Kundalini and the Breathless State


Now keep with me.
Both these sets of nerves connect to the carotid arteries in the neck.
The blood flow in the carotid arteries are heavily effected by breathing " when their is no nostril resistance, the sound of breathing is created by the throat, meaning their is resistance in the throat, meaning stimulation".

To be short. Stimulate the blood flow in either carotid artery and you stimulate the nerve attached ;).

I am still grappling with the interplay between the 5 bodies that make up our being and the states of consciousness. I know that there are 5 sheaths or bodies that make up our being and 4 states of consciousness that make up our awareness. The 5 bodies are the physical, the electrical, the mental or emotional, the psychic (dream state), and consciousness. The 4 states of consciousness are what we experience successively between these 5 bodies (for the most part – the goal posts move a little bit) and are the conscious state, the subconscious state, the unconscious state and the supra conscious state.

I now understand that as long as there is polarity in the body from the breath, you are stuck in the conscious state. Nadi Shodhana is instrumental in exiting the interplay between the Physical (Annamaya Kosha) and the Electrical (Pranayama Kosha) bodies. Interestingly the physical body can be used to control the electrical body and visa versa. I believe that shutting down the senses is necessary to get past the Subconscious state that exists between the Electrical body and the Mental body (Manomaya Kosha). This takes you to the Unconscious state or the void (beginning stages of Samadhi) that exists between the Mental state and the Psychic State (Vijnanamaya Kosha). Once the Third Eye opens you make it to the Anandamaya Kosha or SupraConsciousness (Enlightenment).

You achieved this about 10 months quicker than I did. What you are feeling and calling a ribbon is the thin strip of skin between those two openings and yes those holes lead down to the nasal passages. The top of that ribbon is the secret spot or what AYPsite calls the alter of bliss. You can see the ribbon gets thicker and “bulgy” near the top. This tissue will get more sensitive with time and practice. You need to stretch your tongue up to the top of the holes, go through them and up and you are on your way to the “Tenth Gate”. Look closely at the nostril holes – there are two passages in each hole. The lower one is to the nasal passage and the upper one is to the Tenth Gate.

The Sella Turcica is right below the Pituitary Gland – this is above the “Tenth Gate”.

As Jesus said Matthew 7:13:

13Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

After you spend some time in Khechari, the skin that supports the tongue in stage 2 gets pliable and moves forward. This allows the tongue to go straight up. And the turbinate areas that were once “narrow” open up quite a bit. It takes a while to desensitize this area which is the stage I am at right now, so the rest of this is just conjecture.

Yogananda wrote that he practiced shutting down his senses one by one by pushing on a bone. Lahiri wrote:

There is a sticking point above the holes in the nose and it will go beyond that - gradually. Don’t force it; if you do so you can injure yourself. It will do its work after higher Kriya.

They must be talking about going up the pharynx and through the turbinate areas, that is the white part that hooks down. You then push on that bone that sticks out like a diving board and you can see that the bones above it, that support it, bend allowing it to compress the nerve signals that travel above this bone. Eventually you break through this bone and place the tongue directly under the Sella Turcica. The Sella Turcica encases the Pituitary Gland and is the round half circle type bone in the dark area known as the Sphenoid Sinus. The tongue then brings enough electricity to the the Pituitary Gland causing it to vibrate which causes the Pineal Gland to vibrate, they both start making their liquid which combine making Amrita. And then you get to drink from the Holy Grail or Fountain of Youth. This liquid anesthetizes the mind. The electricity from the tongue eventually turns on the Third Eye.

There are several reasons why I don’t think I have evolved enough yet to experience this. First off, all of my Chakras are not open. In Revelations, Jesus didn’t become one with The Divine until he opened up all seven seals. Samadhi is when your consciousness is absorbed into The Divine Consciousness. Lahiri talks about needing to loosen the 4 knots – You open up Muladhara with Maha Mudra, Vishuddha with Khechari, Manipura with Navi Kriya (I prefer following Satyananda and practice Nauli) and Anahata with Thokar (I practice Dynamic Jalahandra Bandha and Agnisar Kriya). So 4 Chakras have “knots” that need to be unraveled, Ajna has a bone you have to break through and Svadhishthana is the only Chakra that would appear to be easy to open. And I still haven’t opened it. I believe that as long as the lower Chakras are not open, there is not enough electricity running through the body to give the tongue the energy to open up the Tenth Gate and later to turn on The Third Eye (Ajna Chakra).

Lahiri wrote (referring to the lower 6 Chakras):

  1. One can say everything when the Kriya practice continues spontaneously at the six centers.

I believe here Lahiri is referring to Samadhi. Your consciousness is absorbed by the Universal Consciousness and you get to do anything you want. The whole universe becomes your playground.

