Kechari Happening from Talabia


Hello all I am very pleased to announce that yesterday was my first real experience of Kechari, even though it only lasted a few moments.

From my posts anyone looking will discover I only practice Kriya Yoga. Kechari is a fundamental part of the practice regardless of what second hand naysayers with no progress or experience will tell you.

Kriya can be practiced without true Kechari by pushing up on the Soft pallet with the tongue. It can also be practiced touching the tip of the tongue to the Uvula.

This is Ho Hum Practice by comparrison to when finally can finally get the tongue up behind the soft pallet.

Tru Kechari which is where the tongue goes behind the soft pallet and up into the Nasal Pharynx seems on first blush to be a disgusting idea.

The first time I read about it I thought the person writing was insane as Yogananda did not teach it at all in my experience at the time.

I first read about it on Yogani’s AYP forums there is a group there that have purposely clipped their lingual frenulum thats the tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. They have clipped it a little at a time to loosen the tongue to perform Kechari.

Lahiri Mahasaya expressly forbid this and when a student of his did this and showed up he stated he could not look at his face as it was disgusting to him and demanded he leave his home.

Later I have discovered that this severing of the Lingual Frenulum also severs nerves required to make the practice effective.

So by practicing Kriya Yoga as I have been initiated in and taught in person from S.A. of KYI has led to this new development. I have also been practicing Exercises which help condition the tongue and connective tissues under it. These exercises I learned from Ennio Nimis and have discussed this with him in detail.

It seems to me many are very hesitant to speak of Kechari I guess they feel it is too personal or something so I have not read much on the subject that has not been rehashed to death. Others write that without practicing it you can not understand it. I agree and disagree if others had not written or spoke of it how would I come to know of it?

To know the true experience is to practice it. BUt I will do my best to describe the initial phases which is where I am now.

So I will share what I have experienced thus far and throw some light on this hopefully.

End of 1st long post to be continued…


Full instructions on the beginning exercises may be found at the following links with a great description by Ennio Nimis.

The exercises do work. Caution though break into it slowly or you will make your tongue sore.

Ok so why Does anyone want to perform Kechari in the first place?

Well by itself sticking ones tongue up in ones head is to say the least an odd thing to do.

So we must take it into the context of serious yoga sadhana. I will only speak of the Yoga which I practice and that is Kriya. I encourage those wishing to practice kriya Yoga to learn it from

Part of Kriya Yoga is controlling the mind by controlling the life force the techniques work directly with the life force. There are different names for this and different types etc. So I will just be general about this and call it life force or energy.

The practice of Kechari in conjunction with Kriya Yoga Sadhana closes a circuit to different degrees depending on how far one can extend there tongue up into their nasal pharynx and make contact with the structures contained therein.

I have read where some think it creates a short circuit in the brain which is just silly a short occurs when there is a live connection to ground and no resistance or a device like a motor present in-between to make use of the electricity that flows in a circuit, so you have a condition where electrons flow un resisted straight to a ground and this can burn and melt the wire connecting the two ends of the circuit.

[I]( The physical body and subtle bodies have to be conditioned through Kriya Yoga Sadhana or similar process to be able work with the forces encountered though and this is a process but not impossible, The process is one of Self Realization[/I] ( Meaning you need to Realize the Self for your Self) [I]which begins with practicing a time honed method and witnessing what comes of it this begets Awarness, Awareness begets understanding, understanding begets focus, focus begets control. Control begets experiences, experiences begets intuition. Intuition leads one to correct practice which leads to a repeat of the afore described cycle. )[/I]

This is not what occurs. The Circuit is the nadis and specifically the sushumna this energy one can feel and perceive in many different ways IE: Light, Vibration, Electricity, Magnetic Waves, Pressures and Sound. is occurring on many different levels all at once.

Awareness or self realization allows through the practice of Kriya Yoga the ability to more completely be aware of these different levels and the interactions occurring.

Having described this one has to take my word for it when I say the Chakras do exist.

This I know from direct experience not reading a book.

So these Chakras which you can read up more on elsewhere are centers that interact with this circuit I am describing and they are the distribution points that this energy interacts with.

This energy is not dumb force, this energy is the very thing which animates the body you live in and as such it is intelligent or perhaps I should say a medium intelligence works through even as sound require an atmosphere to be heard.

So what is the experience of the interaction of this energy or life force with the Chakras feel like how does it express itself?

