Is yoga right for me?


I honestly have never tried it and do not know much yoga/meditation etc.

I guess I'm just looking for reasons to get into it and what it really does for you?



I believe that there are many reasons to practice yoga but they are all based on the individual and at what stage of their life they are at. For me yoga was a way to integrate my body into my meditation routine. Meditation is great but yoga can be seen as a integrated movement based meditation. These two practices can be used together to form a body mind practice. They complement each other. Gotta go. Yoga is great. If it's not for you you will know.


Hello U-Gav!

Yoga is a practice, much like going to the gym, or learning math. It takes practice. But from MY point of view, and through a lot of my students, it's a way to give you a strong mind AND body. While you practice Yoga you balance out the stress and anxiety in your life, and it gives you a calmer, happier day, and more productive day, so try it! You have absolutely nothing to lose, only something to gain. Even if you wont like it, you will grow a little bit as a human.

My Regards

-Joel Rox


It improves my muscle flexibility and strength, help me slash the stress, improves my eating routines and I can write loads of other positives because I simply love it. The most important is that it makes me a happy person as a whole.


Dear U-Gav,
I began practicing yoga for a fitness porpouse. Then I noticed how yoga was helping me in breathing, concentration, and know more about me, not just physical but mental too. In my worst moment, returning to practice yoga guided me to recover my self-confident and view the way with acceptance. Thought I am not a religious person I realized yoga was healing my spirit/inside. But my better experience was when my son started to practice yoga with me. I saw the benefits yoga was on him improving his attention, respect, empathy, and self-control. One year later I studied a yoga for kids formation and I like to teach other children because I think moral values are really important nowadays.


I think Yoga is made for everybody. It's just that you have to choose a type of Yoga which is matching with your personality. It can be intense, peaceful, restorative... You don't even need a clear purpose. Yoga is helping in so many areas in my life that I can say it became a purpose itself to practice. Yoga is Life. You def won't regret to join !


There are many reasons to practice yoga but it depends on your interest. If you are really interested in doing yoga & meditation then first, you have to know about the yoga basics and principles. Yoga word is about meditation, spirituality, and physical poses. It improves your strength, muscles flexibility and relax your mind.

Learn how to prepare yourself before starting professional yoga lessons.

Further, if you feel like learning yoga and becoming a teacher, then you can join Yoga Teacher Training course. Joining a professional course will introduce you to the depth of yoga.
best of luck!