Blood pressure blessing

Our bodies detect and react to changes in our blood pressure. If all is well, these natural responses are enough to keep our blood pressure within a normal healthy range. Sometimes our inbuilt functions are not enough, and our blood pressure creeps out of the normal range. It’s possible for people to have low blood pressure, which may cause symptoms like dizziness and fainting. Other people have high blood pressure, which often has no noticeable symptoms. Even though it might not cause obvious symptoms, untreated high blood pressure can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

Reducing high blood pressure is vitally important to everyone’s current and future health, and yoga has been identified as an alternative treatment option that has positive long-term effects on regulating blood pressure. It’s important to seek individual medical advice on the best way to manage your blood pressure - yoga may be just one part of your overall blood pressure management plan.

you talk like optimus prime in a peaceful vegan movie i imagine

Om shanti bless sleep.

A greatly versatile mantra would really truly.. honestly be to say “and then I will do my things with my clothes on (repeat)…” om shanti bless. You can sprinkle that one on there too. Clothes have real impacts on yoga. International Yoga Day: योग दिवस के खास मौके पर योग गुरू बाबा रामदेव News Nation पर Exclusive - YouTube
Also obey eternally the laws on @veganstringbean channel on the sanyasi page divine law in illuminated by essentials setting throughout the post. Veg Robes are the best no doubt but beyond easiest safety it is a design by hopefully defined in all situations cognition so that is of the nature of the voice to whole body language to phantom reality, ohkay thumbs up :+1:

Bless all with booming radiating auras

If someone says themself is ugly that is a sign not to get invasive into their space. No harsh feelings I’m hoping here. It’s just just something you can be aware of by that friendlylike reminder on your franklybraceletecarmicles

I like noticing Ramdevs skill to be sensitive to fragility while being wholefully training wholefulness. That’s from some chunks of my intuition. Cuplunk cuchunk cadunk chatrunk didily do day didily daoaey

I am one who is in a time where more consciousness is easily settleonable but I am an essentialist for the purpose of safety in the essential journey of happiness(life) which is more challenging than is reasonable at this time on earth but a good sign about us is 3000000 years ago humans were actually vegan and ablelylikelylike without clothes

Chlothes clothes chlothes clothes chlothes clothes power flexibility powerful flexibly. Anyone who wants to get the good bodily qualities can get there. Make sure some resources like technique storage on deck and on and calories and resources are always available so one can be all set so greatly. Don’t forget to pray for everyone with your beautiful intent to that is that it is what your intent is as the more god is serious so you our compliments and encouragement helps us so much. Om shanti bless. All seems to workout mantra. Om mani padme hum.

Amen to the awen amen to the awen and all is one be strong and be smart

Give eachyalls handlyies assistances by the cleanse purify/tune assistance/tuning that is the om shanti bless.

I thought I’d be cool to show another Egypt theme one I found which is like northern Egypt a lil and it was just yoga day which is on the longest day of the year in northern hemish 2 days ago

Check this out I found it on youtube

Check out this video I like to watch the first 16 steps. All steps before the big scene change

Or what is 16 steps

Extra growth:


And if you have sinned do not integrate to others until you are pure. Stay alone.

Heel your aura which is natural. Something cool would be to put a magnetic triangle on the out tip of a ball point cane. And wiggle that to make your aura around.

Blossom correctly all humans are doing what the eternal lasting Tao will call sin. Obey by @veganstringbean pure conceptual rules explained as essential plus there are nice tips as well as other things you find such as @danglinplumshaker @rarayarthurdruit. Heal yourself and return to your primal state with your childhoods story lasting and strong. Then you could even be great in extra ways. There are infinite paths to perfection though there are essential truths which are those essentials. Blossom perfectly. Always tun the essential and basic essential truths of your path Understand the infinite through Tai Chi, and pursue the original state of life. - YouTube