Can you expand on what you mean by quickening effect? The only thing I take is a couple of teaspoons of MSM a day and a vitamin and mineral supplement. I read an ebook (pdf file) about 6 months ago by an architect that claimed he healed his debilitating neck and knee problems and basically that all joint problems can be solved by taking MSM. Since he had no vested interest in promoting it and seemed like the real deal, I started taking it. And magically about 3 weeks later, my knee pain disappeared. I recommended it to my yoga instructor and he had the same results. The liver turns MSM into Glutathione and this reduces inflammation in the body. It only costs $25 for a years supply and the guy has got over 100 pages in his book of testimonials. (if you have joint pain, I highly recommend doing a search for the free book “its the liver stupid”)

Which verse and who’s version of Pradipika are you studying? I don’t have any problem inducing inner heat. I am a sweaty mess after I practice in the morning. Part of this is because I live in Panama where it is pretty humid. I wouldn’t call what I do relaxed breathing though. As I wrote many posts ago, I designed my Sadhana based on Manoj’s Golden Age Kriya:

As my skills have grown, my Sadhana has gotten progressively more intense.

  1. I start off with 11 rounds of Nadi Shodhana. I start by exhaling through the left nostril with my tongue in Kechari stage 3 completely sealing off the right nostril into Maha Bandha. After I lock out my stomach with Uddiyana, I do 50 stomach pumps (agnisar kriya). When I first started doing these I could only do about 8 pumps 10 times and my stomach was worn out. On the inhale, I go into Dynamic Jalandhara Chin pumps for 10 circles ( http://aypsite.org/139.html ) but instead of counting I say AYPsite’s Samayama ( http://aypsite.org/150.html ) saying the 9 words one with each circle and adding perfect vision for the tenth circle. I then exhale into the right nostril repeating the process for a total of 11 rounds on both sides. If your kechari cannot seal the nostril, you have to use your fingers for the exhales and inhales.

I then switch from sitting in Siddhasana to Padmasana. Nauli is much easier when the stomach muscles are stretched out. (Stay in Siddhasana when you perform Maha Bandhas if your Kundalini is not on yet - it is more important to work on your Muladhara than Manipura)

  1. Breath of Fire or Kapalabhati. I do 10 rounds out of each nostril rotating back and forth for 100 rounds ( 50 out of each nostril ), then rest my tongue on the Nasal Septum for 200 rounds out of both nostrils at the same time for a total of 300 exhales.

  2. Go right into Maha Bandha and do a cross between Stomach grinding and Nauli for 20 times to the right. The next exhale 20 times to the left. I try to practice Nauli but it is more of a churn than a roll. This still builds up a lot of heat though. On the inhale, I immediately go breathless and do two rounds of Chaturtha, but instead of just going up and down the chakras, I will once again say AYP’s Samyama words in the chakras. I do a total of 20 Maha Bandhas churning both ways 10 times and repeating the Samyama words twice. (the word inner sensuality is my favorite because it has 7 syllables and so you can say a syllable in each chakra)

  3. Shanmukhi Mudra - On the exhale, once again go into Maha Bandha and do 20 to 25 agnisar kriya pumps (it is more difficult to do these because my hands are now closing off the 7 gates instead of being able to brace myself pushing down on the knees) and on the inhale I alternate between Satyananda’s Kriya 10 and 11 (Naumukhi Mudra and Shakti Chalini) I don’t imagine a trident piercing my chakras though, I just pump out 20 mulabandhas and imagine the energy rising. I normally do 3 cycles down the Arohan and up the Awarohan path of the chakras for Kriya 11. I do this for a total of 12 times doing 2 sets of Kriya 10 and then 2 sets of Kriya 11 – 3 times. These are also done with the tongue blocking off alternating nostrils going into Maha Bandha.

  4. 14 internal OM’s. Just inhale a full breath, keep the mouth closed and exhale out the right nostril humming as loud as I can. Repeat on the other side for a total of 7 on each side

  5. Bow down to the Gurus. I say the Lord’s Prayer and then 5 Jesus’ Prayer, then bow down 4 separate times – One for Jesus – One for the Yogananda Linage – One for the Satyananda Linage – One for my family, friends, lovers and other teachers.

  6. I chant Satyananda’s Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Je858eqwUw

and then say a few prayers.

And so I practice an advanced form of Nadi Shodhana in 1, 2, 4, and 5.

