Hijackers of the Holy KRIYA YOGA


If my original question was taken as mockery. It was not intended to be so.
I am extremely serious about the question. reversal of the water of the kidneys. Making it press upwards.

As for the statement i made.
Simply an opinion, not necessarily my opinion.
A thought was uttered is untrue.
thoughts and opinions changed rapidly.
I was simply stating thoughts, ideas, while not claiming them as truth.

Catabolism is the breaking down of things in the fire. the separation of the combustible from the incombustible.

I apologize for the offense of my arrogance. A stern reply is often not met with warm arms. Sternness does not mean right or fact. i know these. Apologeze to all offended.



What do you mean by “reversal of the water of the kidneys” - Where are you reversing it to?

What is your situation?

I am not offended, Please feel free to express yourself.

Much peace and love to you all.


this is my favorite thread on the forum. namaste to all the interlocutors


Vajroli in the true sense.
Not the deceatful sense.
Ask yourself. when you do something and fail, why is their absence of success. Answer. Because u did it in the wrong way. Vajroli is a true practise taught wrong. much yoga was created through someone experiancing something. Then trying to reverse engianeer the experiance in order to get back to the result. This is how much pranayama techniques came into practise. etc. a chicken came out of an egg. they are trying to get back to the egg through the chicken.
If u do not already know the water pressing upwards. U cannot help.
I will reveal this. Pranayama. Described by a certian yogi as decarbonization of the blood. Is also known as hyperventilation. Unfortunatly this term is mis understood. Being out of breath “oxygen hunger” as is often experianced after running is not hyper but hypo ventilation. This has nothing to do with the amount of oxygen in the blood as it is carbondioxid that controls breathing. Passing out is due to a lack of oxygen because u breath so fast oxygen isnt entering the blood at all.
Hyper and hypo ventilation can be done at a breathing rate extremly slow.
For hypo ventilation is due to an increase in carbon dioxide. This increase tells the body it needs to breath faster. Hyperventilation is due to a drop in carbondioxid. This tells ur body it dosnt need to breath. This decarbonizationiss breathing in such a way that carbon dioxide is expunged faster then it is created. This causes the entire nervouse system to rapidly fire. The bond of oxygen and hemoglobin becomes greater thus oxygen stays in the blood longer “hence the rapidly fireing nerves” this causes the kidneys to tell the body that it can produce less red bloodcells. If done long enough the vibrating from fireing of nerves starts to cease. And the body starts to feel magnetic to itself. Literally. This process also purifies the body. Making the blood extremly alkili. And getting ride of metabolic wast like a millionair who just figured out money is worthless. Most metabolic wast is expunged via air and water. When u stop breathing purposly, because their is such a lack of carbondioxide, u simply dont breath, their is no impulses being sent to breath. And thus u will be temporarily breathless. Now their is a trick to making this accumulative. Yet that is connected to immortality and my former question. As well i explained all medically and anatomy wise. But did not give the method which is insanly simple. the latter trick is also simple. But their is more of a nich to that trick. :slight_smile:


i apologize for spelling errors. I only have access to the internet via ipod which is touch screen keybord. Grammatical errors well, every man is his own author.



In my opinion, this is frankly an absurd and barbaric interpretation of the spiritual path. I am not going to bother myself with replying in detail, I will just say that in my spirituality, the major energies of Qi, Shen, Jing etc. are controlled and redirected with absolutle perfection. The breathless state has been reached by this body without the need for interfering with the delicate biological-spiritual unit of the body.

[B]Please remember that this is a thread dedicated to the path of Sri Lahiri Mahashaya and the practices of kriya yoga. Feel free to start a new thread dedicated to “reversing the water of the kidneys.”[/B]

Keep trying to do whatever it is you are trying to do. Best of luck in your path.



A large part of that post was about pranayama. The pranayama described clearly as decarbonization of the body.
i apologize for bringing the biological understanding into the picture.

you have reached the breathless state without interfering with the biological spiritual unite of the body…correct me if im wrong. If the body becomes breathless, you have messed with its biological functions!
Anyway. Apperently my post was very much below you no? Not even worthy of a detailed post as you said.
If you have complete control of jing chi and shen, then you are indeed without lust hunger and sleep. the yang being, darkness distilled into light, you are eternally immortal.
ps. my barbaric interpretation was not philosophy but fact and first hand experiance.


Kriya Yoga is a simple, psychophysiological method by which the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers.(1) By stopping the accumulation of venous blood, the yogi is able to lessen or prevent the decay of tissues; the advanced yogi transmutes his cells into pure energy.

Kriya is an ancient science. Lahiri Mahasaya received it from his guru, Babaji, who rediscovered and clarified the technique after it had been lost in the Dark Ages.

is this fallacy then?
For these are not my words, but out of the book "autobiography of a yogi"
truth of fallacy?


[SIZE=“3”]No. Venous blood is a biological necessity. Kriya Yoga has nothing to do with “stopping the accumulation of venous blood.” The acceleration of that process is better suited for diet and hatha yoga. By the time the yogi has reached this pinnacle called Kriya, his bio-sysyem is already [I]completely cleansed[/I] and [I]amazingly strong[/I].

