Kundalini and the Breathless State

I turned on my Kundalini and achieved the breathless state playing around with the Kriyas in Satyananda Saraswati’s book Kundalini Tantra. I then could achieve the breathless state (My diaphram no longer moves unless I want it to), by doing just about any form of Pranayama. About a month after my Kundalini awakening I started to notice that I no longer control the breathless state, it just happens all the time now.

The question I have is am I suppose to continue doing spinal breathing (Kriyas) or the 20 Kriyas in Satyananda’s book or should I just spend the time meditating in the breathless state?


The question is answerable. The answer is yes. When the true breathless state occurs this is when you enter the sushumna what you have been doing before depending what you are practicing in that big book may have magnetized the spine.

If you are purposely holding the breath you are asking to hurt yourself.

If the book is not giving the answers you seek may I respectfully suggest you stop reading and find a teacher? If that book appeals to you the organization it is sourced from is large and can be learned from directly.

When this happens to me in the middle of pranayama I honor the occurrence allow it to run its course and am aways in a state of knowing what to do and intuitively do it. When the body is ready to breath again I let it and continue where I left of in Pranayama.

When this occurs after Pranayama I follow it and intuitively know what to do, you do also so here is your verification quit doubting yourself.

Thank you for your response. Although I disagree with most of what you wrote, it allows me to expand on my experiences and my current thoughts.

I live in Panama City, Panama overlooking the ocean in one of the high rises. I started meditating about 4 months ago after reading Ennio’s book. I started doing internet searches on the some of the terms in his book that I knew were distinctive to Kriya Yoga and found that there are several different methods of obtaining enlightenment or God consciousness. The ones I focused on were Kriya Yoga (Yogananda), Kundalini Yoga (aypsite.org), and Kundalini Tantra (Satyananda Saraswati). Because I am not so far advanced in my studies, I thought I would study the pranayama techniques of all of them and then follow the path that I identified the most with.

Every time I tried to meditate, my overactive mind would take over and distract me so my meditations were not that deep. I resolved to spend just 20 minutes in the morning and night everyday practicing the pranayama and then a few minutes of meditation afterwards. I quickly began to enjoy these sessions and started looking forward to them because my mind was busy doing the various breathing techniques and so didn’t distract me with worldly thoughts or desires. I started having various experiences and enjoyed the time “feeling” my body and the effects of the pranayama.

One of the first pranayamas that I practiced in my life was breath of fire in my yoga class. The method I used is 100 to 200 forceful breaths and then relax in Siddhasana and Sambhavi Mudra holding my breath until my body told me it was time to start breathing again. A normal session that I began doing 4 months ago would start with Talabya Kriya, some breath of fire, alternate nostril breathing, Om’s in the chakras, spinal breathing (kriyas), basically I would go from one exercise to the next and if I felt good doing one thing I would stick with it. After a few weeks of doing some spinal breathing, I started feeling current. Experimenting, I then started doing a Satyananda Kriya that involves holding the breath and concentrating on Shambhavi Mudra, Kechari Mudra, and Mulabandha. I had to stop doing this because some force would pull my tongue to the back of my throat and gag me. I quickly realized that my frenulum was much longer than most people’s almost reaching to the tip of my tongue and that I was tongue tied. Doing this Kriya was activating something and trying to pull my tongue up into the nasal pharynx but because of my frenulum, my tongue was not going up. This caused my tongue to bunch up and the back of it was stimulating my gag reflex. A few days later I started doing a different Satyananda Kriya, an exhalation exercise that involved Maha Mudra. While retaining the breath outside the body I would focus on Nasakagra Mudra, Uddiyana Bandha and Mula Bhanda. By doing cycles focusing on different parts of the body, you don’t pay attention to the breath and it allows you to hold the breath a lot longer.

The first time I did this I realized that this is a very powerful exercise, I wonder what would happen if I combine this with my inhalation exercise of Shambhavi, Kechari, Mulabhanda. Which I did and then proceeded to do 3 cycles of them together – First exhale into Nas, Udd, and Moo; then inhale into Sham, Kech, and Moo. After three cycles of this during which I saw lights in my chakras, I thought that was really powerful and went into Siddhasana (I was always sitting in Siddhasana) and Shambhavi Mudra waiting for my body to tell me it is time to breath again.

I immediately heard what I thought at the time was a large Jet airplane flying extremely close to my building. The noise got louder and louder and I thought my god not only is that plane going to hit my building, it is going to hit my very floor! And WHOOSH, it sounded like it flew right over me. I thought that was weird for a plane to be flying so close – normally they fly a few miles out over the ocean and turn past where I can see them to land at Tocumen Airport. I was feeling a lot of bliss and didn’t even think to get up and look for the plane. I then started watching a boat out on the horizon. After it crossed my field of vision I realized that I was not breathing and had not breathed for about 15 to 20 minutes. I sat in the breathless state for another 20 minutes until I got up and nervously but with much elation paced around my condo for 30 minutes or so until I went back out onto my balcony to see if I could go breathless again. I then continued to do this until about 3 in the morning after going breathless 5 or 6 times.

