Hijackers of the Holy KRIYA YOGA


Why do some priests, imams, rabbis, yogis, and ministers use spiritual power to see the thru the barriers associated with other incarnations and distant places without the consent of the one studied?

Isn?t this a violation of spiritual law, especially for the deceased who has no chance for rebuttal?


“Does the DNA of the seeker effect his progress in the Kriya path?”

It can have an influence. The programming of the body is a result of thousands of years of evolution, and every DNA carries certain tendencies which can have an influence on which directions you gravitate in life. DNA has an influence, but how deeply one enters the path is just a question of whether you are living out of awareness or unawareness. If you are living out of unawareness, then one is bound to be a slave to the programming of the mind and body. One becomes just like a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer. If the strings say move left, you move left. If the strings say move right, you move right. One will live just like a machine, a mechanism, a computer following whatever programming has been written on it.

For most people, because the thirst and burning desire has not yet happened to come to know oneself, through and through, what is closer to oneself than one’s own breath has been projected light years apart.


“God is in all things, in the material/physical world and beyond this world. We are a part or particle of “God”. We do not become “God” until we have merged into One.”

That is just another projection of the mind, seeking to cup up the whole existence into bits and pieces, creating endless divisions between “this” and “that”. In existence, it is impossible for anything to be divided amongst itself. In fact - what one thinks of as the Many is just the One manifesting itself in different ways. There is nothing else except the divine. It is not that you are a part of the divine, you are the divine. There is nothing in existence which is not of the same snake swallowing it’s own tail, it is inescapable.

You are pretending as if you can escape from the inescapable. There is only one thing which prevents oneself from self-realization, it is one’s own ignorance. Otherwise, with the veils of ignorance lifted from one’s eyes - if you can see things as they are, with total clarity of vision, then you will find that there is nothing else except the infinite.


Does Homo Sapien Sapien DNA make G-d realization easier than other types of DNA?


[QUOTE=essene22;74768]Does the DNA sequencing reflect the consciousness in the body?[/QUOTE]

I think DNA reflects, to some degree, karma. Karma here being a term used to embrace a wide variety of mayic phenomenon.

For an example, not saying this is always the case but for example . . .

You’ve been a bad, bad boy (or girl) and because of your “black karma” you, in your next incarnation, are “cursed” with those DNA markers that give rise to mental retardation. I have noticed a higher rate of violent tendency in those born with such affliction. And I have also noticed a tendency for those born with such affliction to be born into a loving and kind family.

Why is this? The loving kindness rubs off.


“It is not that you are a part of the divine, you are the divine.”
—posted by Amir

Amir, what does this imply? Are you saying---- you are “god”?

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Don’t know if one’s DNA effects progress in the kriya path or not, but I would say certain physical ailments (mainly respiratory problems) would effect one’s progress just like it would effect any practice requiring pranayams.


Well, of course DNA affects your level of consciousness. Just compare the DNA of an ant to the DNA of a human organism. They are both made of DNA, but the DNA of the human allows for greater levels of consciousness.

It would be an interesting study to compare the DNA of a supposed enlightened person to that of the DNA of an ordinary human, to see if there is any difference.

Yoga is pretty clear on the fact the human form is the only form where self-realization becomes a possibility.


How can one compare DNA of an ant to that of a human being? :smiley:

Not much to compare to----DNA of an ant would not be as extensive as DNA in a human being.


Regarding the question of man vs god. If one interrogates the mystical and spiritual traditions in all cultures around the world, one will come to see that they all point to a unanimous message: man can become god. This is the mystical meaning behind alchemy, the transmutation of mortal man into immortal god. It has been the preoccupation of the ancients. It clearly also is the aim of Yoga: self-realization; realizing ones god-potential.

I understand it in lesser sentimental and dramatic terms: Humans have an infinite potential. In fact this infinite potential exists within every atom, and it not until the DNA sequences itself in the form of human, that we can become self-aware of that potential. A dog is most likely not aware of that potential; but humans are. Of course humans can live like dogs: eat, drink, sleep, excrete, have sex and play - but then they are not really doing their dharma as humans according to Yoga - a human is meant for contemplation, a human is meant to become a god. It is like an intermediate step between the ascent of animal to god.

