Controlling Sexual Desire with Yoga



I am from India. I want to remain unmarried through out my life. But I don’t want to become Sanyasi(Monk). Because I have a big aim in my life. This aim is for goodness of my people and country.
Many things are restricted for sanyasies like they can not participate in politics. But I want to participate in politics. I am only one child of my mother therefore I have take care of her. Therefore I can not become sanyasi.But 1 thing is sure, I don’t want to be married because only unmarried man can fight against corruption. But the problem is my sexual desire. I want to control it so that I can live calm and happy through out my life.

Is there any medicine or yog aasan or food that can help.


I would like to know too.


Dear futureking,

The sages of your country developed a very wise formula for the stages of life. They discouraged premature renunciation and proposed the social ideal of four stages: student (bramracharya), householder (garhastya), forest-dweller (vana-prasthya) and finally total renunciation. Renunciation was sanctioned, but only after a person had fulfilled his duties as a householder. My guess is that you are of the age of a householder, or will be soon. At your age, there is nothing better than to express your sexual desires naturally. (I fail to understand how only an unmarried man can fight against corruption.) Please reconsider your motives.

Another great philosophical contribution by your country were the four aims of life: dharma (duty), artha (prosperity), kama (pleasure), and moksha (pursuit of liberation). As future king, please try to find a balance. There is no need to give up sensual pleasure at the expense of duty or liberation. When your time is up, how will you answer the question "Did I live my life well? " How will you answer it after living a life of imbalance in the four objectives? Again, please reconsider your motives in the light of your own country’s ideals.


Yoga is not a magic pill for curing this thing or that thing.
It is not prescribed like a medication. It is not peddled at a store then taken three times per day with a meal. It is not for levitating or impressing other nor is it for repressing.

It is for encountering life, meeting the self, processing that which comes up, and living in the world relative to ones svadharma or self purpose.

That purpose is contained within the spirit which dwells in the heart. It cannot be unearthed using the mental force (mind, mentality, reason, or intellect) nor can it be revealed using the vital force (craving, desire, lust, creation).

If it is your soul’s purpose in this body to remain unmarried that is fine and you’ll likely not need to wrestle with suppressing sexuality. Plenty of married men combat corruption.


I love what Willem said. You don’t have to suppress it. You will naturally do what is needed for that stage. You can do much good in the world and have sex too!!!


found this on postsecret today just for laughs


Dear Willem,

Sorry for replying too late. I didn’t received the notification mails.

I think you have seen only one image of India. I know it is not good to tell home’s private problems to someone other person. But I think it is necessary to explain you why I do not want to be get married.

We have been taught about Brahmacharya, garhastya, vana-prasthya and moksha in schools.

And I am totally agree with this formula to live life perfectly.

I think this formula(The formula of 4 stages of life) works only if everything is fine in country. This formula was created many many years ago when “dharma” was controling the king. Now there is no “dharma” only “money” controls the politicians.

Here in India the corruption is very high. Our government runs schemes to provide work to poor people, education and food to poor children. But many of those poor people do not get full wage, many teachers(not all but many)steal meals of poor students. Judiciary is also corrupted. But it is less corrupted compared to other areas.

And what happens if someone rise his/her voice against corruption: He/she gets killed.

We need another “Freedom Movement” against this corrupt system.

I do not want to make someone fatherless or widow. That’s why I want to remain unmarried. I do not want to take any family responsibility so that I can give my 100% to my country.

If you still not understood lets take another example, In bollywood movies, in the end, the hero always gets his heroine or gets married with his heroine. But super hero never marries with his heroine.
Super hero like Spiderman, Superman, Batman and even Indian super hero Shaktimaan have their girlfriends but they do not marry. Why? You will say because writer of story do not want to let them marry. This is half correct answer. The writer do not let them marry because if they marry they will not be able to fight for society/country.
Hero marry always but Superheros never.

I heard that some aasana’s can help to remain bachelor.They are not 100% working solution but can help.
If it is true please let me know about those things.


