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If you whirl the flash light around like from 24:00 then that is the same as a printing machine that never gets tired. :woman_in_lotus_position:.
In a middle style understanding of five notes understand the sustainability of the middle one and even after many moments, maybe say five full moons it still perseveres as a middle of five, but maybe there was an understanding that there was a new or refreshed, conceptual, guiding principle or tool of mine probably very energyly; that thing that preserves would be an essentially more core or a cheap thing that can last, like the undertone posture/postures throughout many experiences or the initial petals like what refueling that gets done on the inside of a car or motorcycler does. Keep the wheel on keepin. Don’t forget the cognition though that is important for momentum as well as that is the specific problem for a task. Example problems like this example can be what always gets packed into your ways from drivers education.

Here is a middle grasping of a school
The teacher may receive confidence from students acting faster or slower than what is studently usual while they where both still slower than what was being explained. Another way is they might be faster as a way for giving confidence to the teacher for their goals for the students to succeed for and of the students achievements by portraying good signs by being cognitive in sports/teams/skill building groups or volunteering.

The four noble truths are real but in a way you will never walk into every house on earth. Take us from the unreal to the real. Go throughout the earth to Bhakti complexion move; it’d be fun to have rich experiences send in your phantom to the hot jungle. That would be cool

Send swami two vortexes beside him pushing his energy out and two more ahead of those for him
Pushing them back in. Keeping his energy active

Programmed for even if he wants it in his dreams

Always practice core philosophy, even in scientific experiences with scientific methods also within the experimental steps that are within a phase of the scientific method I’d say try that om shanti bless

See your face being a teacher, which is really even a collection of your just finest consciousness that is being a good leader by example, ahimsa is important and reading the signs of the times is important and practice makes perfect.

Also when the other people are illuminated in your consciousness remember your confident characteristics’s techniques to procure strengthening core philosophy duty. Lol,vid:XFRJB5wc0ak

If you’re trapped around people I pray you can give them a nut or pussy tap to fit in by that testing just so your beautiful soul doesn’t get mutiliated and killed.

But from a liberal Buddhist view if they are teaching the Mahayana path the Lotus Sutra is about liberal path by the way of being Buddhists that actually spend time showing the greatness they like is very Buddhist, I would recommend as an understanding; of liberal a liberal religion (Buddhism) of a conservative religion (Hinduism), of a religion (chaos and community), but a sanyasi can be the decision making authority when you should decide to think about chaos or order or what things to start with being significant objects of the moment. This level of importance for physical objects is the same as mandalas or other meditational gifts and is objective within and coming out of safer (cheaper) and essential philosophy. Hahhahaha philosophy is that the words of the meanings of the lifestyle are objectively important or at they better can be. But just names of teachers with slight explanations are simple so you’d be very good to think about 81. And 81 as the middle and 54 as the middle lol. And 27 and 54 as little lily pads you run across, on the way, as points. In the lotus sutra arhats are described as buddhas but they better be sure all of the base knowledge was found so they don’t regret it. ? Ignorance and arrogance are sins by the same level of understanding that the wise people have been defining for us to understand bliss is for happiness being alone and love is for being reasonable in a relationship if an acquaintance becomes a friendly friend :relaxed:. Also understand that sin is definitely bestly defined as irresponsibly risky. Good vs evil is not a game and evil is anti universe. The universe is the definition of happiness. Supreme unexplainable wisdom has been the program. Heaven is poor their are essential truths. And no one is even conservative yet, definitely not liberal (extra rich) and even now’s earth is too unagreeing with unreasonability so far as consciousness goes and throughout the rest of it when just not that extreme for a person weather in a time of good or bad as far as core (reasonably important always and one can say always essential) philosophy goes. Core philosophy is always nothing worse than only happiness and what one needs to be happy whether it is themself, part or parts of themself, or just themself and nature and yes if born of free will than understand that it can be multiple people need each other freely. If you lived so that when people need to be alone you make them sacrifice by enforcing insignificance and flaws then you are a sinner. One can scientifically hate all humans beings in a way that can be said with words while not exactly literally (intensity by attitude or concepts of attributes) about good people (essential people: who obey the essentials on @veganstringbeans sanyasi page) and/or children or animals or the rest of nature. Work needs to be changed still as it is an evil time on earth for example as I’m writing this. Strive to understand evil is a lie and that you should act rich in youth and conservative in elderliness (when objects are fragile…). So always hate the elders while always respecting (being in philosophical harmony with their body (minds in the same reality as the body) them at the same time and always never judging the youth and always teach the youth how to be CORE PHILOSOPHY MASTERS.,vid:XFRJB5wc0ak

Keep optimism at the end or your decision and always be pooping and peeing and always be making your bed hahaha and at the end of the day finish making it and sleep in it.

