Hijackers of the Holy KRIYA YOGA


I am speculating that perhaps this takes a linear route as in spinal breathing. But there is an orbital route on both sides of the body/subtle bodies and it may be along chakras too (and with numerous subtle variations) which from my own experience indicates it may be more effective and powerful.But you need to find out what best works for you.

There may be a Taoist orbital route; I am currently using what i believe may go/move in the opposite direction to that.


There are numerous somewhat more advanced kriyas with the subtle variations, which may, at a certain stage, also employ the use of mantra and bandha or other somewhat extraneous features in combination with the orbital/linear breathing routes, the purpose of whichthey can kind of supercharge the circuits you are working along energetically-speaking.

A sound starting point for any approach that seeks to awaken kundalini i think is some prelimary work on the third-eye/ajan chakra as this is master controller chakra.Seek to have some balance there already. Some approaches may not do this or emphasise it. I use the Satyananda approach; Satyananda in a very short space of time may have got this from his orginal teacheer/guru Sivananda upon leaving his ashram and then he may have made slight modifications or revisions to what the kriyas he did teach and publish based on his later itinerant wanderings and meetings with other yogis throughout India,the Himalayas( I have read that somewhere for sure) and possibly other parts of Asia.I believe it is the real deal or one of them or at least a good sound approach, let’s just say, but i’ve tired the basic linear- routespinal breathing before and it didn’t really work for me as well.The SRF maybe practices something like this.I could’nt realy comment though as I’ve never actually followed them or know what they do exactly.

Also it is often good to have some kind of mantra meditation to compliment the kundalini kriya because it helps cultivate the inner silence you will benefit greatly from in order for the merging to occur; of shakti,energetic potential with Shiva,pure bliss consciousness.It is an ideal marriage that is a recipe for the expansion of Consciousness.

Find the methods(or people although you can learn from everybody) that are useful on your own path ( don’t fixate on cults or groups or indivduals too much;don’t become depndent on guru-like figures) and you can dscardwhat is’nt so useful. The principles usually remain the same or similar;it’s just the methods vary.And the teachers teaching them will put their own spin on things but that is what you should expect them to and is a good thing.Somepeople talk about purity of lineage like that can ensure authenticity over time but that debate can sound a bit academic to me.


Now to have some fun with this I am going to add-----

If all else fails blame it on your DNA sequencing!:wink:


Why is there so much prejudice and bigotry in the world and how does this effect yoga, its teachers, and practitioners?


Many times what is written gets interpreted differently from what was intended. The arrangement of words can also alter the meaning of what was intended. This of course leads to misunderstandings. The pages of this thread are filled with misunderstandings, assumptions, and personal opinions. Perhaps we should be kinder to one another.


“Why is there so much prejudice and bigotry in the world?” Because we have differences. Different beliefs, customs, likes, dislikes call it the workings of the ego if you like. We can try to respect others differences and learn to be tolerant.
Prejudice and bigotry effects everyone. It is not limited to one particular group or another. All it can do to effect yoga or anything else is give it a bad reputation.


Does science have any place in a discussion about yoga?


[QUOTE=essene22;75323]Does science have any place in a discussion about yoga?[/QUOTE]



Science is the understanding of experience/reality


[QUOTE=essene22;75051]Why is there so much prejudice and bigotry in the world and how does this effect yoga, its teachers, and practitioners?[/QUOTE]

It seems to stem from I/ME/MINE misidentifications manifesting likes/dislikes of individual mind states causing unnecessary suffering.


Is it the mind that does the self identifications?


[QUOTE=Avatar186;75427]Is it the mind that does the self identifications?[/QUOTE]

Is not succession of momentary manifestation of human consciousness collected and retained by the minds memory and filter ego that causes identifications in duality? The distraction of the mind cloaks the real; momentary appearance in consciousness which is made possible against the backdrop of awareness, changeless reality.


The mind is not the brain. It is simply the junction box. The connection between all functions.
The senses are what make up mind no?
If u did not see hear smell nor taste. You would identify with touch.
Senses are an extension of mind. But it is the mind that senses. The mind is an extension of heart.
Control of brain can be had by control of body. Since the two are completely interlocked.
A man may drink till he blacks out, but the body goes on without "you"
you may also cut the body off and still exist.
my point. It is not all about mind. That is one sided.
All in all it is the senses that cause delusion. We self identify with the senses. What is the soul is the question. Is it just mind void of emotion? No. For emotion and mind are one. If u with to become a monkey in the tree tops with no roots that is an individual choice. “Mind devoid of heart” the confusion with the body is that we say not to self identify with it yet emotion rests here.
The senses are what is to be purified. You are the product of the senses. The mind is a product of the heart/emotion/feeling.
This is why music is part of media. Music emotionally influences people. The senses have root in mind,mind has root in heart. Like the alchemists said, cut off the head from the body, transform the body and all is golden. The head can become aware of the self identification, but the heart is what contains it. Man has both light and dark within.
For mind is thin as space. And heart is heavy as dirt.
It is all philosophy until it is used in practise. Practise brings mastery. What it to be practise is the question. I personally follow the alchemists/Tao.to make heavy the light and light the heavy. Do not discard the body, but transform it. To not discard any part of reality, but use it for transformation. This is as simple as knowing all reality exists within the senses. Thus it is mastery of senses. I am no master. Thus can someone who is not a master speak anything but fallacy?


Does anybody practice Kundalini Tantra here?


[QUOTE=panoramix;75502]Does anybody practice Kundalini Tantra here?[/QUOTE]

Yes but I put it under the broad category of Hatha Yoga. Whats up?


Can you define kundalini for me please :wink:


the gorgeous truth gets overcome and poisoned by the tentacles of tradition and the curses spoken by the lips of the teachers exploiting that tradition. i regret ever posting on here. look at the mess.


Kundalini Tantra is a practice shaped by Sw. Satyananda Saraswati. The first part is Kundalini Yoga for awakening your chakras. The second part is Kriya Yoga for awakening your Sushumna Nadi. It is not an easy job if you practice it without guidance.

I’d like to share experiences with other adepts.


[QUOTE=omshanti;75589]the gorgeous truth gets overcome and poisoned by the tentacles of tradition and the curses spoken by the lips of the teachers exploiting that tradition. i regret ever posting on here. look at the mess.[/QUOTE]

Yes, my dear Morgan (Omshanti) this thread is quite a mess! It is appropriately named —" Hijackers of the holy kriya" as this is exactly what has occurred. Sorry to see this has happened. Be well

Peace and Love my Brother


What are the implications, both subtle and gross, regarding the presence of Homo Neanderthalensis DNA within the human race and its effects on yoga and kriya yoga in particular?