Humans need to actualize the enormous potential that exists within them. We already have a glimpse of that enormous potential, because we have seen it in other humans: In the intelligence of Einstein, in the vast creativity of Beethovan, in the compassion of Buddha, in the devotion and love of Jesus, in the superhuman powers of Krishna. Even lesser examples: in humans with photographic memories, in monks who can can control their heart beat, their body temperature, or simply in the triumphs of human spirit in many people over suffering and tragedy.

In other words humans have immense power. Some are using a fraction of it, others are using a lot more of it. Disciplines like Kriya Yoga are for those humans who want to use more of that power.

I was telling the same to my friend recently whose read a bit of Neo-Vedanta stuff and is now resigned to the idea that there is no free will, and there is no point doing or trying anything, because it is all presdestined by a higher power anyway. The same thinking is exhibited by religious people, who naively think that by surrendering all their will to some higher power they are becoming more evolved, or they are being spiritual. In actual fact they are just denying the use of their own power by giving it away to destiny or some god, or even another person(Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed or the pope)

If you want to remain mortal then deny your power. If you want to become an immortal god then you need to use more of your power.


[QUOTE=Juniper;74902]How can one compare DNA of an ant to that of a human being? :smiley:

Not much to compare to----DNA of an ant would not be as extensive as DNA in a human being.[/QUOTE]

The DNA is the basic code, consisting of the same genome code. As I understand it the basic code is the same in all living organisms. It is only the sequence that decides whether you will be an ant, a cow or a human.


Yes, my error, I should have written the DNA “sequencing” of a human being is more extensive than that of an ant. :slight_smile:


There is not really that big of a difference, only the amount of DNA, number of chromosomes and code is different from organism to organism:

[i]As much as people wish to believe otherwise, not much.
DNA is universally (in every plant animal human bacteria etc) a code of Adenine Cytosine Guanine and Thymine. These 4 (A, C, G and T) nucleotides (a form of molecule) , are read by cellular machinary to first form a backup copy RNA, which is then read in sets of 3 and translated to amino acids (much more complex molecules). eg GCG = alanine. These strings of amino acids are building blocks for protiens. These proteins are what go on to make life. (see wikipedia protiens)
Differences occur between prokaryotes (organisms without a nucleus) and eukaryotes (organisms with nucleus) with regards to the processing of DNA (to RNA or not to RNA etc) but the code itself is still the same. Some specific species also have exceptions to the “code” of what 3 letters equal what but again these are exceptions.
So essentially there is no genetic difference between human and animal DNA except for what it codes for, and of course the amount of DNA - genome sizes vary greatly organism to organism.
~3rd year Bachelor of Science student, majoring in genetics.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Genetic_difference_between_human_DNA_and_Animal_DNA#ixzz1y6p9wEaa[/i]


Very interesting! I read more on it with the link that you provided for the website “Answers”. Thanks!:slight_smile:


ironically its been said. any animal with 9 orifices can become immortal. Though the human would still be greater than the dog. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank goodness for this!

Is your practice Taoist Inner Alchemy?


That saying in perticular. Is simply a rumor yet logical one based on how the physiological process seems to work. This is not a known fact to me. Sure that is one of the disguises it has passed under.
Though it exists in other cultures as well under different names and associated with more failed methods/techniques. Though it exists in these cultures. It is a physiological process that naturally happens. One we are not naturally inclined torwards. Thus methods are created to try and stimulate the process.
So yes Taoist alchemy. No they are not the originators.


In what sense is the immortal human greater than the immortal dog or even the mortal human greater than mortal dog?


The human contains greater potential. The vessal we call human has more.potential than the vessal called dog.
Men although as.basic as.beasts have created the world we.live in. Dogs in their beast nature cannot. Bbl


To the OP - if this is a kind of critique, theh perhaps you have not yet found a way ,a “true kriya” or a way to become your own guru…There is never a right or wrong way in yoga just different approaches.They are not all going to agree with everyone.To say this way or that is false is a limiting perspective. Instead of saying such one could point to a better way and qualify that it’s just your opinion based on your own experience and/or that of others etc.It begs the question what you think is in comparison is not an imposter. Could the real yoga please stand up?

(One’s own credibility lacks strength if by the the gurus or systems you identify you are highlighting or pointing to the behaviour of the teachers but not the science behind the method.There are weaknesses with any system.You find them and then you sort them out.)

It is easy to be mislead and it happens in all circles and walks of life…esp. yoga.Because people put their faith in someone that claims to be a higher authority.I would prefer to hear instead what is up with the system practiced;identify for e.g what you think might be it’s flaws or weaknesses…or say for some people.