I now know that there was no plane. The noise was something inside me turning on. The next day in my yoga class I noticed that I went breathless during a round of breath of fire and also in Shavasana at the end of class. When I got home, I did a simple round of breath of fire and immediately went breathless. I then realized that something had changed within my body and I no longer needed to do Maha Mudra or the sham, kech, moo Kriya to attain breathlessness. A few days later I realized that my body kept going into breathlessness on its own to finally not breathing at all. When I wake up in the morning, I am breathing. If I watch my diaphragm it will flutter for a few seconds and then stop within a minute or two of waking. If I walk up a hill or exercise (place a demand on my body for more oxygen), my diaphragm immediately kicks in and I start breathing. If I close off my nose with my fingers, my diaphragm will start moving. The breathless state to me doesn’t mean stopping all air from coming into the body, a subtle amount is coming in through my nose but it is not being pushed out or pulled in from the vacuum created by my diaphragm. I believe that my body is living off of more prana and less oxygen now that my kundalini is active.

Stopping the diaphragm is extremely important because your egoic thoughts (or life situation) is tied to the diaphragm. The ego needs time to exist – a past or a future. You are consciousness and exist only in the present moment. I have not read this in a book or been told this by anyone, I have experienced this. I don’t understand all of it yet but I know my thought patterns have completely changed since activating my kundalini – time no longer exists in my thoughts. The only thing that matters to me is this present moment.

My thoughts have slowed considerably giving me more space to enjoy the present moment and they are made up mostly of sensory perception. I no longer have an egoic mind telling me that I don’t want to do this, I would rather do something else when I meditate. Now my thoughts when I meditate compose of sensory perception – the ocean breeze is nice, I love the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, the birds are loud today, my knee hurts. I cannot go for more than a few hours without meditating for at least a few minutes because I get so much enjoyment and bliss from meditating.

That said I now know that my meditations are going to become even stronger when I reach Kechari stage 2 and can shut off my senses. Everyday I practice Talabya and cut my frenulum a little bit to reach this next milestone. I have read that you shouldn’t mutilate yourself to seek god but I believe that this is the blood of Christ. There is no difference to me of practicing Talabya Kriya and cutting your tongue with a razor – they are the same thing. One uses a razor, one uses your teeth the cut the frenulum

(Oxygen is like a fuel.
Without it, consciousness and the mind/brain will barley expand/grow, if at all.
Achieving a breathless state can have a number of uses, but more or less what it is representative of, is an extraordinarily low metabolism. Useful for hibernating for long periods of time without food or water… but not much else. Though, do not mistake a breathless state, for a breath with an extremely long pause.
Breath is life.)

The above statements you wrote are complete nonsense to me. I turned my kundalini on by shutting off my diaphragm. And again I can’t explain it but I have experienced it and I know that the egoic mind is somehow tied into the diaphragm. Also I am not mistaking long pauses in my breath with the breathless state. I can feel my diaphragm. I can feel that it is not moving and I also know that I have no urge or desire to make it move. I can breathe if I want but there is no need to do so.

I believe I took the shortcut to the state of breathlessness. You can meditate for years slowly controlling your thoughts and slowing down the breath to the point where is slows so much that your kundalini turns on. Or you can disrupt the flow of your diaphragm by doing various pranayama exercise that still it long enough to turn on your kundalini. This is what I believe I did – and I did not read this any where. I meditated on what is happening to me and this is the answer I was given.

(As far as your question, it’s not really answerable. )

Of course it is answerable. What I want to know is can I clear up my nadis, sushumna, and chakras quicker by doing pranayama exercises or meditating in the breathless state.

( If you have a desired mental/conscious state you are trying to reach, then you should be able to answer your own question)

I am trying to reach God Consciousness. And I would rather not have to reinvent the wheel and that is why I ask the question.

Seeking – I continue to do various pranayama exercises. The challenge I have is that in the Kumbhaka state of the pranayama exercises I do, I always go breathless now. And so I wonder if I’m suppose to stop doing the exercises and just meditate in the breathless state. Or will my Nadis, Sushumna, and Chakras be opened up quicker continuing with the exercises. My natural inclination is just to meditate in the breathless state because that is what my body keeps doing. I only practiced for 6 weeks before I went breathless and feel as if I know nothing about what I am experiencing.

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“Can I clear up my nadis, sushumna, and chakras quicker by doing pranayama exercises or meditating in the breathless state?”

From my experience, pranayam exercises are needed or necessary for clearing/cleansing. While meditation in the breathless state is peaceful and can be blissful it has not cleansed my nadis, sushumna, or chakras.

My understanding is the clearing/cleansing process is an ongoing process. Meditation in the breathless state is fine but will not cleanse.

First off extended periods of true breathlessness 20 minutes or more is remarkable and beyond my experience.

breathlessness for perhaps 5 minutes is not I have never timed myself as time looses meaning for me.

Extremly slow breathing is not. Kechari is a game changer and you need to be careful. I have achieved Kechari without cutting the tongue it is doable it took 3 months.