Simply put there are many ways I have experienced this. I have felt the Chakras in the spine first as points of pressure by focusing on there location, this in turn will make the Chakra bloom and expand with a feeling of electricity which then becomes a feeling of a magnetic field which then becomes a strong vibration which produces vibration which can be felt in the physical body as surly as if a vibrating object touched you but it is an all pervading vibration from the inside out sound and then light.

I have experienced when focusing on one center another center often from the Medulla the heart center or the Naval center will of it own accord activate strongly and energy will flow from that center to the on I am focusing on which in turn becomes enlivened or activated as well, this is one of the things I mean when I say the energy of life is intelligent and knows where it needs to flow from.

I have experienced where 1 or two of the Chakras are vibrating together and overlapping producing all of the above mentioned phenomenon at once and I have experienced where all of them are vibrating from Perineum to Crown. During this I have experienced when the tongue of it’s own accord is drawn and pushed at the same time by an involuntary desire to make contact with what is above and behind the soft pallet takes place.

When all are active at once the sheer joy and bliss is not describable breath is suspended not held at all and quite simply the awareness is no longer just physically body centered but you become aware of the subtle bodies that are always present as a reality not just a concept.

Here is a stage where there is no thought in mind and it is an incredibly active state of being.

Many things are going on on many levels and this leads to inspiration in practice and you automatically find yourself performing certain inner work.

At a certain point only experience will allow you to realize what I am describing and words will fail. My words are failing now.

Next What happens when Kechari at it’s different levels is employed as I have experienced it thus-far 201-09-21


In the beginning I would Place the tongue folded backwards and could just touch the tip to the edge of the soft pallet with my tongue.

In fact until I read Enio Nimis Book I always discounted this practice. I started doing it along with the exercises to condition the tongue at first it was a real pain and I preferred not to.

Later after being initiated by KYI they teach the Kechari position and state that in time the tongue will go up on it’s own.

As time went on I was finally able to push up on the Soft pallet and got some incredible experiences from that. Imagine being in meditation and the next thing you realize is that a better energy connection has just been made and energy starts flowing through the spinal centers and sushumna at a better rate than ever before and unobstructed, powerful, sweet and perfect and the Chakras activate all at once and you stop breathing after some time passes this subsides and you realize that as a male certain gender specific anatomy has also been made activated in a very strong way.

Then as more time passes and I practiced my Sadhana multiple times per day that the gender specific physical phenomena still occurs but ones attitude towards that organ or limb if you will becomes that of it being nothing different than lets say your arm for example.

Outer experience gives way to deeper inner experience and the joys felt within become finer more refined and exquisite than any physical activity may provide a side effect of this is natural celibacy and the desire to practice sadhana.

More time has passed and the flexibility of the tongue and the connective tissues underneath it have increased. This in turn allows the tongue to push further up on the soft pallet which now is also becoming more pliable due to repeated visits from the tongue in meditation and is becoming voluntarily yielding during meditation yet is still preventing the circuit from being complete yet acting as a resistor in a circuit preventing greater flow.

More time and practice of daily Sadhana take place and the Soft Pallet has become more like a welcoming sheath that at times wraps itself around the hard probing tongue and is drawing it upwards and welcoming it in a lovers embrace, wrapping around it and upwards at times now the uvula has begun to pulse, and spasm and moves against the tongue as if attempting to get in front of it which is the bottom of the tongue many juices flow requiring swallowing at times.

To expand on this not only is the tongue drawn upwards in an attempt to make contact with that which is behind and above the soft pallet but the uvula pulses back and forth rubbing against the tongue making and breaking contact as if it is attempting to aid the tongue and wrap the soft pallet around it and give it permission for entry. I have no control of the uvula it does this on its own in a welcoming gesture as a woman would welcome a man inside of her. I can stop the tongue at any time but choose to remain the observer in this.

Then there became the knowledge intuited by me that I was to take the two fingers of my left hand an aid the tongue in making contact behind the soft pallet while in meditation I followed this intuitive directive and the the tip of the tongue made contact with the back of the throat and immediately began taking an upwards track on its own. I felt a tremendous surge of energy and immediately entered the breathless state after the energy pierced and enlivened my base Chakra for some time as energy pure and sweet and refined and harmonious traversed the sushumna between the two opposite poles. It was only later that I realized I had gone completely internal at this point and was not aware of anything else.

