Hello from Sunny Southern CA

Hi everyone,

John here and new to the forums. Discovered yoga a year ago while nursing a snowboarding injury and inspired me to bring back a charitable clothing line focusing on positivity and healthy living.

Look forward to contributing and hopefully serving as a resource.


Welcome to the forums! Has yoga helped your snowboarding injury?

It definitely did, and was much harder than I thought it would be! It’s been about half a year since my fall and I still incorporate a session at least once every 2 weeks to my regular routine.

i’m always impressed by how skilled some practitioners are.

any others from the so cal area? if so where do you all teach or practice?

Hello Huglife hope the injury has improved!

Hello Huglife. Welcome to the forum, though I just got here myself.

I’m a fellow westcoaster, but up in Oregon, but today am in the LA area, and I didn’t expect it would be so hot. I’m hoping maybe to drop into a yoga class somewhere down here if I have the time.

Hey Thomas, welcome to the heatwave! Weather is looking great for the next week.

I’d recommend the power yoga studio in Santa Monica if you’re in the area. Grace Wang does a great class on Tuesday late mornings!

I like warm weather, but this is a little too warm, especially for southern CA where I expect perfect weather.

I’m stuck in Van Nuys an extra day tomorrow, and that’s not too far from Santa Monica, so maybe I will pay a visit to the sudio.

I heard there are some crazy yoga studios down here, though. She’s not into Lady Gaga yoga is she? (Yes, I heard there is a studio devoted in some way to Lady Gaga).

You are not allowed to discuss the weather on this Forum please…some of us are suffering British weather…

a liitle too warm, huh words like these are offensive…please stop it!!!

It will be sunny and 90 today. I wish I had brought my swimming trunks along.

Oh well, I will just have to suffer through this and envy my British friends and their cool dreary weather…

I can only think of sunburn and dehydration for you all!!!

Do you realise there are flowers struggling here!!Where is the compassion!!

Blue skies, sun, warmth, mountain ranges, palm trees everywhere…I’m dealing with these challenges as best I can…

my heart is bleeding!

Hi, I am Tracy . I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!

[QUOTE=kareng;39712]my heart is bleeding![/QUOTE]

I am back home and it will soon be foggy, cold and drizzly, so I hope that makes you feel better.

yes Thomas, this makes me feel good, very good…Just look on the dull side…xx

Welcome to the Forum

I was in San Diego last week (mission bay area) and they had a record high of 100 degrees.

I am not a big fan of hot weather but I must say San Diego is the only place I have ever gone that when it was time to go home I wished I could stay a little longer.

San Diego is supposed to have one of the best climates in the world.

That is true but the first few days of my visit were 95, 100, 90 then it went back to normal 70s and 60s

just listen to yourselves…bragging thats what it is! nothing but bragging!!