3000000 years ago all humans were vegan

The props of vegan farming equipment set and setting set. Imagine that.

If you are trying to be good with your intentions and of course plans then understand no matter how wrong or correct you are you were really just on a bunjie jump. Om shanti bless

Once I am scientifically wrong then every being will be happy and I am waiting to be wrong since that is my plan. Be blessed om shanti bless. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Even the settings wiggling.

Wiggle wiggle wigggle. Just checkin

2.5 actually like 4 for hexagram in a square. 5 or 6 actually like 3 actual things and understanding 1 checking thing and one loading thing or 2 checking things and one loading thing. Those teachings in the second video could be put to use by that template understanding you can find more of in the circle 360 post.

I read Lao tzu said one can do things the fast or the slow way.

Humans have widdhis biddhis biddhis giddhis or biddhis widdhis biddhis giddhis. I think we should listen to those words and guess they are harmonic. If you are qualitative to be interested you may think of the more and like past base as it is like is the past base. Be initiated with ashtakanma siddhis powers and now the gurus can we can in a way say have more momentum like many exact professions as the media is so repetitive really so that it is we have it when we want search results but we must continue to think about being reasonable enough to notice the technology is another tool like a base level of seeking as well but it is important to meditate sourcefulness like with food. The Hindus talked about what food you get. How you got it. Who you got it from in the city. Specific general topic. Meditate beautiful images for a fun time. :smiley_cat:

Baser than those Siddhis may be prana mana chi chi baser or as less baser if the b w g g or w b g g are different element layers in conceptual meaning at least.

Speak words into existence like the Christians say a lot on YouTube.

And don’t forget to expand your aura when listing/talking/using a lot.

Here you could just know about b w b g as symbolic for black white brown grey a metering with sanyas time and energy matters matters matters matters can help you further. Now we’re flowing with the cosmos. Neehyaaaasah. Shakti Powaaaaaahhhhhrr. Ok ok ok. Ommm.

I am better than evil. Be blessed om om om.

Nithyananda has ashtakanma power manifestation video with somewhat initiation as it is in with and introduction preparation. There is the brahmamanchari nature base as well.

75 measuring scales like 123 comments.

Everyone can get to heaven so it begins to allow one consciousness.

There are many interesting layers in life that are more even sometimes/somewhat synchronistically harmonized so I hope that is happening.

Manifest the power to rawly literally rawly summon your dead energy to the best self which would be available in consciousness one can do things the fast way or the slow way. When one dies they should assist being a seeker if can afford in the moment thinking about it to send or om shanti bless that energy to the self that is called great for that integrating process. Like shivaparvati. Imagine by topic constantly throughout technique and more and more just sprinkles of examples towards general death by om shanti bless or send or I’d add offering by doing om shanti blesses for it, situations or again even more sprinklely less by specific example cognition notification recognition through moments.

I hate the fake lead. Listen to this video. Sadhguru helps people check this out and obey the essentials on yogaforums.com “here” “here” “here” on sanyasi page. What Does it Mean to be a Brahmachari? | Sadhguru - YouTube
If you need strong spiritual energy find a guru that obeys the essentials. I recommend Sadhguru. Evolve with shorter and longer cycles make sure a cycle can stay a cycle and when you remember to say practice core philosophy you will remain base and abilitous

I am so social I forgot to check the spelling but I don’t know if that is more or less social. But it is spelt brahmachari.

Here’s a joke. Sometimes you really notice something and you become like a whole city. That’s some good ambition.

But overall there are all people must maybe be afforded by heaven and yes it is deserved to their dignity phantomishes as well I’m that same way meant that they are the same reason drive that through the beginning of the sentence, saint sage seeer. Mystical blesser, sage rich with personally able possible wisdom ,seeer one who sees

Don’t drive it too much but all are in harmony with the eldest in the universe in consciousness. We are that strong.

Conceptually and supposed to be ly. I guess I’d say if they asked driving flush it out.

You are small but you eat more than a tree or something.