Well futureking,

You are very serious about your quest for fair politics and renunciation. I don’t have sufficient knowledge to be able to answer your question. If the answer exists, it is likely to consist of a combination of diet, asana, pranayama and meditation. You will have to learn this directly from a teacher - not over the internet. Perhaps there are teachers in India who still have this type of knowledge. Namast


[QUOTE=Willem;28365]Well futureking,

You are very serious about your quest for fair politics and renunciation. I don’t have sufficient knowledge to be able to answer your question. If the answer exists, it is likely to consist of a combination of diet, asana, pranayama and meditation. You will have to learn this directly from a teacher - not over the internet. Perhaps there are teachers in India who still have this type of knowledge. Namast?.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, I will try to find a teacher.


Celibacy is an “expression of the gift of oneself to God and others”.


[QUOTE=Albert;28582]Celibacy is an “expression of the gift of oneself to God and others”.[/QUOTE]

The celibacy is unnatural and corrupts to the persons.


Hello Albert and Peace,

You are both right, or both wrong. :wink: After the USA, Ireland and Australia my country is now rocked by sexual scandals within the Catholic church. In the last two weeks alone, over 600 people have come forward with shocking stories about their childhood. They have been sexually molested, harassed and even raped by “celibate” priests. The very people who were supposed to take care of them in their most vulnerable years. Many lives have been damaged. On this forum, we have discussed bramacharya over and over. I would just like to add that its strict interpretation as “celibacy” carries a huge risk. The one I mention here.


IT’s tough one but it can be done though.They say even Budhha nearly fell short of enlightenment because this was his last obstace. If you keep on practicing you can conquer sexual desire and it will no longer being your mind.

Bramarcharya and celibacy in my view are unrelated.The latter is a lifestyle choice, choosing to abstain from sexual relations with …well…other people, and the former is what some other poster i think described elsewhere as something like wise use of our energies.How we wisely use our energies, including the sexual, should’nt depend on being celibate or not.I guess the thing with celibacy is that if it is an enforced rule which is dictating how we live, then it’s not liberating us.I think you can use sexual relations for spiritual advancement but you need to do alot of purification and practice before you get the hang of it.

Practice yoga sincerely regularly without expectation of reward and you’ll be fine.

When Mother Kundalini stirs you’ll be getting all the sex you’ll ever want. It’ll be going on right inside your nervous system.No one else needed. Although i hear the energies can subside after a while . What i do know from my own experience , yes that is perfectly possible- conquering sexual desire- as long as you’re engaged in practice…The main thing is not to fixate on it. It’s not about- do i have a girlfriend or not?-Am i getting enough sex? It’s not about sex or gf’s.Bramacharya is useful though not related.

Much can be achieved with the mind alone.The desire for sex originates with those thoughts in the mind- lust etc. If you can conquer at here at it’s source, to me that sound’s something akin to Bramacharya or should i say it’s mastery.So therefore not much to do with celibacy- the concept is therefore an enforced distraction and could be one way to delude yourself- a danger as willem mentions .

Just some thoughts.


The state of desirelessness can only be achieved with the help of ascetism according to Tantra Yoga and the paradox of Tantra Yoga is that an individual should have a strong desire to culminate to a state of desirelessness.


If you wish to sublimate sexual energy, practice urdhvareta yoga


If you wish to sublimate sexual energy, practice urdhvareta yoga.


First let me say that there is a difference between theory and personal experience.

so yoga and sex, and catholic priests.
from my readings, a point of tantra and other limbs of yoga, is to move energy around. In tantra moving the sexual energy upward for a higher purpose, moving this energy from the lower chakras to higher ones.

so from that theory, or one similar, celibate people may run into problems, priests included. If someone decides to become celibate, the sexual energy is still there. SO the energy has two main places to go, one is out through the penis, another is up the channels into higher chakras. if one does nothing with this energy it sits there, sexual energy builds and builds, and desires an outlet. again, out through the penis, or up into the rest of the body.

Priests and other celibates who try to repress desires may run into problem because that energy stays there in the sex organ till it becomes so great that they feel they must release it somehow. also as they have taken a vow they may feel shame. So… add sexual desire plus guilt/shame and you have some unhealthy things going on. Put these two together and this is one possible way a celibate turns into a predator.

so if one decides to be celibate, it may be wise to figure out how to move this energy, for it is the energy of creation.
best to you
Brother Neil


justwannabe explained that very well!


thanks Yohomieyogi


Well future king ill just say you to practice the Vajroli mudra ,it can transform sexual energy to spiritual energy even the hoseholder who practices it can attain sidhies(perfections). Find a place to learn it. Some of the posts above are just opinions of others not the solution if you know what you want Y not go for it.