Significance of circle and 360 relevance

Here is some supreme order knowledge y’all. Some amen to the awen. Hahahah. Check this out. Literally.

If it’s hard to say what’s in that picture it is a system that counts by three and is lapsed by logic which means it is lapsed by nine.
Interestingly I read the Babylonians also counted to 60 and that helped us get to 360. People should not only conceal the truth but also help with it when they can like those teachers. With three triangles making a half hexagon you can see 180, and 4 and a half shows 270 which you should let mean 4 x .125 which is one half of ‘a checking point of three’ because it’s checking the first 1.5 of the second half as worth three fourths, while three quadrants is measured by 4.5 measuring triangles which is half of nine which means half of a complete complex system of measurement and that is important to me but mystical. But, when half of a 90 turn from an origin, in 180, addition is counted, then only half of that addition is counted though it’s a double radius turn in a way, and that single 90 radius addition is now a triple triangles worth in understanding as the triangle of three in symbolic logic with 180 degrees, with one additional triangle checking that triangle and a half triangle that is one third of that 90 triangle checking the check while being in the space of the 180 check spot that is in sync proving the third quadrant is three fourths of the half triangle ratio portion in the third quadrants triangle, with the fractal like (where the one half of the fourth quadrant could be split into three parts that make a checking point of the three .5s in the third quadrant…) tapering calculus to understand the change in linear logic once four is surpassed along with the understanding of 180 by a half of a triangle checked by a conceptual side (the length of a triangle side I guess) like actual sides on the triangle that adds to 360, so one and a half triangles in the fourth quadrant checks the three other quadrants by being the fourth quadrant and though it is not a triangle shape in the way we practice, it is in sync with the checking system that the 1.5 triangles in the third quadrant checked and counted as, so it reveals itself as a checking quadrant by the trigonometry itself that the three quadrant triangles checked by one triangle and the one half of a triangle that the easy guided interest about the things that the half triangle in the third quadrant resolved. And when the 4.5 triangles are calculated then unity from a base interesting source is made by the binary logic of the three quadrants being three that is checked by the measuring triangle’s resolving three is checked by a fourth number and also that .125 is one forth of a whole number working as a counting system. 1.5 in the fourth checked as checking four quadrants, and proving the third quadrant check with the fourth quadrant .5, and triple overall type of proving as like for the 82 to 108 type of logic in the one kind method for yoga post that in our heart beat style is checked by the last 109 to 119 heart beats, but just as one segment but later on after 8 more 81 heart beats or whatever we have a whole, maybe medium, length of measurement of collection of heartbeat lengths. I think three of these in a goood basic limit and a nice amount to study. :books:.

27x4 is 108 which is the planet ratio thing going on. It is also if you imagine, a check to the checking and counting system in my one mind method for yoga post..

I posted some explanation to the relation to three and four on the other one method for yoga post in a comment

I haven’t been focusing much on this so I might delete it but this is what else I’m noticing.

With three triangles of the first two quadrants total plus three from the third quadrant plus three from the first half triangle of the fourth quadrant, there are are nine triangles. Then for every nine triangles add one triangle to the whole triangle within the fourth quadrant that is split into 12 triangles (3x(3 actual triangles worth three or nine by sides, which are both the same if more overall about 9 triangles summed from the four quadrants that is checking that is checked and proved by the example of one nine triangles that it proved with that also implies the three quadrants checked by a fourth is related), + 1 that is a check or proof). 3 cycles of 36 cycles is 108 actual triangles. This is including all segments in the picture now. 9 whole segments of 9 plus 7 whole segments of 9.

This is awesome because it shows skillful complexity while still being in a system that if you can work by should be a way to mean you are healthy.

25 times 108 and 100

2700, 2500

50 times 108 and 100

5400, 5000

75 times 108 and 100

8100, 7500

100 times 108 and 100

10800, 10000

25 108s spread on 27 scales.


Mix the 25 scales with 108 things between 3 scales and 2 scales for artificial version of 81 scales. The artificial also shows 8100 things.

