Mediation radio stations on the internet

I have tried to find a medition radio staiton but can’t find one and I just gave up. Does anybody know of one or two?


I searched on Google for ‘meditation radio’ and those were the top 2 links. There’s many more for you to have a listen to and find something that you like.


Thanks Tinity(paul) I am going to check it out as soon as possiable. This will be get for a great sub. when I can’t do yoga or workout. Thank you for taking the time to find these for me.


finding time to let go of input and tune inwardly is the direction you are “paddling” with your practices. try taking a 5 minute meditation to follow the flow of the breath, placing the noises and distractions of both the internal and external in the back ground. meditation music may be helpful to direct the mind in the beginning, but the development of focus within is where the meditation process begins. practice placing the attention on the breath, relaxing the body, and being…

Om Shanti,

I have a question about mediation lying down flat is not correct and to mediated is by sitting very straight is this correct. Oh can I mediate next to a heater even though it make sound?


I think it is interesting that you are misspelling meditation as mediation. This is not an insult, but an observation of the similarity between meditation and mediation as concepts. But first, to answer your question…

Lying down is not recommended because of the tendency of the mind to drift into a sleep state. Sitting upright is recommended because the mind/body is linked through the spinal cord. This is true in an anatomical way (the nervous system) and in yogic terms in a subtle energy body way (the flow of life energy called Prana in Yoga and Chi or Qi in other cultures). Sitting at the edge of a chair or supported by a meditation stool or cushion is totally acceptable. The body should be relaxed, but erect. Indeed, asana practice is intended to relieve the body of discomfort so that the mind can be free to investigate within.

External sounds may (like physical discomfort) be a distraction to the mind. Of course, internal dialogue is as well. Whether the distraction to simply being aware is internal or external, practice stepping back from interaction with the object of distraction. Simply notice it, and return your awareness to the breath (or other object of meditative focus). Over time your ability to maintain your focus will improve.

As for the 2 words! We tend to identify ourselves with the mind. We think we ARE our thoughts or mental state or our job or our feelings… and in meditation we may experience that the mind is in fact the MEDIATOR of the experience, that through which it is seen. Hmm…

Hope this is helpful, Be gentle, expect the mind to jump around like a monkey, but be patient and return to your breath again and again and again.


okay so I can sit on a pillow or just sit in Half lotus. Oh, will the sound of a heater distract my concentration


“External sounds may (like physical discomfort) be a distraction to the mind. Of course, internal dialogue is as well. Whether the distraction to simply being aware is internal or external, practice stepping back from interaction with the object of distraction. Simply notice it, and return your awareness to the breath (or other object of meditative focus). Over time your ability to maintain your focus will improve.”

Expect to be distracted. Practice letting go of engaging with the distraction and simply being without doing.


Chandra, I am a starting out doing mediation and I am going to be in idaho and then traveling south to Calfornia. Now it is very cold at night and I want to do it just before bed and I have a portable heater on. So you are saying I must learn to focus on the eye and to pretend that the heater sound is not there. So sitting crosslegging or half lotus is correct or whatever I like is correct? I am try to learn the Hung-sau technique for med. Its on the ananda web site.


I did not actually reference placing the gaze on the eye or “third eye”, nor to pretend that the heater sound is not there.

The basic practice of meditation is one of witness awareness. Various points of focus can be chosen, such as the third eye, the breath, a mantra, a point in the body etc. If you have instruction an personal training in a particular technique (Hung-sau), then best is to follow those directions and see. Suggestions from a teacher who is experienced in the practice you are following are immensely valuable.

A basic technique for meditation is to follow the flow of the breath. External sounds such as the heater, cars passing by etc. are certain to intrude upon the focus of your attention on the breath. Internal distractions such as thoughts, feelings, body sensations etc will also appear in the field of awareness. Over time you will develop the capacity to notice when distractions appear and then to refocus the mind on the chosen object. Relax the body, observe the mind’s tendency to become distracted and simply return to your focus. If you chose to practice before bed, you are likely to be tired, and may lapse into daydream and/or a sleepy state.

You can search this web site for threads about “meditation” which might be helpful as you explore.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, meditation is the 7th limb, following one pointed concentration, pranayama, inward turning of the senses, asana and the yamas/niyamas. These preliminary practices are aimed at purifying the mind/body so that internal inquiry can more easily be experienced.

I would encourage you to continue to explore and inquire. Allow your meditation to unfold naturally and be patient.


Should I have someone teach me first or try to memorize set ? I agree that doing med. before bed will make me want to go to bed more then med. How do you say the sau is it like saying saw? Do I know how do it?

  1. you inhale tighten the who body then exhale release tension do this for 2 to 3 times. Then each part of your body. I don’t how many sets for this part.
    2 then you inhale and count to 8 or what feels right, hold it for 8, then exhale for same amout and do 6to 9 sets.
    3 next you say hong on the inhale mently and then sau on the exhale for I guess 3 or more sets.
    3 enjoy the feeling and go about your life

“Hong Sau” is a variant of the “Ham sa” mantra, which is said to be a naturally occuring sound/mantra of the breath. You may be interested in the following link (a prior post on this site) about mantra:

You say that the sequence you outline was located on an Ananda Yoga web site. If you have an affinity with this tradition, perhaps you can find an instructor who can give you personal training and ongoing support for your practice.

