Do you eat meat?


I’m curious about how many people are vegan or vegetarian that practice yoga. Or are most of you meat eaters?


I am vegetarian and mostly vegan. The root of practicing yoga is to eradicate our karmic load. To eat another animal is to take on their karmic load. And so the meat negates the profound effects one can achieve from their practice. Simply.


Instead of labeling vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, let’s consider heavy, medium and light food.

It is very natural that person who is seriously engaged into yoga will automatically move towards light food which is more in line with Satvic kind of diet.
In that case automatically non-vegetarian food will be avoided along with vegetarian food which are heavy like cheese or very spicy or starchy foods.


Im vegetarian but don’t mind meat, now with that said i would not eat commercial meat or just because im hungry, if there’s no need there’s no need. For example, My uncle is a hunter and if he invites us for dinner, i wouldn’t turn down wild moose becaus that would be rude.

But mostly, i eat what i feel my body need, which is rarely meat.

Btw, does this make me not a vegetarian?

Nvm F the labels


I am not against meat-eating, and I believe anyone who is extremely active or their livelihood depends on physical exertion throughout the whole week i would reccommend to eat meat if they have no interest in spirituality. They will have more energy to sustain them throughout the week.

However eating meat increases Rajas and Tamas which unsettles the mind. If you are interested in spiritual practices an over-active mind will be a hindrance to progress further in yoga. Rajas is the active-creative force and Tamas the negative-destructive aspect. The balance between them both is called Sattva, and this helps to keep the mind calm and greatly aids in yoga practise. Therefore yogis have always promoted the consumption of Sattvic foods in general. Anything which disturbs Sattva like coffee for example is also not a help. Swami Sivanada produced a list of the different catagories of foods and their effects in many of his free books online.

There is a video on youtube of Gordon Ramsey who stayed in an ashram for a few days where no meat was served. He has always been anti-vegetarian but had to admit that he began to feel more relaxed not eating meat:


This time last year I went Vegan for 6 months then Vegetarian for another 6 months. Then went back to meat, but my diet is mainly plant base with some meat or fish. I've been into fitness for decades so eat clean, make vegetable juice and smoothies. I like Indian food a lot and buy heat in a bag meals from India, these are vegetarian. I'm not a big eater, it is part of my diet and has been for 65 years. I did work in construction (now retired) and enjoy some weight training.