That frenulum in my experience helps you to be able to draw the tounge out of your head once is buried deep. Once the tongue is in the frenulum is not that big of a deal at all in fact it is more comfortable buried to the hilt than pressing up on the soft pallet.

FYI you may also be cutting nerves needed to make kechari really effective.

Kechari completes not just 1 but many circuits and I have already come clost to overloading what this meat suits nervous system can handle. It has necessatated 1 day off from Kriya practice. I feel great now very much in a good mood but the Physical is the slowest of our bodies to adapt.

I say slow down you are already doing fantastic Kechari will come from correct Talabya practice.

While in the breathless state if you are centered in sushumna try to feel what is going on in that central channel just be the witness at first. When you catch the movements do not fight resist or attemt to accelerate them or amplify them in any way observe and disolve in them become one with them. In this way you will gain understanding then you will be the one telling us what you did and how well it worked.

Another word on Kechari BE CAREFUL IT IS LIKE PLUGGING A LIVE WIRE INTO THE BRAIN. Kechari is many things but this can be one of them and you must have self dicipline and know when to break the connection bliss is hard to turn ones back on but bliss can lead to unhappiness later when you resume your daily life. BALANCE, CAUTION, DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE is needed you are already in God Realization it is just a matter of time until you develope awarness through practices.

Well actually I meant the state of bliss in Kechari can be so powerfull it will make the physical nervous system very tired later on. It can be very unpleasant to feel like this imagaine feeling dry and hot inside and this feeling moves transient pressure in the head sometimes some sharp headaches that leave quickly nausia and diziness then the Kuthastha lights up and hums like a high tension wire in your head and the other higher chakras in the skull activate on the same circuit and vibrate strongly.

Then imagine having to be aware enough to deal with all of this going on and service clients in the mundane world to earn a living. Then from this such an understanding that you really are just renting everything you do not own this body not even the nervous system and brain you are just in these vehicles and they are such a disruption.

So yes bliss comes of it’s own and is not avoidable so Knowing this after experiencing it often leads one not to seek it for it’s own sake it just happens every time, but you have to be careful and open slowely to it Kechari can open you quickly and can tire out the human physical animal meat suit until it adapts. so be carefu go slow it happens anyway nothing to be anxious about but something to be very careful with. A person with a weak identity, mind or who is imbalanced could wind up in a very scary place if they do not have enough awareness to be one with it ride it out and rise above it.

I was so tired yesterday when I got home from work I fell asleep for 1 hour then felt better and keep feeling better. Body is weak will is stronger don’t hurt your vehicle keep it in good order you need it for realization.

[QUOTE=Xtensity;78367]I understood what you were talking about seeking. Though, I was also adding on a point that you didn’t mention that applies to what you were saying.[/QUOTE]

I understand sometimes I fail to get my point across so I try to be as accurate in my writting ad I can

(you are beyond where I have been but also behind)

I will always be both your student and your teacher.

(I have achieved Kechari without cutting the tongue it is doable it took 3 months.)

I have been practicing Talabya Kriya for over 4 months now. I try to do 120 in the morning and night everyday and also off and on during the day depending on how my tongue feels after the latest cut. I have a calloused white spot under my tongue from the Talabya and that is what I’m cutting into. But again I have the longest frenulum that I have ever seen. I was at the dentist office a few years ago and he wanted to show me something in my mouth. He told me to move my tongue and I said that is as far as it goes. Then he told me to lift up my tongue and announced that I was tongue tied. And that he could cut my frenulum so that it would be normal and I said no way, I’ve lived my life like this so far so why do it?

I have always had a problem with grinding my teeth at night though. To the point where I have grinded my lower teeth down quite a bit. A few years ago I had to start wearing a night guard which is a plastic mouthpiece to protect my teeth. Some mornings I would wake up with pain in my jaw from clenching so much. It all magically stopped after I started snipping my frenulum. I realize that correlation is not causation but I no longer have to wear a night guard and I very much enjoy falling asleep in Kechari Mudra. In fact I spend most of my life now in Kechari Mudra. I notice that I have sweat on my upper lip all the time now. I believe this is from the air passing my wet tongue and picking up the moisture, taking it past the Ajna and finally depositing in on my upper lip. I wonder what effect this is having on my Ajna?

I also had an experience that I touched on in my last post but I will elaborate on it. I was doing Kriya #6 listed on page 291 of Satyananda’s book Kundalini Tantra. Basically what this involves is sitting in Siddhasana (this is very important) taking a spinal breath up to Ajna. While retaining the breath you put your focus on the Ajna and mentally say Shambhavi (I say sham mentally), then you put your focus on your tongue and mentally say Kechari (kech), then you put your focus on Muladhara and mentally say muladhara (moo) – again it is important that your heel is pressed into your perenium so sit in Siddhasana. You keep repeating this cycle as many times as you can – sham kech moo until you have to exhale. The book says work your way up to 12 cycles for each breath. I have never came close to 12 cycles. I would do a few cycles and around the 4th or 5th one I would go up to Sham from Moo and then try to put my attention on my tongue and I couldn’t feel my tongue. The first time this happened I got so freaked out that opened my eyes and pushed my legs out of Siddhasana and opened my mouth thinking where is my tongue? Of course my tongue was right in my mouth where it should be. I remember thinking you dork! You were about to have an experience and you blew it. I then looked out at the ocean for a few minutes and then went back into it.