I then go outside for a walking meditation where I perform Nadi Shodhana saying Hari Krishna Mantra (Maha Mantra) for about 45 minutes to an hour. (two counts on the inhale (Hare Ri), 6 counts on the kumbhaka (Krish Na Hare Ri Krish Na), 4 counts on the exhale (Krish Na Krish Na), 4 counts on the kumbhaka Hare Ri Hare Ri). Hari Rama on the other nostril. As soon as I make it to earth on my walk, I go barefoot. I believe in Earthing.

When I return, I will sit on my yoga ball and roll off 30 Breath of fires. On the last breath I will stand up off the ball exhale as deep as I can dropping my torso to the ground and go into Maha Bandha. I then perform Nauli rolling my stomach 20 times to the right. On the inhale sit back down on the ball and perform Samyama again in Cathartha pranayama going up and down the Chakras 2 times before repeating the 30 Breath of fires and performing Nauli to the left. I do this 14 times or 7 on each side.

I don’t do any basic Kriya Breaths in my morning Sadhana. I know that this Sadhana sends a lot of electricity through the body because this is what burnt up my frenulum causing scabs to keep appearing under my tongue until my Vishuddha opened. When I didn’t do this Sadhana a few days when I traveled last year, the scabs disappeared and immediately reappear once I started up again. I was doing a more basic form of this back then – only 20 agnisar pumps instead of 50, 5 Jalahandra chin pumps instead of 10. Try doing this Sadhana for a few days and see if your Uvula is burning through the bottom of your tongue. Normally the 1 - 7 part takes me about an hour and 15 minutes.

You and I think alike. I have no Guru either other than the masters that I read and follow. I read that it takes 3 things to become enlightened; a burning desire, practice, and the company of saints. I try to fulfill the later by reading as many masters as I can. I have over 100 books now on yoga and have only read about 40 of them. Most of these books are not the kind of book you can read 100 pages a day. And so on one hand I feel overwhelmed and don’t know which book to read next. On the other hand I am so blessed to have so much great information available to me. That said a Guru would really simplify my life taking away a lot of uncertainty.

The Tenth Gate is the Cribriform Plate. If you go back and look at Post #157, I posted two pictures that show it. One is a skull and the other is a graphic. I believe that it is necessary to break through the Tenth Gate to open the Third Eye. As long as the Tenth Gate is intact, you cannot get your tongue directly under the Pituitary Gland or the Sella Turica as Anonymous posted, and so the electricity flowing to the Ajna Chakra is not powerful enough to turn it on. And thus you are stuck in the lower levels of Samadhi. The Tenth Gate is a barrier of sorts. Hopefully this and my explanation above clarifies this for you.

As I wrote before, Lahiri would have his disciples practice 10 to 12 hours of basic kriyas to get to Samadhi. Maybe this is a prerequisite of breaking through the Tenth Gate to open up Ajna. I don’t know. This is one of the first questions I would ask my Guru. I have no problem sitting and practicing pranayama for about 90 minutes every morning. I have never gone beyond this.

I am doing a lot of work on my Manipura Chakra right now and I am very happy with the progress I have achieved in the performance of Nauli but I am still in the dark about where I stand. I feel like I need to open my lower chakras (Svadhishthana and Manipura) before I can reach Samadhi.

For me the tissue underneath the Tenth Gate is more sensitive than the Secret spot (top of the Nasal Septum). When I put my tongue on this tissue I immediately feel sensitivity whereas the septum’s sensitivity builds after practicing for awhile. I have noticed that when I practice Nauli, I also unconsciously roll my tongue the same direction as my stomach over my nasal septum which makes it sensitive. After an orgasm with my tongue touching the Tenth Gate, everything gets extremely sensitive.

This knowledge has me somewhat perplexed because on one hand Yogananda was a lifelong celibate. Vivekananda (RamaKrishna’s foremost disciple) said that if you go 12 years without a sexual thought, you will reach enlightenment. Sivananda expressed thoughts similar to Vivekananda. Yet I have experiential evidence that suggests sex creates the greatest amount of electricity in the body. And I can’t help thinking that all 12 of Jesus’ disciples were married including Jesus himself according to the Gnostics. Satyananda particpated in sex but in a satsang said that once every two weeks was sufficient because of the amount of energy created. Go figure that out.

The Tantra School that I studied at said have sex as much as you want as it creates electricity in the body but never go past the point of no return. (no orgasms) Eventually if you can stay at 90% (of the stimulation needed for an orgasm) for a long period of time (an hour plus), you will experience wave after wave of energetic bliss. These people didn’t practice Khechari though and I know from experience that when one nostril is completely sealed along with Vajroli Mudra, no Ojas is lost during an orgasm. That said, after an orgasm the tissue under the Tenth Gate and the Nasal Septum is so sensitive that I can’t keep my tongue in Khechari. I would love to hear other people’s experience with this.


