Halasana pose difficult for you?


Hi yogi & yogis
How you do your halasana ? I wonder why my feet quite hard to reach the floor over my head. Ever did one time & maybe hurt my back waist & i dare not to try again.


Hello Theresa,

the question about Halasana turns regularly in this Forums, for example have a look at this thread:

First thing, if your feet reach quite hard to the floor, this is a very normal condition for western people!

I do not instruct Halasana in a group of beginners and generally I recommend, not to do it in the morning, when your body is still stiff.
For those who are able to practice Sarvangasana for a little while, I begin with two preparing exercises to Halasana:
One is to keep your legs parallel to the ground and not try to lower your legs. This is a very strong exercise for breathing capacity.
The other is to open the legs in this position – parallel to the ground – and to stretch the legs, starting from the pelvis to the heels.

In both positions I recommend to support the back with the hands.
Only if those preparing exercises are well done, I start with instructing Halasana and even here we first only perform the position with our legs outstretched.

So you see, Halasana has to be evolved gradually, so you can be sure to not overstretch the neck.

With best wishes for your practice,


yes you are right that it may hurt back or neck badly. Your teacher should be able to assess you on this. You should try it only once you are sure that your back and neck condition is good.