Again around the 5th cycle I started to have a really strange feeling around my tongue. It felt like some magnetic force from Ajna was pulling on my tongue very firmly. I mentally thought Sham and then went to Kech but there was no Kech! Sham and Kech had become one and something was pulling my tongue back and up very firmly but not painfully. I freaked out and immediately opened my eyes and said My God what is happening to me. There was nothing but a blanket of dazzling prana dancing over the ocean. And then I had a vision of a large archway made of large white blocks of stone with a large wooden door. The door was shaped like the arch at the top. I immediately prostrated myself and said “I am not worthy. I am a sinner” and started sobbing. A few minutes later I composed myself and noticed everything was so much brighter and had a beautiful aura. The only message I can take from this experience is the devine was telling me that I made it to the door. Now do you want to come in?

I told this experience to my friend and yoga instructor the next day. I tried to do the Kriya the day after and my tongue kept gagging me from being pulled to the back of my mouth. I quickly realized that my frenulum was preventing my tongue from doing what the Kriya was designed for and that is to pull the tongue up the nasal pharynx to Ajna and instead was activating my gag reflex. And so in my mind a little piece of skin is preventing me from Yoga.

Two days after this event I decided to practice a different Kriya to experiment with because the constant gagging from this one was disrupting my practice. I then learned Kriya #7, the Nas, Udd, Moo exhale and on a whim decided to combine it with the gagging Kriya #6, did three cycles, turned on my kundalini and went breathless. My life has never been the same since.

Yoga is not a religion! It is a science! - Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

So let’s go over what happened in my body. I was sitting in Siddhasana with my heel firmly pressed up against my perenium sending prana up my sushumna. My tongue was in kechari stage 1 as far back as it could go sealing off the throat. (this is very important – I don’t think this will work without the tongue completely sealing off the back of the throat – If you haven’t felt like your tongue is like a snake, this method will not work for you) With the breath outside, I did 10 moos (10 mula bandhas or anal squeezes) sending more prana up. I then took a spinal breath up to bindu. While retaining the breath I practiced ashwini mudra, with each moo squeeze I would mentally say the word bindu and place my concentration on my bindu. This sends more prana up and the first time I concentrated on my bindu instead of my ajna. On the exhale I went into Maha Mudra which is a combination of Jalahandra Banda, Uddiyana Banda, and Mula Banda. I placed my mental attention and look at the tip of my nose (Nasakagra Mudra) with my eyes open mentally saying Nas, then put my attention on my stomach mentally saying Udd, then my attention on my Muladhara mentally saying Moo.

There are many things going on here. Jalahandra locks out the throat, Uddiyana locks out the stomach and I go 100% when I do Uddiyana – every cubic millimeter of air is pressed out of my stomach and it is slightly lifted up. Mula Banda is pumping prana up, Nasakagra is opening up the muladhara. Right away I knew this was a powerful exercise and I thought lets go into the gagging inhale exercise. So on the inhale I started with my concentration on Ajna with the mental thought Sham, to concentrating on my tongue with the mental thought kech, and finally to my muladhara chakra with the mental thought moo. I first started seeing a light at my Ajna, then a light at my Vishuddha, and a light at my Muladhara. After a couple of rounds of this, the Ajna and Vishuddha lights started coming together like somebody was flicking a laser pen back and forth from two points close together very fast and then occasionally flicking the pen down to Muladhara. Then all three became one and this happened on my third cycle of switching from Kriya #6 to Kriya #7. Another effect of this switching is my diaphragm was being stretched one way on the exhale as I brought my head down into Uddiyana and Nasakagra and another way on the inhale as I moved my head up and looked straight ahead - similar to going from the cat and cow pose in yoga.

I’ve read that the kundalini is activated when you mix apana with prana. The Uddiyana Banda causes this to happen. Then I provided electricity with my thoughts activating Ajna and Vishuddha starting up some sort of magnetic attraction that eventually involved Muladhara too. So the electricity with the gases mixing turned my kundalini on? Something turned on inside my body that literally sounded like a jumbo jet passing over me. And the reason it was so loud is because the noise came from inside me and I heard it internally like I was under water. Our body is similar to a bag of water.

Try this Pranayama tonight and let me know what you experience from it.

Once again sitting in Siddhasana and practicing Kechari Mudra sealing off the back of the throat. Start with 10 moo squeezes and take a spinal breath up to bindu. Practicing ashwini mudra saying bindu with each squeeze. On the exhale go into Jalahandra bandha, Uddiyana bandha and mula bandha doing cycles with your attention on the tip of your nose, your stomach and muladhara. Do as many cycles as you can until you have to inhale.