Finally the time to inhale occurred after what seemed like all too brief of an eternity and I could not this caused a panic response in the body and brought me out of the deep inner state. I was not gasping at all or out of breath feeling this is important to note. I just pulled my fingers out of the way and allowed the tongue to move forewords which it wanted to anyway. ( perhaps another good reason not to clip? )

I composed myself and continued my practices and did not do this again until the prompting came to me to do so. This time I took things very slowly with my new found understanding and while practicing pranayama aided the tongue in finding it’s new home. So attention divided I held the tongue thusly without strain allowing the tongue and the soft pallet and the uvula eagerly welcoming it to get to know each other better and learn how to breath in this position.

Things I noticed are that the edges of the soft pallet on either side when stretched by tongue entry can become a little sore later on which is to be expected because my tongue has not limbered up enough not to pull strongly against the soft pallet. The other thing is the descending breath is much hotter than we normally can know and it was not until I felt it along the length of my tongue that I finally understood the warm breath going down the cool breath coming up certain schools emphasize during practice.

Furthermore this Mudra creates the Ujjay method of breathing as a side effect.

After some few day of inner prompting at different times in sadhana I would aid the tongue into position.

The resulting improvement in energy flows and ability to perform Pranayama and enter into completely indescribable in words sates of being has made me a firm believer in the need for this mudra.

Then during one period of practice yesterday in this aided position it came to me to allow the tongue to remain where it was with out help.

To my great surprise the tip of my tongue was able to stay behind the soft pallet unaided for the first time for a period of time as I practiced my sadhana and experienced utter calmness and unrestricted energy flows sweet and serene and powerful yet balanced and wholly perfect in crystal clarity while in the breathless state which occurred with both greater frequency and duration while practicing pranayama.

Then the tip of my tongue slipped out eventually and I was disappointed as the circuit became less completed yet was still in contact with the back wall of the throat and the uvula. I continued like this for some time. I intuited not to place the tongue back in that position for a few days at that moment and knew much inner work had been done and now needed to be assimilated.

These have been my experiences with Kechari thus far as of 2012-09-21 For some reason I felt a great prompting to share all of this. Perhaps it is so that I will better understand what I have experienced as well as answer someone else’s question who has been seeking answers as I have found does happen from time to time.

I will update this thread as Kechari improves and progresses I see no reason to keep this shrouded in mystery and confusion. I hope this has been informative and welcome questions.


Hi Seeking, and thank you for sharing your experience with this mudra.
For my part, I did have a couple of surgeries.
One, to cut the lingual frenulum, and the second one, to split my tongue.
With some stretching, I can now straighten and lift my tongue very high up, thus conducting better the kundalini towards the pituatary (the tip of my tongue is much closer to it).
On the other hand, it is very helpful to be able to massage the base of my nostrils, giving me a pleasant sensation and massaging the brain (if I may say so) by transmitting the sensation (a very strong one) to it.



It is very nice of you to have shared your experience and promise to continue doing it. Hope, a few words of advice may be taken well. (At 62, I am possibly senior to you)

For the benefit of some of the new-comers to the forum and a few others anxious for quick results, you may kindly make them aware of your patient and persistent efforts. If your detailed sharing comes with warnings, it will be far more useful.

First, Khechari is advanced. In fact, Kriya Yoga is not a path for the beginners. Secondly, each individual is endowed with different physique, mindset, will power, environment, DNA and so on, So, one may learn from what you describe, but may not copy the same. Thirdly, our tongue is designed to slump over the wind pipe for a physical reason; but that becomes an obstacle for sushumna flow and khechari makes the heavy tongue flexible at will. However, this happens only at the physical level. The stretch, new blocking at the soft pallet helps the subtle movement of nadi currents that to an extent rewire and remap the brain around thalamus. The point is, khechari helps, but does not create prana circulation. So, pranayama has still to build the main system, which khechari improves.


I had my lingual frenulum surgically removed with a laser by a man from India name Mahavir. He was obviously named after Mahavira which I thought was really cool. He removed the entire thing and went deep, it was like a cave under my tongue since he knew why I was doing it. The irony is I still cant do kechari mudra lmao.


[QUOTE=Suhas Tambe;78053]Seeking,

It is very nice of you to have shared your experience and promise to continue doing it. Hope, a few words of advice may be taken well. (At 62, I am possibly senior to you)

For the benefit of some of the new-comers to the forum and a few others anxious for quick results, you may kindly make them aware of your patient and persistent efforts. If your detailed sharing comes with warnings, it will be far more useful.