In 1/3
• 7 intersections of 3 scales with 108 on each and 2 intersections of 2 scales with 108 each

•And for 3 scales of 108 each to be giving 8 each to the two scales of two probably in the same 1/3 of the whole pyramid, it would probably be a timely thing.

•A good skill would be 3 scales giving 4 scales 24 total in different orders of more less or medium while more skillful orders of more sources from other 1/3s of the pyramid can exchange 24 for 24 or even possibly if more skillfully add 24 from the other 2 of 1/3s made of all threes for a time or even until somewhat of another level of precision is created by redistribution of the 8100 into another pyramid with more accurate of pyramid that needed to be what is actually net more net medium or net less but shifting all to 1/3 for a new pyramid may or may not be more complicated based off of environment than just moving a few and skillfully creating or receiving more to refill the initial pyramid or to fill the later one.

Think in threes by this pyramid method, polygon, or time etc.

Environment coordination time

Chi mana prana

Prana mana chi

Present future/past

Interestingly by 72 can be found by each three actual things being a single triangle and the fourth thing being a square that is the checking point so there are 36 of each and 72 also has a close relationship to 81 with 100 in this overall type of way, and also is important in astronomy equinoxes. One interesting thing is 72 is the third number in the first fourth set of nine. Another cool thing is it’s like 27.3 in a way which is like the moon cycle.

Least common multiples of 1,2,3, and 4 group of “checking numbers” places multiplied in ratio by their number order









The first 12 segments, that are at a less overall checking and proving level that the last four, are 108 but if you subtract the numbers that end in zero which are the first checking and proving numbers to find conceptually, then you have 81 actual numbers. Interesting but in a way it shows that the 4th segments are actual segments though they are the fourth. Research about how this is relatable and significant to the 81 scales would be interesting considering there are 2 checking points every first second and third segment but three the next and that every fourth segment of the twelve are checking; and even why the last 4 of the 16 segments is relative. I’m guessing it’s because of the lapsing and cyclic-ness maybe with about how in the comment four before work together or something.
A note is: part of the lapse may be about how each checking point within each fourth segment checks both checking points for an assigned segment checked by the fourth segment.

I read 137 is important in education in a mystical way. I see it by these numbers for some guidelines one could use to awaken to the next signififying in science. 1/137. 3 2 2. 144-6 (81-6+27+36). Not 2 2 2 but since special version 3,2,2 as 1/9 worth 1/9 of 8100 then by 3 thinking instead of 2, probably 3,3,3 there more basically because of 81 by known 3,6,9

:point_up_2:actually that explains 9 scales and how 137 is symbolically like a binary type focus recording on the totalitarian 81 scale structure, and it explains again how 108 and 144 are overall for the 81 scale pyramid-like thing and the 16 segments number matrix whatever it is.

1 perxent of day is 14.4 minutes.

Basically the fine structure constant is a specialized version of the 81 scales from what I know with 79 scales like I said with 108 in 25 of them which is one third of the three overall scale zones for the 79 scales. The original 81 scales carry the same amount in the sum but all scales have only 100 things on them not only 54 with 100. 7 subtracted from the 144 is hard to explain but it could and hopefully is just the subtracting of carefully selected checking and proof points. And in general I thing the fine structure constant is able to be understood because once a specialized version of the 81 scales manifests it maybe vibrates more or something or pulls particles into visibility to our “dimension”. The reason 81 is maybe important is because triangles are the easiest to move the most info around in space without changing the structure as it develops. And since three balances the most if you imagine it’s tips it can hold three smaller triangles from the tips and that logically and reasonably sounds like the largest of the largest in words. So then to find the largest most conceptual complex structure in reality you need 9 triangles of nine tips on the bottom which sounds like the largest of the largest, of the largest of the largest balanced measuring beam structure. And actually I think instead of trying to find which checking points to take away I think we just keep the checking points there (2 within a group of 9) as place holders for the perspective to the total triangles of the initial method and then just take those 7 “actual” ones out because they are not the same format since they are not being worth the whole nine as actual points. But surprisingly those numbers that end in 0 on the number line at the top of the circle 360 page are checking numbers that seem to be potential checking numbers but they seem to be able to account for how any group of nine can be of 7 instead for if that’s the form it takes. So it would be 137 instead on 144 not because 2 scales of 81 are missing but because 7 that are reasonably accounting for a 1/9th zone are not worth nine like the others. This is the perspective I like of the fine structure constant.

