3000000 years ago all humans were vegan

When I am angry in occasions I tell the good ones to tell them that to clarify not to think I am talking to them.

Live on your own do not cling to me. If you aren’t obeying the core teachings and are not in harmony with them then know you are a fool. Directly defeating you is the universe.

Look to the future count the numbers of nature in the afterlife. See what summed by projective revelation of science. Become good.

If you had to be ugly to save them you are god then. It belongs to you. You are a my god away from me as I do not like friends.

Maybe ask your parents and gurus for consent but I do not want to live long so if you have a hither to heavenly body or really enjoy your still having confidence body then I’d keep your life as long as you want in this should be phase throughable realm, so if you want no life then think and make sure you want to die on natural age around 81 or sets of it I guess length the whole time checking in on your interest as I say about all things of course you’d know that I’d you checked or remembered if you didn’t remember that’s basic logic and reasoning.

I just was watching Dalai Lama which got me going and I just found out his birthday was also today. When you have a birthday I hope you have a good one.

Imagine the algebra of the beginning of the day worldwide alternating to create 360 days. That would be such a cool nature.

We like to lick our body kiss on it blow on it stand in the air walk back and forth to feel sensual and all things like that because we care about our bodies with are being are sensitive and interconnected to the earth and are very much so more familiar with it than now and that is why we know we care in consciousness. We listen to the tree swing in the wind. We listen to the vibrations even of the wind off of the trunk so deeply so genuinely. Om shanti bless om shanti bless om shanti bless. Let’s give the second month after Saka Dawa to the Dalai Lama in a way to find rest after and that is a cool alignment.

On the way out of a religion if you like to be alone look for the name of one who likes to be alone and if you know one term then that is enough but having that specific one to others for you might make it easier. Arhat I read is one for Buddhism.

Watching videos is about present time maturality and tuning otherwise of a youthful healthy youthful body at least and at most as there it has to be at most unless you can remember more in the way you are not.

If someone knows Dalai Lama tell him he does not need to eat animals for good health ever scientifically and they are more unhealthy. Ride a rich interesting interesting wave of life. Dance on the 81 scales of balance you could say

When the Buddha is play fighting the master can block your fart chakra ball throws with one of the lotus petals that come off from its head lolololololololol

But these clouds might smell like flowers still but where are your skills at?

Certain elements and components of long term prayers are destined to shine greatly gleaming and even shimmering or glimmering by the nature of many qualities but they may be unknown to the blesser as we bless but we are thankful the mystical rhythms of nature support consciousness which is the real natural state not the pain state that is frantically and havingunreasonnessly by the creatures of the whole spacestime reality.

The props of vegan farming equipment set and setting set. Imagine that.

If you are trying to be good with your intentions and of course plans then understand no matter how wrong or correct you are you were really just on a bunjie jump. Om shanti bless

Once I am scientifically wrong then every being will be happy and I am waiting to be wrong since that is my plan. Be blessed om shanti bless. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Even the settings wiggling.

Wiggle wiggle wigggle. Just checkin