Part 1 of the sequence appears to be a simple tense and release procedure to elicit relaxation.

Part 2 is a pranayama practice including breath retention. Pranayama is best learned in person.

Part 3 is repetition of the mantra with the flow of the breath. The Hong Sau or Ham Sa mantra is described in the Shambala Encyclopedia of Yoga:
“The word hamsa is often explained as the sound produced by the breath, the ejection of prana causing the sound ha and its reentry into the body the sound sa.”

Part 4 is one of relaxation into the process of meditation and transition back.

My suggestion would be to begin simply, and find an opportunity to experience a workshop or connect with an instructor to guide you further. Sit comfortably with the spine erect, relax the body and mind, practice abdominal breath or pranayama which you are familiar with, and turn your attention inward on the flow of the breath. When thoughts appear, simply return you awareness to the breath. Be, rather than Do. Start with a short period of time (5 to 10 minutes), gradually building your practice.


So the hong sau is too difficulty for a starter and I should keep it very simple?
oh, is it best to med. on a empty stomach just like doing yoga? Also, If I get heartburn can I do med to get rid of heartburn? Can you gave me an outline on how to do this med. set in your last post. I relley want to reach a sense of peace of mind. Meaning no more having heartburn, flowing with life, not obsessive about my cleaning and keeping my sunglass in mint conditon, my ipod, watch and to live my life in fullest. plus wearing my sunglass without resentment because I have broke sunglasses in the past from shear frustion or a sense of wanting a relationship. Which I believe has made me feel resenting or remose when I see a strach or something is not right. Oh I have this thing I am always looking for something wrong and then I worry to the point that makes me sad. mad at sometime. I am dieing to know how I can correct this problem.


You are talking about practicing detachment! So this, too, will pass… The simplest practice of meditation is truly to sit, relax, and focus on the breath. Let go of goals, reactions and worries. These are all aspects of the “monkey mind” which jerks us about. Just begin. Sit when you are not too tired so your mind is alert, when you are not too full so your mind is steady, and without grasping for a result, so your mind can be present (not in future outcome). Please check your local paper or for a nearby yoga center where you might learn more about meditation.

Books I recommend are:
The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar
Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind by A.G. Mohan
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Mukunda Stiles
Life Surrendered in God by Roy Eugene Davis
The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi

there are many others. Please follow your inner urging toward peace, love and Spirit.


OkAY I understand the methods. I will have no food in stomach, full awake and sit errect and focus on breathing. And do it for 5 to 10 mins. Is relexing the body like saying, My left arm is warm and relex, and my left arm is heavy. Is focus inward like following a tennis match. other then that I am game for starting my med healing.

Relaxation of mind/body - many options - I recommend abdominal breathing and gently encouraging tension to dissolve. The more often you practice relaxation, the easier it becomes. You can also use the tense and release technique, tensing parts of body then releasing the tension. When tension resists, just notice it and move on, rather than engaging in a battle it.

Focus is on the breath, a relaxed attention to the sensation, location, temperature etc. Watching a tennis match is a more interactive state for me. A visualization that may be helpful (I received this at a meditation retreat at Kripalu many years ago) is to imagine that your body is like the banks of a stream, and your breath like the flow of water. Sometimes there will be something like a leaf or a log floating in the stream (your thoughts). Allow yourself to be aware that the thought/log is there, but let it go by, just watching the flow of the breath/water. If you notice you have jumped onto a log/thought and traveled downstream with it (engaged in inner dialogue), just let go and return to watching the flow of the breath/water. Don’t be concerned about the outcome, or worried about how many times your mind wanders. As you become more comfortable with this inner focus, you can gradually extend the length of time.


I did a set yesturday and it did help get rid of some heartburn. I had a hard time focue when my dad had the news on full volume. I close the bathroom door and pull a towel under but still come in. I told myself just ingore it and didn’t fight it just let it be and keeped going. I don’t think I did well because I was concented on the proces. But I did start to hum on the exhale and I though this could be close to doing the om mantra. So I’ll try the river vis. idea and see how I do. And included the tighing up steps.


Wonderful! Part of the practice is just doing it - as you say just to “let it be”. This is a great thread for all novice meditators to join and share experiences and support, and for any experienced meditators to offer insight and encouragement as well. Thank you Makena for sharing your experiences with the forum. I’m sure others will benefit from this thread - who knows - you may have just encouraged others to try to meditate too!


Well I don’t know what to say but thanks and any different ways to do it I like to learn. I miss two med sets but thats what happens when you have to do some work and events take over and you don’t have time. But for sure if I have time I am doing.

Here I found a web site :slight_smile:
Since I have not posted 15 posts or more, I am unable to put the URL down

So Google New Age FM