One mind method for yoga

These are for precise accurate precision in consciousness. The second image are balance measuring beam scales with 81 plates with 100 things each on them.
I figured out those 2 problems. If you count to 1 then you can check 100 after '.' and we might ask why one hundred but that is because 1 counted to might be responsible for carrying part of another level even if just absolutely a potential after you finish the whole project, but if 1 of 9 is carrying another part of the project in the level below then it is responsible for another 9 and 9 can have 81 parts which does the check of 9 plus % of 100 or 1000 added. Simpler while more off streamline/constant logic but with lapsing cognition is that 1 can check as .100 because it is a part of 9 that gives the check a more overall constant ,1-9 to get 100%, rather than 1 getting .100 so 1 counts as 81 because it proves it is still in alignment and beyond that "waypoint" is 19 that checks by checks and 100 or 1000 proof
Cool ‘coincidence’ The tao te Ching has 81 verses and at that general time has generally 100 popular teachers where you could imagine they all wrote 81 part books regardless of if Lao Tzu was the leader or part of it in the idea.
8100 by one hundreds following the specifity of 81, and 900 following the specifity of 2 where one is 900 its own thing and the other is 1000, are necessary to see 900 and 1000 are part of more order yin and that not only 900 being 81 receives 8100 as one for Yang but that it also is received by 1000 generally as 1 in passage 42 of Tao te Ching. 62 to 100 heart bpm is averageness for two scales but forcing someone below 43 or above 119 with one or both being the third part can be dangerous.

Hello ladies,

in my opinion, looking for the right yoga exercises is very difficult! and I understand that. After weeks of searching I finally found my ideal exercises! I'm sure there's something for you too! feel free to take a look!

Straight away my recommendation like for about of questions you spend certain times on in a test for timing (chaos in the order), see progress in science and medicine science as 2; and my recommendation like about what methods to use on problems of questions that in a test for alignment (order in chaos), see a new beginning that counts from 0 of concepts and 123…… of things about science as 3 that when it is about the concept of logic 1 can be the most simple chaos and two can still reveal the nature of progress (science) while philosophy is still mostly 3 in harmony but in synchronization not only with 12-3-456… but still with the rest of numbers that may be in order, or out of order by still following an overviewing structured path foraging materials in a random space/time-order environment, for a project you know the first thing foraged was whatever number step in the process. But as the most overview would represent level of three (top) in the method I’ll explain, the method I’ll explain follows the logic of many things passing by with no listeners to enjoy the story of earth at this time which can be explained as the evolution of Nikola Tesla’s 3,6,9. The factors could be frequency vibration and energy. It’s a lot about teaching people to think by three but three is a lot of life not too much like above it. So I think imagining triangular prisms, one big one on the tip level magnetized like ions or whatever I guess keeping on three more smaller triangular prisms hanging from the bottom tips of the 60 degree multi equilateralness, with 27 smallest of the prisms magnetized to the bottom of the 9 bottom tips of the level above. Those 81 bottom tips have what we could say are no joke string theory any unit represented by weight or push or pull… string theories with 100 things each that add to 8100 with, in each, 81 specific phases & 9 phases that are also checking worthy of the 81, assuming education, in an overall way & 10 that are the most overall about a specific 81 that is hanging form the lowest level. This structure is what I think is borderline consciousness in a smart way and nature of construction in a physical way.

Here’s some additional reasoning:

The premise is three is the largest number for balancing scales by a theory where 3 is a lot of life and 4 and above is an organism when it is about what can balance things lol. Then 9 is the first number you need a method for that is for a system of threes while being philosophically precise. I’ve been seeing 1 and 2 as Jodi pair, three as philosophy precision. Two is science accuracy. One is enrichment as just a chaos without the need for order because it’s a small number while 2 and three are small lol. This balance system of three sets of three is what has been accumulating as what I can define as precisely accurately precise. 4 can’t always be a balance scale (at least in my resting average consciousness) because in a reasonable logical sectioning with 90 degree angles counting axis points in a circle or square where one is next to the next number I notice 1 can be heavier than 3 but two can be heavier than one and 3 but less than four and still be at the same one way system output amount as 1, 2 pairs at same heights, and the choices above that are getting more risky unless there is a consciousness deciding to place heavier on same side in more skillful ways.

Imagine a hummingbird flapping 81 times a second for 60 seconds for wisdom and 100 seconds for science.