Inhale into your Ajna putting your attention there and then go to Kechari and then to Muladhara saying sham, kech, moo mentally as you do this for as many times as you can until you must exhale and then go into the exhale of Nas, Udd, Moo. Do three cycles of each until you finally exhale. this is important When you finally exhale from sham, kech , moo on the third cycle you should inhale about half a breath naturally and then exhale immediately about half of what you inhaled. Then sit quietly in Siddhasana and Shambhavi mudra waiting for your body to tell you it is time to start breathing again.

wow you really are doing some very powerful things never mind my mistaken title you are way beyond my stature, I am still dealing with dizziness from Achieving Kechari. I think the problem is energy being trapped in the head. I had a nasty bout of vertigo walking with my wife this evening when she touched my hand, I started falling in the opposite direction while walking.

Remember the old V8 veg juice commercials? just like that not fun!

Controlled it then righted my walking it happened again later so I pulled the energy right down the spine to Chakra 1. and grounded through the feet while walking this worked.

So as far as I am concerned what I am doing is enough for now. Anyone else experience this? Advice greatly welcomed. I can’t wait to have this stop happening not practicing Kriya for 2 days did not help.

I may have an exercise that can help you. Right after I first went breathless I called up my yoga instructor and friend to come over my house and explained to him what I did and then we tried to turn his kundalini on too. I later figured out that his kechari had not advanced far enough and so he couldn’t seal the back of his throat. This is extremely important. When a baby is first born, the doctor turns the baby over and pats it on the back. This pushes the embryonic fluid out of the lungs and stimulates the nerves at the roof of the mouth that signal the body to breathe. If your kechari does not block these nerves from the air coming out of your diaphragm, you will not be able to go breathless.

In trying to take him breathless I went breathless around 12 times in a 90 minute time period. Since I was more concerned with him, I didn’t pay that much attention to my technique. When you send breath down your diaphragm it is like sending a wave of water across a pond but the wave hits the back of the diaphragm and then comes back. When that wave crosses over your mouth, if your kechari seal is good, you wont have to breathe. However there is a vacuum that is felt especially if your kechari is relatively weak which mine was at the time. As the wave of breath exits into the nasal passage over the sealed throat, the urge to breathe is there and I almost felt like I was drowning fighting not to breathe over and over again. Doing breath of fire sends wave after wave of breath bouncing into each other in the diaphragm. As long as all this movement is in the diaphragm, you will not go breathless or turn your kundalini on. That is why Uddiyana is so important. It stretches out the diaphragm one way and then moving your head up stretches it the other way. I felt like the diaphragm has all this tissue in it like dominos that would go one way and then the other. Stretching it in this manner makes the tissue vibrate back and forth both ways at the same time and then stop entirely not knowing whether it is suppose to be inhaling or exhaling. As my breathlessness experience increased I learned that when doing breath of fire to first do heavy pumps of my diaphragm then medium ones and finally a whole bunch of little ones. This stops heavy waves coming up to your sealed off throat. The big waves crash up against the back of your diaphragm which are then met by medium waves which are then met with small waves and so very little energy is left to bounce back and stimulate you to breathe.

Getting back to the exercise that can help you. The day after I tried to take my yoga instructor breathless, I woke up and felt a dull headache emanating from my Ajna that was bombarded with all these waves the day before due to my haphazard efforts of going breathless. I then did Trakata on Lahiri’s picture staring into his eyes asking him for guidance for about 10 minutes.(he is the picture on my desktop) I then went out to my balcony to sit for awhile. While sitting a boat passed by and made a sound that resembled an internal Om. And by that I mean the sound of a long Om but said with the mouth closed so all the air vibrates throughout your diaphragm and escapes out the nasal passage. I have this technique of pretending that every sound I hear comes out my third eye. The sound this boat made, made me feel good and so I started taking deep inhales and saying OM with my mouth closed on the exhale that would last about 20 seconds. After doing this for a few minutes I felt great again. I also found a much easier way to go breathless. I now can easily go breathless in one and a half breaths. I do a deep inhale expending the air out with an slow internal OM, take another breath and expel about half the breath out again with an internal OM and go breathless. This only works after your kundalini is turned on which I described the method I used to do that in my last post.

Of course I thanked Lahiri profusely and still read his 108 pieces of advice at least once a week. Slowly but surely, I am understanding more and more of it. Notice that importance he places on kechari and talks about breathlessness like it is no big deal:


I am not allowed to post URL’s yet so you have to cut and paste the line above this to get to the link


Intuition and guidance is a funny thing I have actually been concerned about driving the last thing I want to do is cause an accident. So this morning while driving it came to me an urge to chant Om even as you have described.

Of course I asked for Lahiri Mahasaya’s help after all I remind him with great sincerity and deep affection you are the one who got me into all of this. Thank you very much but I am in a bad way please help me Master. This is what I thought with deep attention bowing before Guruji’s Picture.

This morning I am feeling very good I just hope the rest of the day goes as well.

Thank you for confirmation by taking your time to post I appreciate you.

@Xtensity Thank you as well.