First, Khechari is advanced. In fact, Kriya Yoga is not a path for the beginners. Secondly, each individual is endowed with different physique, mindset, will power, environment, DNA and so on, So, one may learn from what you describe, but may not copy the same. Thirdly, our tongue is designed to slump over the wind pipe for a physical reason; but that becomes an obstacle for sushumna flow and khechari makes the heavy tongue flexible at will. However, this happens only at the physical level. The stretch, new blocking at the soft pallet helps the subtle movement of nadi currents that to an extent rewire and remap the brain around thalamus. The point is, khechari helps, but does not create prana circulation. So, pranayama has still to build the main system, which khechari improves.[/QUOTE]

What I have been taught and following inner guidance. Yes you are my senior and everything you write is both wise and true.

Everyone should listen to what this person has said they speak truly I am just sharing and please take it in that context. I am sharing because I think there may be some interest for others how it goes from the start.


Please understand I am not trying to teach or sell anything. I am initiated in person into Kriya Yoga by an authentic lineage. I do have a deep heart felt connection to God and Lahiri Mahasaya. Without these three things I would not dare do what I am describing.

There are enough cautionary warnings out there for me to believe the things being said.

To me Kriya is something I was born doing I just did not know I was doing anything special until later. People interested in Kriya Yoga should take initiation and learn from an authorized person only if you feel the inner prompting to do so. Books are not enough, internet lessons are not enough. Initiation must be had it makes all the difference.

If Kriya Yoga is advanced as people write, ok that’s nice for me it is just for me to do.

I can only speak from my own actual experience and for me it just is my time to do this thing. Babies walk when they are ready and know when this is.

I as a spiritual infant am taking to my legs even now. I am sharing my first stumbling steps of Kechari so others may have an idea of what it is like when they start taking to their legs and walking.

This morning practice of Kriya went very well but I was suffused with disappointment over the lack of connectivity without Kechari.

Knowing the difference now makes Kriya without Kechari seem like the very circuit I am working with is not operating as cleanly as it should, it is not the same anymore not as deeply satisfying not as right feeling as it should be, not as effortless as I know it can be the mind is not in the still silent point as much as it can be even though it is silent it is a shallow silence that lacks depth and silent resonance.

As an analogy:

If the spine and sushumna are a conductor when Kechari is done it becomes like a super cooled superconductor where the electrons no longer bump into copper atoms in a high tension line creating heat and resistance. Zero resistance means zero energy loss. So it is in physics so it is here.

I had intended to rest from anymore Kechari attempts today and perhaps start up again tomorrow.

I always pray to God And Lahiri Mahasaya asking for guidance in my practice and do my very best to be aware of inner promptings. I also ask for authorization, permission and protection from my own ignorance to practice such sacred things.

During my Practice of Kriya Pranayama it came to me to aid the tongue into position.

The best way I can put this Is I felt the persona the presence of Yogiraj giving permission to do this, so I did.

Tentatively at first I placed the tip of my tongue to the back of my throat while practicing Pranayama I felt a circuit becoming better established. The area of the soft pallet felt tight the Uvula was in the way. So I practiced like this until I had to swallow.

I resumed practice and guided the tongue into position gently until it touched the back of the throat I established stable breathing and became relaxed and comfortable while practicing this pranayama this way.

I was following the movements so pure and nice in the spine and it happened my tongue slid up as the soft pallet opened and and welcomed it in all the way to the root of my tongue.

The circuit became so nice so clean so unrestricted so peaceful so home coming so right I became immediately internalized.

I began analyzing this new happening immediately. The first thing I noticed is there was no pain zero none at all. In fact the strain on my tongue and the soft pallet was removed.

To clarify when in deep Kriya Practice the tongue would push forcefully against the soft pallet which would make the underside of the tongue ache. One time it happened so forcefully in the beginning the string twanged and a small piece on the very outer edge when stretched tight did tear but I am talking about an area perhaps a millimeter or less long by a 1/4 of a millimeter long it that deep just enough to run a finger nail along the edge of the tendon and feel a small dip when stretched tight but at the time felt like 12 inches worth.

So now with the tongue behind the soft pallet the edge of the soft pallet at the base of the tongue. The soft pallet became the very thing that was holding my tongue in place without effort everything was just fitting very nicely like it always belonged in this position so much so I did not even think it odd at all.