I think this balance beam scale with 81 scales on the bottom shows the accumulation of info structure. Seriously. And also the bio memory of 8100 things. The 1900 things is more of a checking of proofs and a flashlight to stay coordinated in the dark while finding the next thing you can get your hands on. The checking counts the actual balance beam structure but I think that checking is mystically integrated into the universe but I can explain it in a way as it is at the beginning of the page with the balance beam scales which is the most important page.

Basically 9 is made of three threes so it’s the first largest balance beam system but if a system of 9 has 9 nines then it is the largest and has 81 things. The reason it’s 8100 and 1900 is because the the 100 points on each of the 81 things and as each of the checking points of 19 are in alignment with the how 81 things plus 9 check points then 10 proof points are 100, so 10000 is the max like the ancient number for myriad and in India they counted to nine. The prana of the plants is the structured chi that works in 10000 increments max I’m thinking.

Ps this method explains to me through geometry and physics why quintic can’t be solved as well. Kinda like the premise.

Here are Egypt things I was working on for the balance beam of threes. When the energies align on the lowest level to the angles they are aligned to the center of the pyramids
The angles of the middle of the pyramids can represent an alignment of the scale system that when energy planes of the math vortex align we can say that energy is grinding a structure. 168.53 degrees 5.94 degrees and 5.53 degrees.

I think frequency is what happens when it’s going through an amount of time and maybe also until the matter or distance align to the most useful state. If 9 are the actual things and one or 10 somehow are the easily known example, and if 81 are the actual things and 19 are the proof points, and if 8100 are the actual things and 1900 are the proof things with a structure reasonably understood as a specific design, im curious about how since chaos reveal many that of 100000 maybe this time 81000 are the literal things and the 19000 are the degree tunings for stages or how it might be about how 81000 at the correct times in the correct way when both are simple to choose in a way, is a magic number of action at least because it’s the first largest the first largest many times but not only because it’s also involving that 81 a whole overall type of checking amount (10) for each of the 81 times or for the whole 81(the creator), ten times more. Sorry this is skimpy in my head but this one’s a brainstorm.

If there is a moment that says to know one of two then explain answer by assurance of 100 not 10000 and not 10. In this Union of base concepts energy is the balance of both but 10000 not 100 or 10. 10 is vibration and 100 is frequency. With so much known about each by a many way proving way energy is more because because it is also calculating roots of other peripheral focus. So to know the vibration you can go from 10000 to 100 to 10 by simplification steps of shrinkage in perception or fractions that add to 10%

One Mind Method for Yoga – Is It Really Useful for All?

It is a common belief that you need to be fit to do yoga. You need to do the physical exercise and you need to be well trained to do yoga. In fact, it is not true. There are some people who have strong bodies but still they cannot perform good yoga asanas. And there are some people who are very weak physically but they can do a good job of yoga.

So, how to decide whether you need to do yoga or not? Well, it is just like any other physical activity. You need to choose the best yoga teacher for yourself. If you are weak physically and don’t have proper fitness training, then it is not a good idea to do yoga.

But if you are physically fit and want to do yoga, then you need to have an understanding of the concept of yoga. There is no doubt that you can do a good job of yoga but to do a good job of yoga you need to understand the concept.

You need to understand that the real meaning of yoga is meditation. You need to meditate for 15 to 30 minutes every day to get a healthy body. If you want to get a healthy body, you need to have a positive attitude. You need to follow healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food.

If you want to do yoga, you need to have a yoga mat, a yoga towel and a yoga mat stand. You need to sit in a proper position on your mat to get the best results.

Now, you need to understand that yoga is not only meditation. It is a combination of physical and mental exercise. When you perform yoga you will learn about breathing techniques, body positioning and other important things that will help you to stay healthy.

So, it is better to follow yoga from the beginning because you can get the best benefits of yoga. You will be able to understand the concept of yoga and you will be able to do the best yoga asanas.

I have told you that yoga is a combination of physical and mental exercises. If you want to learn about yoga, you need to have a yoga mat, a yoga towel and a yoga mat stand. You need to sit in a proper position on your mat to get the best results.

:+1: with ahimsa lifestyle and time management sensitive to life and lives of the future progress to an essential conservative base life is easier. The yoga lifestyle should blossom greatly.

This is what the scale looks like from above in pendant form.