We do not need to eat meat to build protein


Fear can really make you belive the worst…

If there was a new disease going around called ?Giraffe Flu? and every time you turned on the TV people were talking about it and telling you all of the sympoms that come along with it there is a good chance that you would start to worry that you might have ?Giraffe Flu?.

When you stop eating meat you will almost certainly be met by people who tell you that you are going to get sick, you won?t get enough protein, you won?t get enough iron, etc, etc, etc, (One person even told me that my ears would fall off if I didn?t eat meat because the cartillage in your ears can only be produced through the consumption of animal protein. LOL)

Since it can be hard to find people in your neighborhood who are living without meat, find people on YouTube who are vegtarian or vegan who have been doing it for a lot longer than you and who are getting the results that you want.


[QUOTE=David;65565]If you follow a vegan lifestyle, PLEASE be sure to take Vitamin B12 supplements. You CANNOT get it from a plant based diet and once your stores run low, you will be in a world of hurt.[/QUOTE]

Vitamin B12 is created by bacteria naturally found on plants and in soil, however modern conventional farming reduces this bacteria. It is still found in meat so you must supplement it if you are vegetarian or vegan.

I live with a healthy, active, woman of 62 who has been vegan for 30 years. She does it for Animal Rights. http://peta.org
The reason why governments and some specialists promote a carnivorous diet is that they are supporting a Big Money making industry. The Canada Health Guide is one such source of politically biased misinformation.

I am an organic vegetarian (grains, legumes, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, occaisional egg). It isn’t difficult at all after the initial information intake.
I do it for my health, the animals, and the health of the planet: factory farms produce huge quantities of methane, are cess pools of human disease agents, promote genetically modified organisims, reduce bio diversity, and starve the poor(10 lbs grain equals one pound of beef)

I have also been good friends with animals and know they are emotional and intelligent. For me being nearly vegan has lifted a weight from my heart, my body, and is an important practice for world peace: www.earthsave.ca

It took a long time to start making different choices, I did enjoy eating animal products. Don’t expect an overnight transformation, try being mindful and aware of your cravings.




Continuation from the Ghandi article

“Gandhi had desired meat because he thought that it would provide the strength that Indians would need to overcome the rule of the British. Yet with his choice for vegetarianism, he realized there are other sources of strength - satyagraha, which had the power to end the British raj, while physical strength alone would have been defeated.”


For those that may still doubt the reality of all of our claims that a plant based diet is beneficial to the body, take a look at this interview on SoulVeggie: http://soulveggie.blogs.com/my_weblog/2008/09/the-ultra-vegan.html

Ghandhi believed that non violence gave greater strength to the individual and thus was the only way to overthrow the British occupation.



[QUOTE=SunshineHeart;69105]The truth is that our digestive system adapts to our consciousness. Always has.

Yoga is a system whereby the ultimate goal is that we all gradually require no food at all and get our energy directly from prana (from the cosmic life force within the aethers).

The journey will be different for all of us but the desired result for all of us is that we (through the power of our choices, our minds, our consciousnesses) completely transform our “digestive systems” (indeed, our nervous systems and all systems within our bodies) into a more expanded expression.

If that isn’t one’s desire, why would one even bother with yoga in the first place? There is still the option of being a limited earth-bound “primate”.

As I said, the path is winding for some and more direct for others. All is well any way you look at it for eventually all paths lead to the Oneness (if not in this life, in a future one).

Blessed Be![/QUOTE]

Good to be reminded of this.


[QUOTE=Yogini Grace;83617]For those that may still doubt the reality of all of our claims that a plant based diet is beneficial to the body, take a look at this interview on SoulVeggie:


That’s a great interview! Thanks for posting.


This video discusses the secular, ethical, reasons for taking up a healthy plant based diet.



I think I’ve just started my way into becoming a vegetarian… I knew it would happen one day but what actually did it for me was watching the horrifying way the animals are treated in order to become meals - basically tortured their whole life! I look forward to this new path and I can already say that in a week, I already feel the change in mind and body.

Thank you for this post


Not all proteins are equal The proteins in the plants and vegetables are far better than the
proteins derived from animals.

There is a celebrity book “China Study”, based on decades of experiments, that clearly demonstrate the dramatic increase in cancer, heart diseases and many other diseases due
to consumption of animal proteins.

I think the book is available on-line too.


Also check out books by Joel Fuhrman, MD and take a look at the video Forks over Knives

Both recommend plant protein over animal protein

I have to admit when I cut waaaaaay down on animal protein and used mostly vegetable protein my cardiologist kicked me out of his office because he said I was to healthy to be there.


This is a subject I have really started thinking about recently. So many people say that you need meat for protein but obviously that isn’t true. I have struggled to create an affordable and practical meal plan with less meat.
Great shout out for the China Study book. I will be looking at that for sure.


It sucks that people scare others in to not doing the things they feel are right. Although not eating meat does require a lot more attention to detail in nutrition we should all be paying that much attention to what we eat, even if we are not vegetarian.