I “understand the extreme complexities of this reality” like ‘read the terms and conditions’ but until that :thought_balloon: is possible as an option y’all who are interested must first shape their own future so they can live alone primitively; or self alone sustainably considerably significantly. Now as you see money like literally probably better imagined as one of these “:moneybag:”; go and program that midline body action system format formthroughouttimelyform (habit) whether it’s the job yet or just the money number bank checking in of on maybe your electronics or in the bank. Then as this is extremely exactly extreme. It teaches you that it is extremely simple and basic for human nature; coool fact you can get lots of apparently essential calories from millets that you can store for up to 50 years. #year of the millet again lolololololololol

By the way, you are not sex, changed if you are married sigh you are just use the words with a lot of balance, and use the words team and share object and verb don’t think feel but Emotion develops intelligence, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha :joy_cat:

But for sex I’d say use condoms or mastered squeeze legs skill with full control during real physical non phantom body sex first and times after. it is not the time yet to impregnate or as always abort babies. In the topic. If already pregnant or giving birth do not circumcise as I was able to control heart beat and had been able to have above 400 a minute. When the cut and loss of body pats is gone there is no health anymore when the initial integration to earth is successfully done for proper lifetime. Do not argue I was evolved and have done sorcery before as in anything is possible level. I sacrificed all because I was not vegan while if you are not vegan at heart you will not have powers as well that was another dying problem before your super consciousness very ruined so that is why one would not really succeed after having integrated to the earth as evil is an essential truth that should not be accepted as the true or acceptable/accepted path. beautiful words don’t describe the ugly truth. Another 2500 years but the anything is possible.

I would ask what is it about what is being built out about someone was going to pick it for you or just that it’s a level of supreme master, rank by nature of success or whatever. I understand that we all have Buddha nature. That is good be safe magic that is Supreme Lee healthy, which is mystical easily healing, looks mystical. That is probably why I say that it is magic that you are supreme health which is mystical easily healing looks mystical. That is probably why I’d say that it is magic that you are.

Okay no war understand that. I don’t know if all Y’all are deserving contempt or like a cup spinning crazy at that time you’d be fighting it is the end.

There is no reason one can sin it is simply not even true as far as preserving good things go. And there is natural spontaneous existence.

There’s all of these typos I don’t understand. Try to see it basically.

You cannot take which is stealing from people what, it has been the choice of hell; you cannot take what creates better in time and in space time or you go to hell that is the risk they choose it wasn’t that it wasn’t that serious; the transition in the afterlife which is so obviously what many count as hell includedly as the main again many people understand hell can be reasonably as it is possible anyway and the numbers haven’t looked good enough so that’s that, is very important and form does equal function. Any people that are many who may build up powers to hurt the living from the afterlife are false heavenly residers they are suffering grave infinity as a time consequence by the nature of the universe so those are plateaus. Do not sacrifice more than you can afford. Beautiful words to not describe the ugly truth. Heal yourself choose the perfect heavenly body to become on earth and after your time death time from this life time.

And don’t think strengthening God’s will is proving evil is stronger because by the nature of relativity the evil that is sinned(chosen) still suffers anyways regardless of what any sinner does to benefit from that momentum andor relativity so believe and understand good is why Divine Beings like God are not going to necessarily save you since they are affording what is wise and sinners are not. The phantom of each person that is called maybe just a part of the persons dignity that lives cyclically on the 81 scales is really much less of the same people that we pretty much collectively know them as; those parts of their dignity might even just merely have any connection to the time of this life before they died and when to the afterlife. That is my best guess about this extremely ridiculous issue of sin that has been ramped as they say for millions of years. So people never have a reason to change? Really? That is the universes data don’t forget. Don’t sin. If you’re evil you go to hell. If you’re good you go to heaven. Program divine destiny of holiness like Augustia in Nithyanandas emc2 video and ignore everybody else you know basically until you notice they become sanctified. If people want to be alone you can be alone. If they invade you which is definitely rape unless it’s a disconnected phantom they will definitely loose everything by plain universal reality. Why would this earth take so long to change. Just stay home or way more unmomentous with people you would meet. Never so much would you want an synchronicity with others. You really don’t even have to have that happening. Coordinate correctly to the environment and choose the correct environment.

Let me explain this part again. If you steal divine life element you who steal are into hell already for eternity. Figure that out and just say you’re sorry mostly stop sinning sorry is merely important comparatively. And don’t stop protecting yourself to complain. I just don’t even know what to say. Because what is necessary is simply what people cannot carry on believing since they want to sin. The direction of hell is pretty bad and for those who actually are worthy it is even worse because though it’s not as bad they still have a chance to preserve decent amounts of things.