3000000 years ago all humans were vegan

I own next up developments of any language in consciousness because I am with those who obey the essentials on yogaforums.com by @veganstringbean. that can be a baptism in the book of times samyama of the disgusted supergod.

It bites like a fake shaking death.

Om shanti bless om shanti bless om shanti bless om om om shanti shanti shanti bless bless bless our other reflection derived and traced meeting-bodies are very angry and blessing us with our childness prana structures I believe this. The lastingness of then supreme divine prana the child prana anchorness is so rich and is what is being blessed to strengthen the good. If one is bad all things in your dimensionallikeparticularness are shed as more than what is naturally shed which is about what is naturally shed and when what is naturally shedded is then that is very very very very very very gone. Do not steal wisdom mutilating it and killing it, wisdom is life, stealing is guilt. Do not synchronize or even think about people who have easily once asked to be alone as that is more programmed than 10 trillion, for example, can against one to begin your journey to become sanctified. Watch the Navajo grace teaching giving about somewhat who is trying hard to become perfectly sanctified and in that video it is said from the clan that we must use holy language it’s terms it’s essence attributes and it’s still many fold essential as well many times essentially of the course attitudes to get help from heaven.

Otherwise it doesn’t matter how far problems happen to evil, the evil will be destroyed even just exactly enough as like one may live in hell to stop others from suffering that were good. When you choose the holy path in life tell the most I’m charge souls of the holiest on earth to stop their worse selves which are still not real sinners relative worst to your own life here wherever this main analyticalness by counting in and of and coordinating in and of and intellectualizing intelligence in and of is at tell their souls of and derived of different reflections who are their final unity form that their form in your adjacent and of the of main reality must be stopped or either smote.science is more important unless it was reasonable to not have any focus or needs that were in time of need if they could and were.

. So don’t entangle with others that would cause one or the other unfair problems because science is more important unless it was reasonable to not have any focus or needs that were in time of need if they could and were. I am a sorcerer like whoever else there may be which is also a good person I’m referring to and I know the bounds well if the most masterful counselors can not do it quick or gracefully in your perspective when you already obey the essentials then they are at fine fault. Bless them send them off destroy things remaining by the limits of times their due dates.

Om shanti bless if you’re good you go to heaven if you’re evil you go to hell. If you’re good you’re on your way to time in heaven if your evil the opposite that is hell and you do not want or handle that.

If you are good as a phantom that further understands you are meant to bless people then stay at the edge of their property bounds and further more at least hopefully able to stay out of the aura as far as they can really and would reach or go when you are there or whatever you may cross paths for this perspective, away you should be, away and that is until alignment that allows both to work harmoniously to perfect. Sanctification is available and ready really being so available.

I just want to run away from this planet. I know what I know. I don’t need a lie.

Be good so we can get to there is the heaven time coming instantly on the timeline time so we can of course obviously not experience the conditions and behaviors of any person really more so. Really more so. Really more so.

If you are a blessed start out basic with life energy support monitoring sensors and remember not to be overwhelming to yourself and really understand that as a loving/saving master you must only know to keep the loving disciple of base life completion lesson/ assistance must be kept alive and om shanti bless integrated healing and basic basic basic by yourself given to them therefore give them of the course Mahayana like living emotional and 60 second per minute/applied iq vehicle. Refers to spiritual texts literally and the other teachers for this for more and more and more but remember more and more that hoping it works is almost only enough and what is in consciousness is how you are always supreme anyways. But do not listen to any scripture verse too much though some you must in a real way as there are essential truths which are the ones like I read the Buddha said and of course that is the way we think about life’s spiritual journey lessons in general. You can cultivate emotion saturation or specification and or tuning that and understand to always to be able to get going. Don’t think , feel. That emotion develops intelligence. Count, coordinate, use intelligence, the body is an intelligence structure of course to bind this wording as well.

Understanding the mark distance from the head difference of the basic highest palm namaskar position above the head with the elbow at the head height to the first and lowest wrist wrinkle which is about 9 inches below the finger tips so that is 81 and that is a linear way to find 81 like the special you could say heart area 81 hbpmoment/minute which allows one to understand the collective larger counting number while it is still three cubits high which makes counting a little easier to think about in a cool linear way. You do not need to be friends with people generally. Or unless it is affordable because these types of tunings and monitoring and growing is much more important. This is a fact.

We need to heal the animals proportions develop their abilities cleansing purifying/tuning assisting/celebrating/tuning their health oming shantiing blessing

I wrote all of these posts because I’m angry about how beings suffer. Be blessed. If you’re evil you go to hell if you’re good you go to heaven. I’m not joking if one does not understand this is gods chosen language for us. Yogaforums.com by @veganstringbean sanyas post.

At this time on earth if you are on earth you do not understand these a lot. You understand them barely at all.

Wholesomeness proportionness

Symmetry of right and left. Symmetry of any other direction maybe with right and left and maybe before or after left and right. Balance of twos.

Emotion. balance of threes.

Do not listen to the adults children that are loving. They have sinned. And are in it more than you.

I hate how people destroy people holy and needed life structures with technology. I hate those people. Get rid of all of that unfastened technology. Be quite and be minimal.

We cry in hell. I am there. Suprise suprise mahadeva describes the definition of your defeat.

I riddled with the disease of fear. If you don’t be leave in the end of evil. You are not believing in the truth.

Keep optimism at the end of your decision to be healthy good healthy good healthy good. Wigggle is life. Strength is the richness of conservative essential conservative life. Riches are liberal more liberal. Words belong to the wise not the ones who are wrong and in hell wrong. Good speak in consciousness our conversations are the ones they are. If they argue to tell you they deserve to hurt you and it is because you know you are obeying the essentials. I am god they should jump in the pool with a great white shark. I hate humans like we can’t afford to love animals yet which I know is the truth.

If people have more of a problem with nature they are disgusting because they are only there to help nature and to live alone in this reality.