I am trying to learn to do yoga via YouTube

Hey everyone,

I am brand new to yoga and trying to find a good youtube channel or similar to learn the basics. I was told that yoga could reduce stress, so that it was I am particularly looking for. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Videos I’ve got so far

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Hey! You could visit badyogiofficial channel on YouTube. She teaches with enthusiasm but please don’t follow the tough asanas if you have no instructor

Hi ! I love Yoga with Adriene. She is funny and eases you into things.


Hi I also made yoga with youtube and here are my favorite yoga channels.

Hope it will help you.

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I love Adrienne! She has videos for a lot of different situations, like getting energized in the morning or a quick de-stress, and she explains things really well.

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I love Grokker for yoga videos, I use their videos once or twice a day. I recently wrote a post on the 8 Reasons Grokker is Amazing if you are interested.

I think Yoga with Adrienne is great for beginners. I also like Yoga with Kassandra and YogaTX.

Five Parks has been my favorite lately but from my experience it’s a bit more advanced.


Good Idea to learn yoga from youtube, @newyogi88.
If you are beginner be careful to try new yoga technics.

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you guys really have to check this out if your at all interested in losing weight on your belly doing yoga.


I love the Journey Junkie, if you’re looking to get hot and sweaty during your practice!

If you have an iPhone there is an awesome app called
Down Dog which I think is marvellous! Caters for all levels, so easy to follow and love the music. Best app I have to practice yoga at home or at the park!

Hi newyogi,

I’ve got a breakdown series of vinyasa (the connecting sequence you see in flow classes) that I feel could be useful for you if you’re starting a journey with this style of yoga.


My suggestion to all learners is that first spend some time under right teacher because I see many students who claim to practice from internet make lot of mistakes.

Spending initially some time under proper supervision is always worth.


I very much agree. The purpose of practicing yoga is to develop ones energy body in order to experience other dimensions of life and wellbeing. This kind of energy can not be transmitted via a book or any video channel, unless you are a master with other power. Therefore I highly recommend learning from a well trained teacher. The yoga i teach and practice is growing in popularity, its called Isha Yoga. Its classical and pure and allows you to develop your own home practice, safe in the knowledge you are doing it all absolutely correctly, which is key.

Hey :slight_smile:
I got this book and its very helpful...im a beginner and it is easy to follow yoga posses

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@newyogi88 its good and you can find many channels and videos on yoga at youtube which would instruct you proper practice, check out one of my video https://youtu.be/wIxC_8hBNtE.

Hi new yogi!

I would love to help! I have a YouTube channel with a handful of yoga classes you could try! Here’s one that I think you might like:

I honestly love creating videos in hopes of making yoga accessible to everyone! If you have any questions, just let me know!