I have scaled back my practices considerably this week stopping did nothing other than allow the energy to pool and build to an even higher level of almost experiencing blackouts I say blackouts but it was more like the switch to the external world being shut of and going internal as in deep deep samadhi. I am still aware but the external world vanishes and I go where I have been only in sadhana.

This occured yesterday while I was in sadhana and was very much not a problem when happening at the appropriate time. Not so great when speaking with someone on the phone.

It appears once on the road you have to keep placing one foot in front of the other, stopping ceases to be an option.


That sounds very interesting. Though, if you are in Samadhi, then you should have absolutely no problem shifting that pure focused concentration to the external and training it to stay there with great holding power. Essentially you want to have complete control over your attention.

If I didn’t know any better I would say that when your mind automatically drags you into ‘Samadhi’ against your will, then you are not at all in Samadhi. Too me Samadhi is pure control over attention, though the brain can do mysterious things.

Just recognize what you have, and train it to work how you would like. Initially getting to Samadhi is one of the hardest initial battles in spiritual/mental progression[/QUOTE]

Mind does not drag anything. Mind is a lower level player. I am using mind right now to communicate via this keyboard.

What I feel is a gravitic magnetic pulling tunneling effect as If I am going into a portal at the crown of my head. This thing that writes I goes there as it goes this thing calling itself I writing these words looses contact or awareness with the sense telephones as P.Y. likes to call them in favor of awareness of something else which it is presently ill equipped to perceive.

It is a vey quiet peaceful state of being. It is a beginning stage of another reality, I know this intuitively. I also know that the awareness of this being writing calling itself I is not sufficiently developed even as the incorrect cells making up the eyes of a blind person cannot perceive light though standing in it on a sunny day. It is like this. It is like being in a womb It is like gestating waiting to be born.

This thing calling itself I has a home in the region of the heart and the feeling of attraction pulls this thing calling itself I up out of its resting place into the fontanelle. This I feels at home there too but when it is there the I doing this writing is very much changed.

Now as to the trigger just writing about this is causing a magnetic attraction and feeling of vibration and light pressure on the top of my head at the fontanelle to form.

How it happened yesterday was completely on its own I was talking to a supplier and this powerful Magnetic gravitic feeling at the top of my head pulled this thing writing I into it.

As this thing calling itself I was being pulled on the senses started being pulled up as well and dimming of them occurred I heard my supplier talking as if from a great distance and I was completely disinterested in the noise he was making were I to find out later he was a mooing cow I would not have been too surprised. Were I to find that this life has all been a dream I would not have been too surprised. This is what it is like on the return.

on the leaving my vision also started ceasing and at one point with eyes open I saw nothing at all this is the point where I pulled this thing called I back into its normal resting place in the heart. Then this thing writing calling itslef I started to be pulled up again so I pulled back rooted in the heart and stayed put.

All this movement of the I causes dizziness to be experienced. There is also heat generated in the body.

So by will this I pulled back and then when this happened again and this I pulled back again not really in fear but annoyance as this I was not in an appropriate place to enter into the breathless state, nor was it appropriate to leave a corpse looking thing sitting in a chair for others to be horrified by.

A coworker walking past my office would likely call 911.

As far as getting into samadhi or the various levels of it being hard that is good for books to talk about but for those practicing Kriya yoga it is not hard it is not difficult it just happens on it’s own in my experience.

My issues all stem from Achieving Kechari. Prior to it I did not have these things happening while not practicing Kriya Yoga.

So I believe what is going on is an accelerated change in the finer bodies and this is in turn is likely laying down some new neural pathways or activating ones heretofore unused in this meat suit.

Sounds great and exotic does it not? Yes lets refine our nervous system how lovely right? I guess but to me it reminds me of when I was extremely young and the body was not as cooperative with my desires as it should have been.

This is sort of like having become very accustomed to being in an adult body and now I am like a young child again trying to get his legs working right to walk which I do remember very clearly and did not like at all.

So yes I am being more attentive to this new frequency things are operating on learning how to operate in it. This is nothing special just new and unaccustomed to.

One thing is very much certain I am really getting direct knowledge of not being this body but being in it. Not being this nervous system and brain but the very thing working through it and not even being this thing typing calling itself I. I eYe I language is clumsy. At this point it breaks down in its own ability to covey direct experience.

Who is this I that thinks the thoughts? Who is this I that is moving from heart to crown and beyond?, Who is this I that is seeing and hearing, who is this I that experiences? Who is this I remembering these things? the answer is “I, I” and that is where this I goes into the silence Get it? I ceases to be I. And in this state this place where I ceases to be I this I has no connection to EYE.

xtensity to get samadhi 1 you need to raise your kundalini first or 2 you would have to have it from birth which is rare.

It is said in the yoga books that before kundalini there could be no samadhi, unless you have it from birth.

Also you can have samadhi without even knowing it. Most people have experienced similar things as when in samadhi but because of ignorance they dont know it yet. So its so close but still so distant.

Well i dont know about your experiences but maybe you have it from birth or maybe the yogis saying kundalini is needed maybe is lying. I dont know cause i only have my experience to go from and that is not valid for all the others as they have different experiences so i cannot assume about the other side of the coin if i didnt see it.… what you did in previous incarnation you are enjoying now so if you cant see what you did in your last incarnation you cant say its just a matter of concentration cause you cant really know for sure.

