Controlling Sexual Desire with Yoga


(ALREADY STATED BY EARLIER POST) I believe Buddhas last obstacle was thoughts of sex but he didn’t give up. Dont be too hard on yourself…it will take time to remove sexual urges that will arise. Meditation may bring them closer to the surface, there will be many layers to remove…after meditation, not during necessarily…although it can happen during meditation this is usually because one has had the thought as meditation begins, so avoid meditating with any thought of sex preceding the meditation.

When you fail, (EVEN FOR DAYS), do not allow this to bother you, just keep trying and eventually all the layers will be dealt with and cease to be a problem. It has taken me many years to be completely free of any sexual desires. I never became disheartened when I slipped up. It is normal to slip up…now nothing and no person can stir me to any sexual cravings or stimulations, rest assure it is achievable and you will achieve it in time. You sound as if you are on a mission in life, you sound as if you have the abilities to do it because of your mission…I wish you every success on your very noble mission Futureking, I will include you in my thoughts to wish you strength in this matter

Kind Regards Kareng


We also need to separate the physical act of sex from a “desire” for sex.

Yoga is not absurd and has never asked for NEVER getting into the act. The fact that human beings need to bring other good souls to life to perpetuate as a species, has been known to Yogis. What one has to question is a desire, expecially when the driver for the desire is pleasure and not a conjugal duty. This desire, as many have observed here on the thread, is very hard to get rid of. The dividing line between a natural initiative and a conditioned impulse is very thin. And the media bombardment to amplify the impulse is fearsome. So, as rightly advised by kareng, it is prudent to have patience. Slip-ups need to be taken in stride, yet effort never given up. We need to doggedly practice Yoga until a disinterest is developed in desire for sex, until such disinterest is not seen as ‘weird’ and until no pang of deprivation results.

Yoga also wants us to enlarge the concept. An undue desire for sex is indulgence and we need to get rid of all such desires. For example, over-eating that goes beyond hunger-satiation, gossipping that goes beyond knowing someone, shopping beyond basic needs - are all indulgence. Focus on sex alone also shows our modern-day lop-sided obsession with it.


You need to have sex man…that’s the way out.


I am new to this forum, and probably late for this thread. But for reducing sexual desires the best thing is inversion postures like the headstand, shoulder stand, plow posture etc. The flying angel posture is useful for increasing the sexual retentive power, as in preventing nocturnal emissions, thereby causing your body to
A. produce less sexual fluid, meaning greater conservation of energy
B. subtly re-absorb sexual fluid, which is highly beneficial

The most effective way to reduce sexual desire though is through dietary control. I don’t mean starving yourself, I mean eating simple foods in moderation and especially trying not to over eat.

Also, unwanted sexual desire tends to creap up when you are mentally weak or out of balance in some other area, so try to keep a fairly regular schedule and avoid getting too tired or sick.

Celebacy is not for everyone, and it should be practiced with proper motivation and for the right reasons. Certainly many people who aspire to be celebate would be spiritually better off entering a loving, respectful, and healthy sexual relationship. But for certain people with certain goals then celebacy should be respected for the significant benefits that it does provide.

How’s that for a first post? Kind of an akward one to jump right into!


Wow, this thread sure is a refreshing change from some like “How can I use Yoga to have great sex?”



I am from India. I want to remain unmarried through out my life. But I don’t want to become Sanyasi(Monk). Because I have a big aim in my life. This aim is for goodness of my people and country.
Many things are restricted for sanyasies like they can not participate in politics. But I want to participate in politics. I am only one child of my mother therefore I have take care of her. Therefore I can not become sanyasi.But 1 thing is sure, I don’t want to be married because only unmarried man can fight against corruption. But the problem is my sexual desire. I want to control it so that I can live calm and happy through out my life.

Is there any medicine or yog aasan or food that can help.[/QUOTE]

Hey future king, you exactly sound like me. To an extent that I had to check my emails dated Feb’2010 to make sure that I did not start this thread. And now here I am b’coz I think I have found my mirror image…my brother. When I say my mirror image, I mean that I really want to do something better for my motherland (India) , I don’t want to get married and I am also looking to find a solution which can make me escape the shackles of sexual desires. I read all the replies and would definitely try some of the asanas like HeadStand, ShoulderStand and balancing of palms.

I also want to keep in touch with you b’coz we are like-minded and may support each other in our ideas of a corruption-free country and then later this world. I am not sure if I am allowed to put personal contact details but if it is the destiny, then we might come across some day.

~~ May PEACE be THE victorious


I my view its too immature to think of not marrying, giving up sex, for life targets like fighting corruption! A whole lot of new perspective on things is needed here. A complete new look at things and paths. My suggestion would be to NOT deny oneself sex and companionship of woman/women.

