Yoga Forums is Under New Management

Greetings my friends,

I’m David Chapman, the new owner of I’ve owned the site for a short time now but have refrained from posting about the change, mostly because I would have preferred not to be viewed as the person, “in charge” and was trying to figure out some way to avoid that. I think I have some issue with being, “in charge” because of the common connotation of that making you above others or special in some way, two things I do not consider myself.

Please allow for a short experience of mine:

[I]The studio I first began my yoga practice was where I decided to also undergo my initial yoga teacher training. I chose them because the head of the studio (despite my not knowing him well) was, in my opinion, an intensely wise, realized, spiritual person who was as close to perfection as anyone I’d ever met. I went through my yoga teacher training and all was well. My feelings towards him only intensified. I could sit at his feet and listen to his words all day.

Many months later an employee of the studio told me that the head of the studio, my guru in the making, did not trust me. I laughed it off because I had a belief that nothing should bother yogis, they should be centered (I realized later I BSed myself and not being trusted by him tore into my heart).

As time progressed, I continued to practice at the studio more and more. I also became aware of how much I started to judge the head of the studio. I did everything in my power to nitpick him. I found every flaw. I judged him negatively because he wasn’t perfect, he “Didn’t embody what he taught”. He was a fraud.

One day I decided to (I forget why) have a meeting with him. We went out for coffee and the first words out of his mouth were the admission that he didn’t trust me in the past. I was about to begin defending myself when he said, “That was my issue.” I was floored. How could he have issues? He’s head of the yoga studio! HE TEACHES PEOPLE TO TEACH YOGA. I began to think even less of him.

Later I found a guru who is deeply spiritual and very realized. In the eyes I looked through at that time, I felt he was enlightened. One day he told me that he may still hold pockets of terror within him and he has issues. WHAT THE HELL? Was there nobody for me to turn to for wisdom? Why were all these false people BSing me? [B]Why couldn’t they be perfect and I like expected them to be?[/B][/I][B]! ARGH &#$&^$![/B]

I can only smile when I speak of this. I now realize what absolutely AMAZING people they are, how much they can teach me, and vice versa. What changed since then? How I choose to view them.

What’s my point?

If you expect me to be a certain way, I promise you I will let you down. If you think that I’m perfect just because I own this site, I promise you I will let you down. If you think I have all the answers, I promise I will let you down. If you think I am always right, I promise I will let you down.

I have issues, I am egotistical, I am emotional, I stick my foot in my mouth (sometimes literally :wink: ), I am often confused, and I am told I’m abrasive. I am also loving, compassionate, accepting, patient, and chock full of passion for life. I love to learn and love to teach, often at the same time.

I am human.

I am.

How you choose to view me is up to you, but I prefer not to let you down :slight_smile: All I can promise is that I will try to love you, accept you, and see you for the utterly amazing being you are, no matter how you choose to view me.

If there is ever anything I can do for any of you, you have concerns, suggestions, etc etc, don’t hesitate for a second to contact me. I’ll be posting ideas for the site in the future, I want to shape together. I’m not really interested in making money from this site, I’m much more interested in it becoming a vehicle for growth and change.

With love, acceptance, and as many hugs as you want,

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Congratulations David!

You look like this now, right?

Much love,

So my feeling was right all a long, had the feeling something has changed, but couldn’t really pinpointed it. Welcome David and thank you for allowing this site to be under the ownership of I AM. :slight_smile:

Much Blessings and Om’s with the endeavour.

What does an owner do?

I’m not sure what being a new owner means.

Forgive my newness, but we all just continue to help each other to live, love and learn through yoga, right?

Thank you Wendy and Pandara for your kindness :slight_smile:

[quote=wendy;14559]What does an owner do?

I’m not sure what being a new owner means. [/quote]
The same general thing the new owner of a yoga studio would do if they purchased an existing yoga studio. How they decided to proceed would be up to them, but is in some ways like a virtual yoga studio.

I don’t know if that helps or answers your question. If not, let me know and I’ll try again :slight_smile:


Congratulations and thank you for your honest introduction.


[B][I][U]Why couldn’t they be perfect and I like expected them to be?! ARGH &#$&^$![/U][/I][/B]

Want peace with perfection?

