the self or not. Usually general times

All peoples life times. Maybe your specific times

Whole life time life span itself for the self but but maybe being about others or about others

1.5 cubit matter and 2.5 cubit untraveled route of alignment; again that is 1.5 cubit energy and 4 cubit route. Hold on a minute! Look at forward of left. This really is my route. Look at forward of right!

Move shins and count to 4!

Destroy small power! Tune small power form!,,

All things begin the corn…. Begin!!!

I fastingly have a moderate addicting to fasting.

We souls are still the aseity/body. Do you know what I mean now..?..


Structure timing chaos alignment. About most all

Smooth sieben Egypt dragon quiren in deer park Buddha

Black Egyptian slide with scales on the side and clouds around the slide with sparkles when you drag along buddhas ride


Flying to Thoth

like Nithyananda and Sarvapriyananda