A better idea would be to put up an advert in classified personnels ‘Looking for someone committed to a life of social service and fight against corruption’


[QUOTE=thomas;39372]Wow, this thread sure is a refreshing change from some like “How can I use Yoga to have great sex?”[/QUOTE]

Don’t tempt me.


[QUOTE=Lencho…;30679]I can understand the not wanting to get married part but no sex I don’t understand. :confused:

I saw 2Girls1Cup on the internet somewhere once and it cured me of sex for quite a while. You should look into that, I’m sure it would help.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for mentioning the video and I googling it and actually watching it!!! Its in my head now, and I do not know what to do! lol


Urdva Retus ? turn your sex drive into a blissful experience? idk


I heard that some aasana’s can help to remain bachelor.They are not 100% working solution but can help.
If it is true please let me know about those things.[/QUOTE]

I’ve heard interesting stories of sages in India chopping off their organs in order to curb sexual desires. Obviously, that did not help… as sexual desire, or any desire for that matter, arises in the mind & not the body. All asanas point towards mind control to curb any kind of desire/s. In a way, ultimately, extent of mind control dependa on level nf will power and asanas might not always prove effective, as our minds have a very bad habit of forsaking us at the wrong time!


Hi futureking I found that we have very same thoughts and vision toward nation.
I am also want to join the politics to serve for nation and have firm belief that only unmarried person can do so and for the same reason I am interested in the yoga to avoid sexual desires.
If you don’t have any problem I would like to contact you via email and mobile to share our thoughts, vision and ways. Thanks !


नाड़ी शोधन प्राणायाम with कुंभक can help in controlling the lust/desires.

भस्त्रिका, बाह्य, कपालभाति increase downward movement of the वीर्य, but not if you’ve already gained self control.

So, do नाड़ी शोधन (not अनुलोम विलोम, difference being holding the breath as long as you can without gasping for it, also called कुंभक) for a year or until self control arises. You will know when it has arisen because you won’t suffer from स्वप्नदोष and an internal helpful force will wake you up at the right time, preventing it from happening: don’t be lethargic when you wake up and thus prevent it, instead do some more of this प्राणायाम after toilet and cleaning teeth, even in the dead of night. You will, from time to time, need to resist the urge; after several months this need to resist will weaken and you’ll gradually remain in the celibate state more naturally. Stay away from company which can affect this pursuit. Do not be disheartened when you lose semen in sleep initially. It is a gradual process. Yoga takes time, it runs in repeating cycles, every cycle will make you one step stronger.

Now the problem. The pranayama above (नाड़ी शोधन with कुंभक) will make you very calm, yoga asks you shun public platforms and is very ‘introvert’ practice, politics requires constant interactions and is an ‘extrovert’ practice. Unless you are enlightened before you join politics, there is serious risk of a downfall because power comes and corruption follows. If you get enlightened before entering politics, you perhaps would not want to enter it. As someone said above, focus on improving self, fighting corruption can make you lose progress made in yoga because unless you are enlightened already, perfect calmness of mind may get disturbed but calmness is needed to make progress.

Good luck though, noble goal, is achievable.


Namastê futureking,

i’m trying to celibacy from a long time because when I was younger I experienced nirvana.
I did long periods of celibacy starting from 3 months, to 8 months, to 10 month to a full year and realized with time that the energy will go the right way. I only failed to continue because of sexual tensions and teasing but each time I failed I would start over again.

So, porn is not good, you have to ignore sexual tensions and be natural so it will vanish. Pranayama breathings will disperse sexual tensions. You will have to get used to female teasing so you will not fell aroused nor fall into desire. If any sexual contact with yourself or another you must not dissipate sexuality(Orgasm is not good for your body). Yoga and meditation will clean your mind and body from toughs and desires when you can’t.

Chastity will raise the kundalíni and align your chakras, it will also create Ojas on our energetic field.

Some Naga Sadhus use bricks to pull their penis down breaking their nerves so that the energies can flow upwards. Their penis will not rise.

You can do it, it is important that you meditate daily and do some yoga once in a wile.

Say this to your self relaxed when feelings might rise ‘‘Sex is good but my heart doesn’t feel like it’’.

I wish you good luck,


Love is not sexual intercourse. Love is not vital attraction and interchange. Love is not the heart’s hunger for affection. Love is a mighty vibration coming straight from the One. And only the very pure and very strong are capable of receiving and manifesting it. Cheers!


Of course you can control the desire of sex with meditative actions
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Yoga tattva upanishad gives a great teaching on celibacy. You must read for a better understanding about celibacy.