Unfortunately, PY diluted and distorted the truth of the kriya yoga of Sri Lahiri Mahashaya in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi” - the historical Kriya Yoga is exclusively a mystical path.

Yes it is true that Kriya Yoga is an ancient science, but it is a science based on a much more dynamic and complex subtle energy system.

The things you speak of are preliminary requirements for the yogi, such as a totally cleansed biological system (clean blood, proper assimilation/digestion, proper diet, herbal preparations, and other treatments)…

True kriya yoga is very defined and specific, it classically consists of 7 levels, and 4 phases.

It can be found only by those beings ready to understand the ultimate and final confrontations/problems of life.

Much love and peace.


Ah i do understand where you are coming from. Although this process does perticularly disjoin inspiration and expiration on a subtle not gross level.
and i do understand what you mean by subtle. As this is only 1 half of my path.
to each his own nich. Perfect your experiance! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Surya Deva;68709]I would like to believe that it is possible to summon masters, spirit guides, god/s in meditation, but I don’t have any evidence for this beyond heresay. So I’ll leave my mind open to the possibility and spend more time on the meditation cushion and see if this possibility presents itself, in the mean time I have to rely on rational means of knowing and based on that I think there is more reason to believe ‘Babaji’ etc are myths. Ill stick by that for now until more evidence is forthcoming.[/QUOTE]

Belief? Evidence? You want proof? Do you?

If you would… tell me about your faith. What do you believe in? What don’t you believe in?


[QUOTE=Babananda;68861]Perhaps you don’t see the value because you have no experience of it. There is another set of 7 chakras above the crown and 7 also below the root chakra. New Age? See it for yourself in your own body and you will find this to be correct. The concentration is the same inside the body and outside the body. All lower chakras evolve from the highest center above the head.

I learned this first time from Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, who is the present lineage-head in Hariharananda-Yogananda-[B]SriYukteswar[/B]-lineage. This is the first thing they teach. Yogananda’s and Kriyananda’s kriyas are simplified, you know.[/QUOTE]

I see that big smile on your face in your avatar! HA. HA. HA.

I know you know secrets!


[QUOTE=omshanti;74158]This is an absolutely insane statement. I am happy to not be affected by nonsense superstitions and assumptions/beliefs like this.

There is no need to go to a cult to begin researching the sutras, gita, etc. These materials will be better understood without the commentary and edits SRF makes ad nauseum.

Wow, you speak like a prophet! It must be so.

Thanks for filling up this thread with more nonsense, it didn’t have quite enough. ;)[/QUOTE]

Sewing and reaping. Causation. Dependent origination, whatever youd like to call it - it is Law. Lead astray be led astray. Lead many astray here comes the hammer.

I was thinking on Osho one day, all about him, and how his chief disciple looked like a demon in the flesh. And I kept thinking about him, ruminatining if you will. Then I sat and ruminated some more. Then I found myself cruising in the deep dark, and I called a certain name and someone appeared . . .

I agree and disagree sometimes the commentary is useful. Sometimes not.

[I][B]I was just thinking as I read through these entries here in this thread that there is so much omniscience.[/B][/I]

“this one was a bhogi not a yogi.”
“that one put on jewels.”
“Its a marketing tactic.”
“that is sinful!”
“this is not!”

So much knowing,
things lost in time,
where you were not,
or what someone said
All hail the Judge


Melchizedek, I do not understand what your recent post has to do with the practice of kriya yoga or what it has to do with Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya.

Are these opinions based on reading threw posts on this thread?



[QUOTE=Babananda;69134]Here is the link to a book I mentioned. Merging with Siva by Subramuniyaswami:

I read the first couple sections of chapter one. I was put off by the assertion that we are GOD. Do you subscibe to this theory as well? IF so can you articulate why?


Here is what I subscribe to---- "God is in all things, in the material/physical world and beyond this world. We are a part or particle of “God”. We do not become “God” until we have merged into One. The presence of “God” within can be experienced through sadhana. Jai Kriya Yoga
Jai Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya


hahaha! does not matter what you “subscribe to” if what you subscribe to is not “what IS” then you might as well be a blind man looking for the sun.

If man could become god. he would no longer be man. do you not understand the fallacy in peoples thinking? when some thinks " i can become god" that is a fallacy. " I " the self identification, the reflection in the mirror can never be god.

their is such thing as a man with power.
their is not such thing as " a god " for their is only "god"
if man became god. in that sense, the will of man would cease, and only the will of the almighty would exist. thus, man cannot become a god. but man can become god. bahahah!
think like this, the reflection cannot become the mirror. but if the reflection gives itself up, the mirror reflects only light void of obstruction.
if a man gives up all self identification, he will know that which is without self identification. I AM.
OR! these words, are simply another fallacy. only those who know can truly know! for you cannot “know” until it has already happened.


Does the DNA of the seeker effect his progress in the Kriya path?


The DNA is not a factor to one’s progress. However, there are certain factors that would effect the seeker’s progress. Some of the factors can include diet, the use of tobacco, drugs, how often one practices the techniques to name a few things.


Does the DNA sequencing reflect the consciousness in the body?