137 as a constant, because we can notice it, is auxiliary to 144 in this post but getting more and more unusual would be anything more chaotic. We can say most basic or conceptual 81 (144) gives birth to 79 (137) 79 gives birth to 77 (130) and 77 gives birth to 75 (123) and beyond 75 gives birth to many ten thousands though ten thousand may not be the worth in a way because of the checking points and still the actual points. Tracing the concept ‘linearly’ throughout development seems chaotic. Perspective with the environment guides and strengthens consciousness soothing it then. This reveals how especially when knowledge itself is delicate, or less or more renewable, or less or more resettable, or less or more rewindable it is important to additionally understand the body, environment, and time.

We can find 9 actual things per segment, while one segment may have only 7 actual things so we actually count only the two checking points in that nine that are built in for the level of scope explaining there are two missing so primary artificial method is in use and the one that checks it in the nine checking three nines directly previous to know that it is counted in worth that gives value of nine source things within 27 source things but with only 7 that when added make 25 to a big third since it’s worth 2700, and even 108 per scale is in alignment with proving the three 27s with a fourth making the natural math language blossom. The fourth nines of the first twelve lets say holds a power strength value of three per smallest segments to keep the flexible settlement in balance. Then for the 13th, 14th, and 15th there is a value of three for going to each of the nine segments for the layer of greater simplicity. And for the 16th set of nine, gives 3 to each of the three in the level with the intersection of three directions.

4th degree and Quintic (trigonometry)

No 90 degree all equal angle four sided shape will work as a constant law for any four tips of a quintic that could be anywhere on the graph. That is what I’m noticing.
An aligned triangle is able to show tracing of any three actual points on a graph by the same type of cognition that threes are the most calculating all of the time in general consciousness within both space and time.
Artistic fact the conceptual aligner triangle that moves to prove alignment as a constantly measurable nature being a triangle especially when the given is 60 which is the type I would choose could be on the second 2d plane and can prove that all example problems could be a sixty degree triangle with the given information of 3 points in the first place.

For algebra I notice 1,2,3 can all be composites by the calculatory method of adding variations of groups with the types of amounts of sides within groups of polygons to the original polygon (representing the number being reviewed) these lists of numbers that come from them will of course all be composites and not primes. And by the logic of thinking about numbers from the future while the past was the lesser number I notice that the polygon multiplied by two would also be more necessary but not more than two because you’d get that from how many come from the polygon multiplied by 2.

This equation is one to imagine and shape of:((144+or-7a)(c)(line distance units by letter l)(3zc+(c1z+1xbyyby-xby-ybytimeorbyresourceoralignmentmatrix))^b16

a is seeming like a frequency that can make more or less to make 137 130 123 or 151 or whatever i see 151 as having some seven being counted from another 81 scales

c is 1 basically

xbyyby-xby-y can be in any order of course. It shows a coil type swirl. Maybe a more environmental c so maybe more chaotic..
b is like how many 81s by overall meaning; maybe a little 81 within one though; gold within the gold

Bio memory muscle memory bio energy
Sturdy foundation.

We might make one getting cycles made by definition of 10 segments of 13 as a random template for the golden ratio. That template of 10 groups of 13 helps me imagine development towards the code that they found which can align for the magic possibility of the story of coral castle.

To tapper off of trends. Think of your own idea rhythms maybe still after researching others and don’t talk too much about what things align with what that others figure,,, and just talk about your own. To keep it basic trend connections to leaders in this method just think about Pythagoras and Plato and a few others that are more or less ancient instead of the many people famous from time of around now or even still many ancient people. This will help organize and strengthen for clarity. Staying alone is recommended in my methods I speak of now.