I turned on my Kundalini…

How extra-ordinary (one in million can) or how naive. Some of the description that follows shows a phenomenal advance on the spiritual path and yet, one reads a score-card full of gross-level achievements the lure of which is generally left behind by such an advanced soul. A lot is useful information but difficult to separate it from the mundane.

It may help if the posters come up with their idea and experience of what is kundalini. To me it is a vital force that remains dormant and coiled up at the base of the spine. In this state it is static and stationary energy. Its awakening occurs when prana vayu is purified enough to kindle the force through a literal fusion of negative and positive charges. Once kindled, kundalini becomes a huge force of kinetic energy that rises up. That?s where the second challenge comes, for this rising super energy one needs the subtle nadis (channels) to be unclogged and ready to carry. The third challenge is an efficient use of this energy such that it will continue to be consumed.

Therefore, kindling of kundalini is advised only when the states of Samadhi and Sanyama have been mastered and are to be reached for a prolonged period. This will require sustenance without any external dependence and rising kundalini will ensure adequate deployment of the life-force to the vital organs.

Descriptions like this some times appear as vanilla as brushing the teeth. But, each one of the pre-requisites of kundalini awakening is a result of several years of patient efforts. In the spiritual context, kundalini awakening as a skill independent of any purpose doesn?t make sense and is more likely make the process dangerous. A balanced narrative on these lines will help many seekers more than putting all the information in their laps and presenting wrong paths to follow.

Continue to be consumed? Why must you continually consume your life force Suhas Tambe?
kundalini is simply the reversal of the creative energy within the human being.

Worry about getting it to reverse in the first place! and more importantly increasing the strength of that reversal! for if you can accomplish that. you will be dragged into the silence.

The most dangerous part of kundalini. Is having a shadow. mentally and/or emotionally.
If you have not brought yourself to truth. if you have skeletons in your closet. secrets. etc. All the darkness. everything you shove deep down. will be brought up.
beyond this danger. ignorance. Mistaking one thing for another. is extremely dangerous.
for instance. mantak chias microcosmic orbit does not do anything natural. and if successfully practiced. you will burn yourself with an internal fire. this is nothing miraculous and is not kundalini. Many practices do not aim to reverse the creative energy. Now days we simply say every practice aids in reversing the creative energy.
But i have yet to meet one successful practitioner !!!
That is outside of an aghori who practices mantras. Yet i can not vouch for her testimony. Which leads me back to my previous statement.

Reverse the river.
I have quit smoking tobacco.
this will allow me to test a theory.
That concerns both the breathless state and the river.

How extra-ordinary (one in million can) or how naive. Some of the description that follows shows a phenomenal advance on the spiritual path and yet, one reads a score-card full of gross-level achievements the lure of which is generally left behind by such an advanced soul. A lot is useful information but difficult to separate it from the mundane.

Do you make it a habit of complementing and insulting people in the same sentence? Although my ego would like to buy into your one in a million figure, I doubt you’ve sampled millions of people and therefore are qualified to make that statement. And you don’t have to read my posts if you find them mundane.

It may help if the posters come up with their idea and experience of what is kundalini. To me it is a vital force that remains dormant and coiled up at the base of the spine. In this state it is static and stationary energy. Its awakening occurs when prana vayu is purified enough to kindle the force through a literal fusion of negative and positive charges. Once kindled, kundalini becomes a huge force of kinetic energy that rises up. That?s where the second challenge comes, for this rising super energy one needs the subtle nadis (channels) to be unclogged and ready to carry. The third challenge is an efficient use of this energy such that it will continue to be consumed.

Why would that help? I’ve read several books in the last few months and can come up with the same mundane explanation that you just gave. I never claimed that anything rose in me. Something turned on and I went breathless. The first week I could easily go breathless with pretty much any pranayama exercise. The second week after my experience I started noticing that I was going breathless just sitting in front of the computer reading. At first this only happened when I was in sitting in kechari, then I noticed it started happening all the time for example when I was walking around the city in kechari. As soon as I started walking up a hill (higher oxygen demand), my breath cycle (diaphragm) kicked in. By the third week, I noticed that I am breathless most of the day even when I am not practicing kechari. In the books that I’ve read (The free ones put out by Ennio Nemis, Motoyama theories of the chakras, and Satyananda kundalini tantra) they all say awaken the kundalini, then clear the nadis, sushumna, and chakras, then raise the kundalini)

Therefore, kindling of kundalini is advised only when the states of Samadhi and Sanyama have been mastered and are to be reached for a prolonged period. This will require sustenance without any external dependence and rising kundalini will ensure adequate deployment of the life-force to the vital organs.

The books that I have read advise differently, state samadhi comes after the awakening, and I highly respect the authors. Besides, here is where I’m at.

Descriptions like this some times appear as vanilla as brushing the teeth.

I have no idea what this sentence means.

