One mind method for yoga

These are for precise accurate precision in consciousness. The second image are balance measuring beam scales with 81 plates with 100 things each on them.
I figured out those 2 problems. If you count to 1 then you can check 100 after '.' and we might ask why one hundred but that is because 1 counted to might be responsible for carrying part of another level even if just absolutely a potential after you finish the whole project, but if 1 of 9 is carrying another part of the project in the level below then it is responsible for another 9 and 9 can have 81 parts which does the check of 9 plus % of 100 or 1000 added. Simpler while more off streamline/constant logic but with lapsing cognition is that 1 can check as .100 because it is a part of 9 that gives the check a more overall constant ,1-9 to get 100%, rather than 1 getting .100 so 1 counts as 81 because it proves it is still in alignment and beyond that "waypoint" is 19 that checks by checks and 100 or 1000 proof
Cool ‘coincidence’ The tao te Ching has 81 verses and at that general time has generally 100 popular teachers where you could imagine they all wrote 81 part books regardless of if Lao Tzu was the leader or part of it in the idea.
8100 by one hundreds following the specifity of 81, and 900 following the specifity of 2 where one is 900 its own thing and the other is 1000, are necessary to see 900 and 1000 are part of more order yin and that not only 900 being 81 receives 8100 as one for Yang but that it also is received by 1000 generally as 1 in passage 42 of Tao te Ching. 62 to 100 heart bpm is averageness for two scales but forcing someone below 43 or above 119 with one or both being the third part can be dangerous.

Hello ladies,

in my opinion, looking for the right yoga exercises is very difficult! and I understand that. After weeks of searching I finally found my ideal exercises! I'm sure there's something for you too! feel free to take a look!