I love coffee so much! I really don’t have any other vices. What are sound reasons for giving it up? Or can I keep it? Any other options or advice?

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Where is the other thread? I like caffeine too but it makes me too anxious :frowning:

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Hobo you’re on coffee and you have trouble sleeping? :confused:

Maybe taper it off or switch tea, decaf, or Teeccino grain coffee in the afternoon or evening?

Thanks neighbor :slight_smile:

I’m kind of out of sync by default. I’ve worked 4pm till 4am four days a week for many years. My son has to get up for school at 7am. My mom helps me some days when I work. On my days off I try to fall into a more regular sleep schedule to do things with my son. Mix in the headaches of my divorce after 25 years, and the awful things his mom is up to; (I have custody as a dad for a reason. It’s not so easy to get.) It’s tough right now, but it will pass.

I drive for a living so coffee has been my vice for a very long time. It will be hard to quit. I am gradually cutting back.

I needed yoga. I am so new but I am like a sponge for information. I’m thirsty! Just what I have been exposed to so far has helped me so much. I have a desire to take care of myself instead of just accepting being tossed about.

I’ll find a way to summon the will power to get off the coffee. Thank you very much for the advice. I don’t know much at all about tea. I would like to. Decaf may be good to start mixing in :wink:

Thank you very much for checking in :slight_smile:

I ahve to disagree that more than two doses of coffeee a day is harmful. coffee, sure it’s a stimulant, but it is very helpful in my workouts and my yoga practice. i love the taste and the fact that it is caffeinated. u know Pattabi Jois drank coffee to start off the day as well.
i am speaking from a man’s pov. i know it’s been said it’s good for men and warding off prostate cancer, not quite sure what the effects are on women.

I examined myself and I was using way too much. I decided to cut back. I have one cup at the start of my day and try not to have more. I have had headaches all week that are starting to ease up. I’ll level off here and decide whether to cut it out completely or save it for an occasional treat.

I will say that based on the severity of my headaches this week, it had to be having a strong influence on my body.

When do you drink it? I find that if I drink it after about 2pm then I have trouble sleeping, but I can drink as much as I desire before then and I’m fine.

coffee destroys my balance… maybe one day you can celanse your body to that extend that you will fill the impact of sip of water:)

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You may drink coffee, but try not to carry it to excess. Yogi Dhirananda writes in the book Yogamrita, that mixing it with milk strengthens its effect. Beware that coffee has a rajasic quality - so it can be useful, when we lack rajas but too much of it, disturbs our mental peace.

Coffee with Regular exercise can increase increase metabolic rate upto 30%, Recently it has been found in research that coffee consumptions is very good for keeping our brain alert for long time. There are many health benefits of coffee but it should be consumed in limits.

Coffee is obviously a stimulant which makes it addictive, and when it wears off you can feel tired and need more to keep going. Know many people that gave it up and after withdraw symptoms for around a week (sore head, etc) - felt great and that their energy levels had increased.

[QUOTE=Hobo;65795]I love coffee so much! I really don’t have any other vices. What are sound reasons for giving it up? Or can I keep it? Any other options or advice?[/QUOTE]

I have two tricks that I use. First is to first have just black or green tea when I wake up, then later in the morning, (or better yet, after lunch) have a coffee or two.

Or, the more obvious solution is to use half reg/half decaf. I started this while visiting my parents a few weeks ago and it works quite well. The smell/taste is the same, but I don’t start tweaking by late morning.

Nothing like a good cup of freshly brewed coffee to start the day! Moderation is the key.
I indulge in a cup in the morning and throughout the day I will drink water. I do not feel tired after the caffeine has worn off and I have no desire to consume any more than the one cup a day. No need to give up drinking coffee just consume it moderately.

The bad does not come from bad things, but from the abuse of good things.


I feel like coffee helps me because I need to kick start by body but only in moderation. I gave up coffee/caffeine for a while but found myself still tired regardless. I think that my body just naturally needs the kick to be more in “balance”. I think if you are already balanced then caffeine can take you over the edge. However, if your body tends to get sluggish then caffeine can help it reach equilibrium. However, I do not condone drinking cup after cup of coffee like some people do.

I used to be extremely addicted to coffee, could not start my day without it, and while coffee does contain quite a bit of caffeine I do not think there is anything really bad for you about it, but neither is it necessarily good for you or provide you with something you might need. Based on that logic I gave it up and went from drinking it everyday, multiple times a day to not at all. At first I was grouchy, had terrible headaches and felt awful but over time, I started realizing my foundness for decaffeinated tea, and how it can help the acidity in your stomach, unlike coffee which can increase it, and realized I do not need coffee in the morning anymore. Now a good glass of water does me good, as well as a morning yoga session and you’re ready for your day.

There is no saying you have to give up coffee if you really enjoy it, but maybe you don’t need it as much as you think you do, and you won’t find out til you try :slight_smile:

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I prefer shilajit, it gives a healthier, longer lasting type of energy. It has many other health benefits as well

I like tea.