Everything was just comfortable surprisingly so no straining of the tongue even though it wanted to continue even further up on its own now that nothing was in it’s way. The soft pallet though holding this tongue did not strain pull tear or ache in any way.

Breathing was incredibly free more free flowing in fact than with the tongue not being there. At no time was there a sense of my tongue being a foreign invader or that I was hurting this body in any way. Absolutely incredible in retrospect.

I was experiencing such a nice flow of awareness I was reluctant to explore anymore so I just followed my inner promptings and explored while just breathing just being there.

I discovered that breathing was completely free and unrestricted. I could feel the incoming and outgoing breath on my tongue before anywhere else. I was a little surprised to discover that it felt like my tongue was in a huge cavernous area I guess it is just not long enough yet to touch. I could however get the tongue to curve foreword to touch the floor of the Soft pallet with the bottom of my tongue but felt like what I had accomplished was enough for now.

I left the tongue in the Kechari position and removed my hand from my mouth it was no longer needed and everything was very comfortable so I went back to practicing Kriya Pranayama with wonderful results.

Then I had to swallow and was pleasantly surprised to discover the tongue slid out nicely and resumed it’s normal position and just swallowed. I then sat in silence for some time feeling the after poise of Kriya practice until the inner prompting came again to aid the tongue into position which I did once again this time becoming consciously aware of what was needed to do so.

The tongue slid up into position and the circuit completed again just as surly as flipping a light switch. I practiced this several more times as swallowing occurred until I felt I had the new mechanics down and inner prompting told me this was enough for now.

This mornings practice has marked a stepping stone in my practice. I will update this as things progress.


Update:As the day progressed on Monday the 24th yesterday I noticed that my throat down into the front of the neck around the adams apple area on either side felt unusual. The bottom of my tongue where the frenulum attaches to the base or floor of the mouth also became a bit sore. No tears just stinging when folded back or extended. I have noticed an increased production in saliva both yesterday and today.

Knowing that the mornings practice of Kriya with Kechari was the source the solution is simple I will take a few days off from any form of Talabya and Kechari and let the body adapt to the stresses I put on it.

This is easier said than done as the tongue wants to enter into Kechari on it’s own.

So the exact feeling in the throat is a feeling of a stretch not painful not stinging or sore at all just like the material that makes it up has been stretched in a way it is not accustomed to. There is a fuzzy sensation not quite a tickle.

The feeling under the tongue is a bit painful when I fold the tongue back but swiftly disappears. This is still a strained condition so rest is the order of the day.

This morning 2012-09-25 Practiced Kriya Yoga with the tongue in the relaxed every day position. The difference is remarkably noteworthy.

1.The energy cascades are still present and occurring but more diffused not as centrally located in the spine. This is in comparison with partial Kechari of the tongue being allowed to push upwards and back on the soft pallet. Kechari behind the Soft pallet with the tongue buried to the hilt, base, that is the floor of the mouth is superior to either of these positions.

  1. The mind is not as calm and quiet which required more gentle focus and bringing the focus back on track more frequently.

  2. The tongue tried to get away from me before I stopped it at the soft pallet and focused on it to relax into the normal every day position. I can see this is going to be a bit of a problem until the tissues are fully healed and ready to be subjected to the stress of kechari again.

  3. The energy flow is greatly constricted by comparison with even partial Kechari Mudra let alone up behind the soft pallet. The sensation can best be described in an analogy:

Analogy: energy flowing in an elastic hose from on end to another when the hose is open the flow is continuous and smooth but when there is a restriction along the way or at at the end pressure builds up. Once enough has built up the energy reaches a high state of vibration and cascades and flows back into the body in a way that feels good but this is just a poor cousin by comparison to the travels in the sushumna.

5 Observation the Chakras also offer more resistance or so it seems but I have come to the understanding that the Chakras have always been active and open it is just that one has to be within the sushumna to flow awareness through them unimpeded other wise the energy is not running so much in the center but along the outer walls=, or another circuit.

Conclusion Kechari Mudra not only connects a circuit but in doing so automatically shifts the Prana energy into the center of the sushumna which as far as I can tell has always been open and did not need opened. I just needed to screw the hose onto the faucet or hose bib to get the water to flow into the hose rather than just holding the hose close to the connection.

