Is Yoga Good for losing weight


I was wondering the other day if yoga is a good form of weight loss…I have been doing it for several months now, but havent noticed much difference…can anyone elaborate on this topic?



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weight may be the most commonly discussed topic on this forum. there are many, many threads on various aspects associated with weight. and if you search for the keyword [B]weight, [/B]they will all pop up for you. this is good place to start–please add your specific questions to those existing threads.



Exercised or exorcised?

Knowledge is pointless. It is merely data without application. Wisdom, on the other hand is the application of data in one’s living.

More to the point of the post here…exercising is an important variable in the formula of weight loss. In that respect, asanas - the postures of yoga so commonly misconstrued as “yoga” is a form of exercise. It would be far more effective to watch what one eats, why one eats it, how much of it is eaten, and whether it has an appropriate balance between fat, protein, and carbohydrates WHILE maintaining a certain activity level.

Yoga may not have anything to do with that. However no fishing line attracts a catch without first having bait.



Yes, for me I lost weight with Yoga [I]and healthy eating[/I].


are you talking about hot yoga?


if you’ve been doing yoga for several months and not noticed any difference sounds like your diet/lifestyle needs to be addressed and an increase in yoga practice. How often do you do asana? I think 6 days a week, 2 hours a day, with a sattvic diet of brown rice, vegetables, fruits and legumes should insure you see a big difference in quite a short time.


I know a number of people who have lost weight from doing yoga, including myself. It depends on what shape you were in before and what kind of yoga you do. If you go from being a couch potato to doing ashtanga 6 days a week, I’m pretty sure you’ll lose weight. However, if you used to be a marathon runner and and are now doing gentle yoga a few days a week, you may end up putting on weight!

Another side effect of yoga that can cause you to lose weight is that your appetite may decrease or become more healthy. I never walk out of a yoga class craving a hot dog! :smiley:


how about . . .
If your authentic self will weigh less than you do now (which includes ‘if you are not yet your authentic self’), yoga will help you lose weight. (He, he – not all of it will be physical.)


Yoga, along with the alkaline diet is the best way to loose weight. It is a fact that yoga is good for the mind and body. Plus, if we add up the fruit and veggies diet or the alkaline diet, it surely will make you fit and healthy.


I just dropped 7kg. in 2 months. I have 3 more kgs. to go to reach my target weight (88 kg. at 1.88m. height). This is how I did it:

  1. Quit a high stress job I had for the last ten years.
  2. Decided to get a grip on my nutrition. After doing a bit of research and experimenting (low carb diet, Warrior diet, Zone etc.) I decided on an old fashioned approach: three healthy meals a day, very little food in between, eat a lot of veggies, chicken, fish and maintain a [I]slight[/I] caloric deficit. No junk food, no crap.
  3. Exercise: mostly high intensity circuit training - kettlebells and bodyweight. Also a bit of jogging a couple of times a week. I also got interested in yoga in order to improve my flexibility. It has also given me a sense of well being.
    I don’t, however, think that yoga really helped in weight loss.


[QUOTE=Pluv;21775]I was wondering the other day if yoga is a good form of weight loss…I have been doing it for several months now, but havent noticed much difference…can anyone elaborate on this topic?


I’ve lost over 40 lbs since I started yoga. I worked out 4 days a week(Weights) and took a couple classes a week but was maintaining my then current weight. I added yoga to my routine and ended up cutting back the weights to 2x a week. Yoga seems to have given me the discipline to eat better which I have been doing. Yoga has also allowed me to feel good enough to run again. So now I practice yoga 3-4x a week, lift weights 2x cardio kick box 1x and run 3-4x a week. A pretty heavy schedule but this routine along with healthy eating has resulted in a over 40lbs weight loss.
As I stated earlier I feel my yoga practice has given me the discipline to eat better and spend more time on myself instead of wasting time in front of the TV.


its true that yoga is good for mind and gives peace but is also beneficial for our body, loosing weight as yoga includes different posters and exercises. just proper amount of diet is needed with that.


Yes, yoga is very good for losing weight specially the Calgary yoga and the bikram yoga. I was having too much weight but from when i started doing Calgary yoga my weight decreases.


I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years. It took me 10 years to really understand how to lose weight. I believe the key to weight loss is mental. Once you really understand what holds you back, the yoga will speed up the weight loss process. Read books by John Sarno.


Yes of course, yoga helps to keep the body and mind fit and healthy. It helps to relieve us from stress. One of my relative used to loose the weight by doing the yoga regularly.


Definitely Yoga plays a big role in losing body weight. In fact through yoga you will not only lose weight but in a healthy and safe way.
Try TO DO YOGA IN EMPTY STOMACH and make it a daily routine and have patience.


yoga helps to keep the body and mind fit and healthy


Is yoga best for lose weight any body gave me some suggestion?


Although I am one of the lucky ones who has never had a weight issue, I am now entering my second year of my fifties, and in order to maintain that ‘luck’ I eat often in moderate helpings and exercise rigorously many times a week. Part of that exercise routine includes asanas, which has the added benefit of clarifying my mind as well as my body.


Doing at least ten rounds of surya namskaras every day should help you lose weight. Also, if you do the full range of postures - inversions, backbends, forward bends, twists, balances, standing, etc they will impact on your metabolism, your glands, your organs, etc to change the way you eat and process food.