But, each one of the pre-requisites of kundalini awakening is a result of several years of patient efforts. In the spiritual context, kundalini awakening as a skill independent of any purpose doesn?t make sense and is more likely make the process dangerous. A balanced narrative on these lines will help many seekers more than putting all the information in their laps and presenting wrong paths to follow.

I thought the purpose of this forum was to share knowledge and experiences. The first thing I would ask anyone if I read about this as opposed to experiencing it is what were you doing before you went breathless? At this point it is difficult for me to put any weight in your dangerous warning as you’ve already shown a penchant for hyperbole. And who are you to proclaim that the path I’m on is wrong? The God that I believe in wouldn’t hurt me for seeking him, has guided me with experiences to where I am, and I believe spiritually blesses me when I try to help other people. FWIW, you don’t come across as an advanced soul either. You come across as a guy that is trying to portray himself as an expert so he can peddle a book. I have no ulterior motive.

I have never felt so much bliss in my life and have no regrets. I walk around a busy street now and see god in everyone. It is a strange but very blissful feeling. While looking into the bright eyes of people that walk by, I feel as if everyone is ignorant and doesn’t understand that they are a rainbow beam of light stretching from their sahasrara to their muladhara wrapped in a body of maya. I don’t like the secretive nonsense that is going on in regards to this science. I should have learned about this over 20 years ago when I was in my early teens.

I now realize that my life hasn’t changed that much but my thought patterns have. My thoughts are no longer filled with my ego created life situation that needs a past and future to exist. My thoughts are coming in at a much slower rate and are mainly composed of sensory perception. This gives me the space and time to embrace, dance and play with the thoughts I find enjoyable which are composed of what is happening. I quickly drop anything that brings me discord. The reason for my bliss is I am spending far less time in my mind based reality and far more time embracing and enjoying what is.

To the person who sent me a private message requesting the technique I use to go breathless I’ve pretty much laid all my cards on the table. Prior to doing 3 rounds of exhales into Nas, Udd, Moo and the inhales into Sham, Kech, Moo; I did 120 talabyas, 5 rounds of anoloma velomas, a round of 100 breath of fire and maybe 5 ? 10 basic kriyas. I like using Norm Paulsen’s technique of imagining the chakras as colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and finally purple in ajna) as you inhale and exhale the breath up and down the spine. I tried Lahiri’s mantra Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya and I like using colors more.

I believe Kechari is the key to everything. As far as achieving kechari quicker, I cut my tongue with a razor on a daily basis until I see a small amount of blood. This feels like you cut yourself shaving and so the pain is already over before you even feel it. I am not squeamish about this because I believe this small piece of skin is preventing me from a greater understanding of what I am. I am restraining myself from what I really want to do which is cut through the whole thing. I feel I am practicing caution and will do this slowly over the next few months. I hold the first part of Talabya while in front of the mirror which easily shows you where to cut for the maximum benefit. The area is white and calloused from the hundreds of Talabya I do on a daily basis. If you are still unclear after this explanation, do a search for Ennio Nemis and you will find his kriya yoga info site that will allow you to download his free books. He has a great diagram of Talabya on page 82 of his second free kriya book.

The peculoar thing is we are not so different after all.

If you would get enlightened in 1 day it is because your past karmas its not like a lottery where some is lucky. Some people however do bad things and dont see the connection when bad hits them so they go on making bad things. Most of the people that are spiritual came to a point where they did not enjoy wordly things and they wanted to change maybe after suffering we are all walking the same path. Buddha was said to have had eons of lives before he got enlightened.

Thing is anyone have the chance to become enlightned but for this to happen some steps needs to be taken and by doing good deeds.

What you did in previos incarnation you reap in this lifetime. So its not like anyone become enligthened by chance in 1 day. Even of we were bad this we can change completely by doing good deeds anyone can change their life to the better even if they dont believe it at the moment, some grade of awareness and signs will be there. Actually we all should strive for doing good things as this is only what makes longlasting happiness.

[QUOTE=Xtensity;78451]Well who really knows.

The only thing I know for sure is that anything is possible in Yoga/Spiritual Practice.

Someone could become enlightened in a day, a week, or it may take them multiple life times. Everyone is different. Anything is possible.[/QUOTE]


On the forum, words is all that speak, personalities are mostly hidden behind the annonymity of assumed names. The poster writes because he/she wants to communicate to someone from whom a response is intended, even eagerly awaited.

My words are obviously my opinion, and I said so. I don’t sit in judgement nor even intend to insult anyone. You would know this from my posts if you were here long enough.

Each one of us respond on the strength of the respective spiritual experience and abhyasa, and ironically the same is its limitation. I have immensely benefitted from this forum from very insightful posts, but even more from the posts conflicting with “truth” that I hold. So, I am genuinely impressed by some parts of your inaugural post; but equally surprised by some other parts that were not congruent therewith. I stated this conflict. If that is not completely true, along with my limitation in understanding there is something amiss in the narrative as well. Though there are many paths to spiritual goals, the milestones and the signposts are common. And that was the context of my post.

Insult is your perception. Thanks.