Yesterday afternoon after work I went home and was extremely tired I have noticed this occurs when I have had a very powerful session of Kriya and follows a new break through in Sadahana. What I have learned from this is that the physical body and the nervous system are adapting to the changes that are happening and the meat suit is always the slowest of the vehicles to change so it requires rest and sleep to do so.

So knowing this I held off performing any further Kriya practices for the day and threw the dog a bone and let it sleep. In the past I have decided to be forceful and push past the warning signs of the need for the physical body to rest.

Playing at heroic measures is a fools game all I wound up doing was making the body more tired which aggravated the mind and made the emotions run hot near the surface and very raw. I had to suffer this it is not pleasant nor did anyone enjoy my company that’s for sure.

I add this in as a cautionary tail due to a reply on this thread that the person thought it wise I also share the precautions surrounding Kechari.

A little background As I wrote way back in the an earlier post Kechari is something that I discovered twice and began practicing preparatory exercises from Ennios book. This allowed me to comfortably hold the initial positions of the tongue while practicing Kriya Yoga.

Heed my warnings. I have learned too.

A little more background I was initiated into Kriya Yoga back in 1990 from SRF and later CSA Roy Eugene Davis around I guess 1992 or so. I did not practice for over 20 years! I never felt authorized or properly initiated to do so and always knew my time would come later in life.

Many years passed I had absolutely nothing to do with Yoga or Kriya. Then a remarkable thing occurred. which is very special and will not be believed so I am hesitant to write it other than in a very broad brush stroke saying I was made to know that the time to begin again was now by Lahiri Mahasaya. Believe it or not it’s up to you. I was there. This was the end of May 2012.

I was not really to wild about the idea but after such an incredible happening I dared not ignore what had happened so I broke out the old SRF Lessons and started again.

I felt this was not right at least not for me so I began re-searching this more I knew of Shibendu Lahiri and made arrangements to become initiated through him. Just after this I discovered Ennio Nimis’ site and his book. Many things happened swiftly allot of it can be read here on this site if anyone is interested.

So I wound up being drawn away from Shibendu and towards KYI with a few bumps along the way during this time between the end of May to the end of July I did allot of praying for guidance to both God and Lahiri Mahasaya and kept my eyes and ears wide open. This was a very difficult period of my life but I forged ahead.

I was initiated into Kriya for the third time by Swami Atmavidyananda Giri at the end of July of this year and this time it was a profound difference. I can honestly say the experience was one of the most beautiful and Holy of my entire life.

Since that day my practice of Kriya Yoga Changed not only by the different way it is taught but the depth and understanding and I have gone through many changes since.

So total work to achieve my small attainment of Kechari has only been just at the 3 month mark. I have read many people take years to get here, I knew from the start that would not be my case because of the rapid development I encountered from the very start.

I can not speak for anyone other than myself but I do believe in reincarnation. I must have done this in a former life because so many new things keep happening and seem so familiar and just feels like coming home at long, long last. So I can only assume I did my heavy lifting in a previous life as I have not in this one yet the experiences flow and there are things I know that I can not know yet do.

This last part I added to answer a reply that assumed that I had a long difficult struggle to get here at this point of Kriya Practice and Kechari.

The honest truth of the matter is when I was in my late teens to mid 20’s I did my best to practice Kriya but the feeling was one of you are not ready yet, you are not properly authorized access denied. So I did not.

Now I am likely 1/2 way through my life and everything is coming very easily for the most part.

I have largely become a witness to the process not demanding or expecting just participating in a scheduled disciplined manner. I practice getting out of my own way and letting God and Guru lead the way and do the work.

A very big part of this is knowing when it is time to rest and let the body catch up.

To be continued…


Today is Wednesday September 26th 2012. Yesterday the 25th was interesting. I wound up getting in 3 hours of Kriya Yoga maybe a little more in 3 seperate sessions as work and family life allow.

Lunchtime session made me break my conviction not to practice Kechari the memories of it are very strong and the desire to perform it is overwhelming at times.

I caved in and performed it and thought let the tissue soreness be damned. Everything went well and then of its own accord my tongue removed itself and when I went to re insert it I discovered that there was resistance to this act that was a little painful so I stopped realizing that the permission was not being granted so it was incorrect to enter where unwelcome.

Just to be safe I took a couple of advils and went back to work.

To my surprise there was no soreness in the throat or feeling of strain in the throat at all, not even that evening when the Advil wore off or today as I type this.

