Nutritional Supplements

I’m curious what, if any, nutritional supplements you all take, and why. Mine:

  • Multi Vitamin - I take this daily to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins I need.

  • Fish Oil - Daily for the anti-inflammatory effects

  • Flax Oil - Daily for the anti-inflammatory benefits

  • Probiotics - Daily for my gut health

Nothing. I’ve tried many. I saw little to no effect personally. Many legit studies i have read show the same “little to no effect” or even harm from taking various supplements.

None of the Supplements you reeled off made the “harmful” list as far as I know. Yes. I’m a party pooper.

Can you please share links to these legit studies please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Very informative website. Check out what brands made the list of those supplements that actually were absorbed. Absorption is a problem with most supplements. If it doesn’t dissolve in the stomach within 1 hour, you are peeing it all out. In other words wasting your money!

Powders or liquids absorb easily. Capsules are next, but not vegetarian friendly due to gelatin. What to do!!! I guess one needs to do some homework! There are some simple tests you can do at home to see if your supplement dissolves, albeit not very scientific. But it should give you an idea of how well it is being absorbed. One is to place your supplement in a glass of water and wait. If it dissolves within 30-60 minutes you should be fine. If not, find something else. Other sites call for a mix of vinegar and water to simulate stomach acid. Not sure of exact ratio’s.

For the record, I take:

Chia seed oil (as a vegetarian I can’t take fish oil)
Prescription Vitamin D 50,000 IU’s ( lab work came back I’m extremely deficient. My level is at 16 and should be above 30) But this prescription has D2 which is lacking in most other over the counter D supplements)
Magnesium to help with absorption of D
Kefir 1 glass per day for probiotic benefits

I stopped taking a multivitamin as I couldn’t find one that was vegetarian and had good absorption rates.

I guess do your best to just eat right!

[QUOTE=David;47798]I’m curious what, if any, nutritional supplements you all take, and why. Mine:

  • Multi Vitamin - I take this daily to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins I need.

  • Fish Oil - Daily for the anti-inflammatory effects

  • Flax Oil - Daily for the anti-inflammatory benefits

  • Probiotics - Daily for my gut health[/QUOTE]

It is a good list, for sure. I will add though:

CoQ10-Coenzyme Q10

It acts at the cellular level, recharging the cells with energy.
Extra, if combined with an energizant it repairs the mytochondria
(did I spell it correctly ?), outer layer of the cells.

Google the net for “Juvenon.”

I’m incredibly anemic so I rely on iron tablets to keep myself moving but other than that I just don’t have the memory to take things regularly.

Here goes:

cod liver oil
1000 vitamin C
Siberian Ginseng
Olive leaf extract
St. John’s Wort (lately to get me over a hump)

St. John’s Wort

[B][U]Early evening[/U][/B]
Cod liver oil
B vitamins with 500mg vit C
Siberian Ginseng
Olive leaf extract
Vitamin D
St. John’s Wort

…washed down with a healthy dram or two of scotch.

Since I started this concoction I have had barely a sniffle last a few hours twice in 2 years. Looking over this list now, I’m spending a lot of dough on supplements!

I try to get most of what I can through my food… I eat mainly raw vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds, fish and poultry, and plenty of water, and occasionally a nice steak.

I supplement with;

ZMA to maintain good men’s health (apparently I’m a little deficient in Zinc)

EFA, so things like Flaxseed oil, Avocados, Oily fish, and good cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Protein, I use Whey Protein Isolate for after an intense anaerobic/resistance training workout, and sometimes Cottage Cheese before bed, for the Casein, slow-release protein to help recovery during sleep.

Creatine, sometimes I use creatine for strength training. I would use it for a few months and once I get satisfactory results, then I’d stop using it.