Look for direction and forget perfection.

Either we are getting better, frozen or getting worse.

Perfection is the nature of gods…imperfection is the nature of humans.

Even the Buddha was not perfect.

According to the story…the Buddha gave consent to allow an order of nuns to be organized only after the much advocacy from Ananda (his butler) and also the lobbying of the Buddha’s step mom that this took place at the first council. As history shows Buddha was not in favor of women having such roles. You would think the Buddha didn’t need schooling by his butler and step mom?.

So women should make Ananda their patron saint and not the Buddha in this respect. Ananda had a special predisposition for women and spent much effort in their edification of the dharma.

BTW an interesting sory about Ananda…

At that time, because ?nanda was receiving alms in sequential order, he passed by a house of prostitution and was waylaid by a powerful artifice. On the strength of Kapila?s mantra, which came from the Brahma Heaven, the daughter of Matangi drew him onto an impure mat. With her licentious body she caressed him until he was on the verge of destroying the precept-substance. The Tath?gata, knowing ?nanda was being taken advantage of by an impure artifice, finished the meal and immediately returned to the Sublime Abode. The king, great officials, elders, and laypeople followed along after the Buddha desiring to hear the essentials of the Dharma.Then the World Honored One from his crown emitted hundreds of rays of jeweled light, which dispelled all fear. Within the light appeared a thousand-petal jeweled lotus, upon which was seated a transformation-body Buddha in full-lotus posture, proclaiming a spiritual mantra. Shakyamuni Buddha commanded Manjushri to take the mantra and go provide protection, and, when the evil mantra was dispelled, to support ?nanda and Matangi?s daughter and encourage them to return to where the Buddha was.


…and congrats David on your acquisition and many thanks for the service you provide to yogis and yoginis worldwide.

Congratulations David! Reading your first post reminds me of a similar situation that had a much different and unfortunate result. But, out of all adversity there’s an opportunity for growth! Your story has inspired me to create a video that I’ve been wondering how to start. It makes sense to me now and I’ll share it here when I finish it.

Sat Nam,

So what what is your intention to own this forum?
Where is the journey going now?
Give up all what you posted you are, become more simple and you migth realise there is something divine in you which has nothing to do whith your personality.

Truth Simplicity and Love

Hi David, congratulations on your purchase.

And “hey” if we were perfect, it would be a boring world :slight_smile:

Cheers Mike.

cool , good luck for your future

I’ve met David (recently) and the forum is in proficient, mindful, and present hands.

I hope to contact other members of the universal Kula through your forum. This type of communication is new to me and I will approach it mindfully, just like my Yoga practice.

PS> I like the Yoga studio analogy,



I wanted to say that I have an “open door policy” here. If you ever need to talk to me about anything, please PM me. I’m here to help as much as I can.

Aww, you’re so sweet. And I must say, the space you create when you teach is absolutely incredible. It was EASY for me to be present in your presence.

Really liked how you introduced us to yourself. Creative :slight_smile: Thanks for holding the space on this forum. I’ve got a post I would like to put on the forum but after 15 minutes of searching around I cannot locate the “Add Post” button? Is it because I’m using Safari? LOL. Really scratching my head here, although I am enjoying the challenge of it as I get to read some really thought provoking posts. Thanks!

Thanks for your kind words Jimmy.

To answer your question, if you click here, at the top left under the site navigation, do you see this button:

If yes, then use that in the applicable forum for your question. If no, then yes, it's probably Safari :frowning:

It's great having you here by the way :slight_smile:

I’m pretty new to this forum and am learning what it’s all about.
Everyone has differing views sometimes, but that’s ok. The study of yoga is so large, that it’s hard to cover it all. There are also many different religions that believe in different traditions. I’m Jewish, but am always wanting to learn new things.

Keep up the good work with this forum:)

Wow David, so honest and candid. I love it!! You’ve certainly made a great first impression on me (now don’t let me down!!! J/K).

I’m new to this forum too, but it seems to be full of great info already!

Dear David,

[B]Congratulations and thank you for your honest introduction.[/B]
Best with Blessings,

oh David , ur self introduction is very interesting , i m new here , thank for letting me to learn more through the experiences of others in this forum.