Later that day after work I entered into my third practice of Kriya yoga for the day.

I decided that I really needed to quit being enticed to perform Kechari and just let things rest so I did… Somewhat. Energy flows were very strong and have been markedly different since my first experience of Kechari, something is going on.

Inner promptings of intuition are coming to me and I am learning deeper ways of performing Kriyas and new asanas are coming of their own accord. For example I discovered how to get into Siddhasana by just following the desire of the energy flowing in me and moving the body in accordance with it. This has become my new seat.

I attempted to just keep the tongue flat in my mouth but all it took was one moment of inattention and the next thing I know I found it pressing up into the soft pallet so I decided to just let it as this is obviously happening because it is time to, it needs to and the time is right for it to do this.

Still the tongue is sore later if i extend it out of my mouth or decide to roll it back on my own but not during practice when it comes on it’s own. Oddly not while I am performing Kriya Yoga, I will catch a twinge which alerts me that the darn thing is off on it’s own tangent but then nothing no pain at all and the completion of the circuit is so wonderful I do not want to make it lay down again and don’t.

I am fairly certain If I never aid it into position again this will cause the tongue to lengthen on it own and enter into kechari without gentle aid.

Gargeling and swishing salt water came to mind yesterday and I started doing that last night and this morning.

This morning Kriya Practice Was very much the same as yesterday’s early evening sitting.

The tongue again went where it wanted how it wanted, the only visual sign I have is I now have what appears to be 2 notches in the lingual frenulum. These are towards the tip of the tongue. They are not bloody or cuts just areas that are sore to the touch and no longer follow the smooth line of the rest of the frenulum when taunt instead these areas are depressed and it appears the one that happened a couple of months ago is increasing in length

This has to be a result of the tongue’s continuous demands to press upwards while in Kriya Pranayama and afterwards. I have in no way done anything that would cut these areas or sawed the areas across my teeth.

To be continued…


Today is Thursday 2012-09-27. I managed to keep from inserting my tongue behind the soft pallet but in a moment of inattention my tongue got away from me yesterday afternoon and went pushing upwards.

Yesterday I used a salt water mix 3 times and my throat feels fine but the tongue is still a little sore. In both Sessions today I was able to keep my tongue in place for the most part I managed to catch it again before it could head north.

So more salt water rinses today and my tongue is feeling much better. This mornings Session was phenomenal, Lunch time was ok but having to return to work is a real drag I need much more time.

System seems to be rewired somehow after the first full tongue buried to the hilt Kechari incident. Even without going into Kechari the energy flows experienced are much stronger.

That’s all for now.

To be Continued…


Why kriya yoga is considered advanced? Kriya means actions. In Yoga context kriya means ‘desirable actions towards enlightenment’. The actions are directed by prana energy and happen on the physical level through a balanced secretion of appropriate glands, on the astral, under control by respective subtle chakras and on the causal, energized by the subtlest prana. Hence, kriya yoga is about nurturing and deploying prana energy.

Like Karma, each one of us also carry a spiritual legacy which takes over once karmic debts are done. The spiritual legacy is recognized by the beholder or his able guru. The challenge comes from the fact that this legacy is activated only when the karmic portion of material life is first lived. While living this part (except for the guru) neither the person nor the near & dear have a scent of what’s coming.

One way of recognizing the legacy is how quickly and easily one progresses once on the path. The pratyahara state is the guidepost. Those who can reach this state quickly don’t need to stay engaged with elaborate routines of asana and the breathing-based pranayama. They can easily concentrate on the three demanding niyamas
1/ fiery aspiration that is dispassionate passion (towards yoga)
2/ a loving surrender to Ishvara that needs a silenced ego and
3/ spiritual reading that figuratively means an insightful ability to look beyond the appearance.

These niyamas are interestingly in part earned through practice but a good part bestowd upon. These people develop an instant insight to experience the commonality of all objects by seeing the play of purusha & prakriti, as opposed to an ego-prompted world of the “self and th rest”. Then spiritual reading happens They close the eyes, and pratyahara happens. That’s the sign of spiritual legacy.

Kriya is a part of Raja Yoga. To put it in the right perspective, those who follow 8-fold path, eventually reach kriya yoga phase before achieving pratyahara. Legacy only takes you to the highway more quickly.


Sunday 2012/09/30 Kechari is much improved today and I can see it will keep getting easier to do from here on out.

