I am wondering what would be some healthy breakfast options…

My diet is quite balanced, but in the morning I am really struggling :confused:, and often just make a protein (plant based) smoothie with oat milk.

I’ve tried porridge, but didn’t like it… egg is too heavy, and as I don’t eat any diary, it seems there’s not much left?

Any recipes/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I always eat raw nuts and fruit for breakfast. Sometimes I eat sprouted bread but that isn’t too often.

My new favorite breakfast is to cut up a tiny bowls worth of tomatoes and cucumbers, drizzle them with olive oil and some red-wine vinegar, and top it with some squishy fluffy high-moisture mozzarella cheese. Since you don’t eat squishy fluffy high-moisture mozzrella cheese, I suggest the same with herbs and perhaps some boiled egg white chunks only (to keep it light but still have some protein). Balsamic vinegar is pretty nice for breakfast too but sometimes it is too strong.

I learned this from some european kids I traveled with, who also drizzled olive oil on toast for breakfast every morning, something I never thought could be so simple and delicious -yet it is. If I’m still hungry after one or both of these, whichis unlikely, I’ll cut up a medly of fresh fruit and just eat it – though sometimes I like to chop apples and pears into cubes and shadow them with Madrasi curry powder for an early morning ZING!

I often have noodle soup from a street seller for breakfast…rice noodles, tofu,lots of raw green herbs.
or rice porridge…savory with veg or meat…more green herbs…and chilli.

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Oatmeal cooked with fresh ginger, cinnamon, ghee, walnuts, sunflower seeds, raisons, banana, agave and either almond milk or soy milk.

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1st breakfast Home made multi or Toasted Ancient Grains bread with almond butter or peanut butter and banana.
Enjoy the first of about a half dozen teas through the day while cooking
2nd breakfast of Steel cut Irish groats a bit nuttier than oatmeal w/ cinnimon and apple slices or raisins.

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hi there,
just try to have good fiber rich fruits as Apples, Avocado, Bananas, Berries – Blueberies, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc.

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That sounds all very delicious. :smiley:
Thank you very much for the replies.

Boiled Eggs are the best option for Breakfast with one glass milk and banana. This is the most healthy breakfast.

I love whole grain pita bread filled with soya yogurt and sweet banana for breakfast.

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A simple smoothie recipe: 1/2 - 1cup of berries, 1/4 pear, chia seeds, and some coconut milk. It’s delicious!!

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Fresh fruits are lovely to eat in breakfast.

@yogapete: you’re right… fell so hunger. :smiley:

I usually take ground up almond flour, almonds, raisins, cinammon and unsweetened coconut flakes and put in some water and heat it up. Just like oatmeal but much lighter and tastier and not a grain and yet still has lots of fulfilling protein.

I asked the same question to my friend (chef). She gave simple thing:
toast + basil pesto + avocado + tomato (I have 2 or 3 of those)

I have it every 2 days since then :slight_smile:

i feel like fresh fruits are the best meals for breakfast.

first i try to drink about a ltr of water when i wake up, then i like to start the day with fresh fruits. i feel like that is probably the best thing because it’s light, but also builds your body with carbohydrates. i read that every cell in your body is fueled by glycogen, and that carbohydrates from fructose is the easiest way for the body to assimilate these nutrients. so it is like the most bang for your buck. : ) plus it tastes the best.

Thanks again for all the replies.

I’ve been eating my way through all the recipes you suggested…
Today I had the ‘pesto with tomato/avocado toastie’. Yum. Recommended :smiley:

Wow… It’s the best choice for breakfast trivia. :smiley:

when you eat breakfast. Make sure you always have some sort of protein It will keep you full longer and its much better than sugar to fill up on.
Egg white with a slice or two of whole grain toast with some jam (No Butter). The egg white pose as your protein, the toast as your carbohydrate, the jam as your sugar and then you can add either an odwalla juice or any type of fruit juice ou don’t like that option you can always opt for Kashi Cereal or Cheerios. but the first option is best.

Hope that helped!! :slight_smile:


My suggestion about the breakfast in which honey must be taken along with the one cup of the milk along with the boiled egg at least two.

Good to see the berts are increasing in number !

Eggs ??? Yuck …