Chinese Food, lol if I’m feeling a little over-trained, and my nervous system is packing it in, I might go for a nice drive to Sydney, and have a gelato at Sydney harbor, and then get some pork belly and fried rice from BBQ King… all fixed!! :slight_smile:

If you can, take vitamins that are in a gel capsule…when portable toilets at outdoor concerts are collected and the refuse is reduced using high powered sprays. The left overs are then taken to dump.The left overs are tablets of all descriptions that have slipped through the digestive system, sugar coated especially as they are very slippy. I mean millions!..So bearing that it mind I only take what I’m sure will dissolve.

Have you heard about Wild Oil of Oregano?..

I don’t know that I believe that. Do you have any links to reputable sources to back up this claim?

No I don’t David. …A guy that supplies portable toilets to the main festivals in England (Glastonbury e.g.) and Royal events too etc one of their tasks is to minimalise the waste for easier disposal. He said its a big bin full of tablets they are left with. He said that you can even read what might be on the tablet a lot of the time.

He commented that Centrium is one that appears a lot which he used to take. Sugar coated shell.

Its no different I suppose to tomato seeds. They slip through as well due to their slippery coating. Sewerage plants here have loads of tomato plants growing actually around the coke filtering system.

I only buy gel coated tablets where possible and If I have to take medicines in tablet form, I crush them, armed with a big glass of water.

He’s a reliable character, big business man etc, don’t see why he would raise it if its not true. He was amazed himself and stopped taking Centrium and switched to something else.

I take:

-Now Foods Super Two, a green multi
-Fish Oil

The green multi is basically to make me feel better on the days I eat on the run and don’t get my veggies. I much prefer to get fresh veggies, but some days it just doesn’t happen. D is for the sunlight, I don’t go out in it much. E is to help my periods be lighter and less painful. Fish oil is…ha! I can’t remember why I take it now. Something to do with hair loss I was experiencing, I think. And the triphala keeps my digestive tract clean and healthy.

Heheh BlueLotus, if you can’t remember why you’re taking fish oil you might need to up the dose! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just quit eating meat as of 1/1, but I’m a (n unrepentant) lacto-ova vegetarian. I started taking NOW Foods Spirulina and Chlorella - loose powder in a morning smoothie. Boy that stuff tastes… awful. But I can say it makes me feel good!

I’ve had a jar of Solgar Ashwagandha root for some time now. I think it might be good for men’s sexual function & root chakra amongst other stufff… I’ve just taken one so we’ll see.

I generally think you should be able to get all essential nutrients & nutrition from fresh fruit & veg. depending on your own climate and whether it is locally available or produced or grown…So i am generally a bit wary of poppping anything.Even co-codamol ( which has some codeine in it) i have to be pretty whacked out to take that.

I have’nt given up animal prodcts or meat just yet , always been a fan of olive oil and leafy green vegetables though even that you get bored of but maybe the vegetarianism will come in time.

Not sure if it is fixed or not…hey, what does that mean???lol

whey protein for recovery after weightlifting.

I was taking a multi vitamin but I eat truckloads of veggies everyday and it was messing with my stomach. Since stoping the multi the stomach issues have gone away.


And the triphala keeps my digestive tract clean and healthy.[/quote]
I’ve never heard of Triphala before. Does it act as a laxative? How does it benefit the digestive tract? Thanks :slight_smile:

I just introduced a B 12 sublingual vitamin this past week. I guess I wasn’t eating enough quinoa and eggs because I was really beginning to become energy deficient and my concentration was greatly waning.

After taking the supplement, I felt an effect within 20 minutes (keep in mind it’s a sublingual).

I’m not on a specific regimen but end up taking about 2 handfuls (one in the morning, one at night) of supplements a day. Since starting this I have felt much more vital and rarely get sick for more than a day.

my “stack”:
highish doses of A,B,C,D,E I have them all individually.
spoonful of cinnamon

on occasion:
ginko biloba
probably some more that I’m forgeting

collecting supplements is a hobby of mine :smiley:

Vitamin D, algae oil, methyl-b12, zink/magnesium.

I also take flax seeds/ hemp seeds, Sunwarrior brown rice protein and maca. (I mix this with frozen blueberries)

I also have a bag of cacao nibs, but I am never going to buy this again. Just a waste of money.