A kind hearted person has made it apparent to me that I have been getting excited about every little feeling and it is true I have.

This made me feel pretty not right so I am closing this running dialogue here. the final things I have to say is this.

I have not cut my tongue. I do not think anyone else should either. The other thing is this I think it probably just comes to everyone eventually.


[QUOTE=Seeking;78272]Sunday 2012/09/30 Kechari is much improved today and I can see it will keep getting easier to do from here on out.

A kind hearted person has made it apparent to me that I have been getting excited about every little feeling and it is true I have.

This made me feel pretty not right so I am closing this running dialogue here. the final things I have to say is this.

I have not cut my tongue. [B]I do not think anyone else should either.[/B] The other thing is this I think it probably just comes to everyone eventually.[/QUOTE]
Why not?


[QUOTE=Connected;78274]Why not?[/QUOTE]

I guess you mean why not cut the tongue?

  1. The tradition I follow strictly forbids it.
  2. Speaking for myself only as I can not for another my progress in Kechari is happening remarkably fast without cutting anything. For example just this morning I was able to perforn most of my practices in full kechari with only very minor discomfort and was able to just touch with the tip of my tongue the center bone between the two nostrils from the backside or at least I think that is what it is.

So I think the ability to perform Kechari by placing the tongue deeper will come at it’s own pace which for me has been very swift.


you could try to grab the tongue with your fingers so that you can stretch it even more. Why dont you try it


[QUOTE=fakeyogis;78309]you could try to grab the tongue with your fingers so that you can stretch it even more. Why dont you try it[/QUOTE]

i just might one day but the way it’s progressing, there might not be any need I am solidly touching the back of the nostrils as of today and when the tip touches the middle bone there is a very strong connection that causes a sensation of electric at the tip of the tongue and set up a resonace of vibration in the kuthastha region and other Chakras in the head as well as the brain.

Pranayama takes place on it’s own and the heart slows and the breathless state happens. energy can be felt in the tongue flowing foreward to connect.

Right now I have enough to mature into and become capable of sustaining this experience So I am in nu hurry this is quite enough for now.

As it was today the tongue found its way and slid foreward effortlessly to make this connection once inserted. when I knew from my inner guidance I had experienced the right amount to make progress and any more would be over doing it. I removed the tongue it was so comfortable that I was amazed by how much and how deep it was. I did not think my skull so formed on the inside or the tongue so long. It sure does not look long, but the sensation was that of my tongue being very long and taking a long time to slide out of a long tunnel.

Anyway it was hard to disconnect I did not want to but knew I should and had to. So I did after a little while the tongue wanted back in and just about went on its own without a gentle push from one finger.

Well I thought I was through writing on this I guess not. As long as people want to participate with this thread I might as well share it helps me better reflect and understand these experiences. I do feel a change happening in myself. I just pray for guidance to God and Lahiri Mahasaya. I ask for guidance authority to practice permission to do so and most of all not to be allowed to do more than I can safely handle or grow correctly from.


updates to my experiences can be found here.

I am pleased to say I was ablr to return to normal practice with full kechari today. Rewiring is going well no unwanted issues today.


I am glad to report things have calmed down Kechari has stabilized and is very comfortable. So nothing new to report after that rough patch I went through.


Update: I took Sunday off and sure enough the energy build up was present and has been with me all day today too. So mid day Kriya practice was done without kechari and staying away from the crown. The energy flows were extremely powerful but controllable.

The tongue tried to go up but I have decided it shall not until this weekend when I have more free time to deal with the possible after effects.

This morning driving to work a chant broke out of me from no where Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Rama Ram Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jay Ram Ram. No idea where it came from I must have heard it in the past at any rate it centered the energy into the Kutastha and the slight dizziness of the crown area getting too strong was relieved.

Does anyone here know what this chant or mantra is supposed to be about?

Ever since achieving Full kechari I have noticed that there is a constant vibration in my head the Medulla area Bindu fontanelle and kuthastha regions. I have to admit this is taking some getting used to. I suspect also that I no longer have a choice in the mater this is the way I will be from now on.

I also suspect that I will never be able to not practice Sadhana again either this is my life now for better or for worse. Something permanent has happened. I crossed a turning point and am only now aware it really happened.

It feels like I am on the verge of breaking through to something else.

More updates later towards the weekend. Kechari be prepared it is not what you think.