The first time I self pleasured I was 8. I experienced “inner sexuality”.
Being so young, I quickly delved into sexual indulgence over the years.
At 17 I ejaculated 3 to 6 times daily.
At 17 I was two years into isolating myself in order to self educate.
I started a Pranayama practice.
I breathed everyday for about a month.
All day everyday.
I went from trapped by sexual desire, to void of sexual desire completely. Even the desire for woman relationship wise vanished.
Nerves also partially opened and released their associated tensions.

Long story short. I ended up performing “inner sexuality” 5 times.
3 times with heat. Twice without.
When their is heat, that is when the bodies flesh turns red. When the physical vitality doubles.
When their is no heat, not much happens.

Now, I will tell you, the flesh turning red is a dominant sign in knowing transformation in happening. I mean from head to toes,solid red.

Yet, a dominant key sign, that will tell you, you are ready to do such a transformation.
When one tries to pee, it is as if one has trouble urinating.
It is likened to “stage fright”.
Or like trying to pee after ejaculation.
One must be very relaxed, for the slightest bit of tension sends the urine completely back into the bladder. From which point you must start all over.
I have spent 8 years reverse engineering every inch of my experience.
most written information I have come upon can describe these experiences and where they may go. But method is never revealed.
I am certain breathing is key.
As well, I have only met one person in 8 years who experienced this. She experienced it 3 times.
Once at 19, twice at 21.
To her it was complete fluke.

This is 100 percent genuine testimony on my part.
I have dedicated my life to figuring it out.
So I take this very seriously.
I gave you the short testimonial, as their are many effects and benefits that I did not mention. “Increased eye sight,hearing,increased mental capacity,awake whIle sleeping,body order smells sweet, etc etc etc etc”.


[QUOTE=omshanti;83409]The kundalini is active for many people since birth [in this life]. Only a relatively small amount of people are completely “switched-off” when it comes to the awareness of the chakras and the energy within the spine, nadis, head, etc.

When he says he “turned on” his kundalini, it [already] suggests a misunderstood or otherwise altered path. Similar to the “Chaos Magicians” and “Theosophists” - theirs is a system based on similar notions, but make no mistake it is NOT kriya yoga.

For all intents and purposes, he is rushing the process and skipping over so many important things. This is actually misleading for anyone not familiar with kriya yoga. If one didn’t know any better, they would taken his word for it - which would be a comedy of errors indeed. Even if he avoided taking responsibility for this, that does not change the fact that it would negatively influence an unknown amount of potential-yogis.

He is haphazardly flipping through the experiences and using a botched version of he assumes the techniques of kriya are/were.

There is more to it than this. Maybe one should shut his mouth and find someone who actually has been through the FULL process. OR, stay quiet for many years until he has figured it all out and purified the mind of the disgusting impulses of individuality.

Totally unnecessary/unwarranted diatribe about his perceptions. Kindly pick up after your dog, I mean ego, sir. Save it for your diary.

The various states of kumbhak are not only commonplace to advanced yogis, they are a prerequisite to the higher kriyas and states of awareness.

This is why some people need a guru, because the ego gets so excited that you have experienced something outside of the paradigm of normal mundane life, that the student might start experimenting with lateral experiences.

It is only one of hundreds of stepping stones on the path. In other words, he is becoming infatuated with his own gross experience. It is like being proud of one’s own feces, taking it in a bucket from door-to-door around the village because you think everyone will feel the same way you do about it. Foolishness.

This is one of the many good reasons there are rules, regulations, and vows in yoga.

Here is an example of the type of delusions and assumptions that can happen to a person experimenting with techniques. It’s actually embarrassing but he does not yet realize this.

Again, this would be better suited for a diary.

Was the tongue is in Khechari when you perform mahabandha?
[Rhetorical question, please do not respond]

Between Talabya kriya and khechari there is no reason to “trap the tongue” and “stretch the tongue” using mahabandha.

You say something is guiding you, then follow it.

It is the ego that takes this “guidance” and relates it to Sri Lahiri Mahashaya and Kriya yoga.

Here again we see this person make a series of radical assumptions.
His asserstions are ignorant, and do not represent Lahiri Mahashaya or Satyananda

It seems like this is his attempt at humor.[/QUOTE]

Jealous ass guy. great work umunhum. still doing talavya kriyas :slight_smile:


You are GOD! You are GOD playing an elaborate game of Hide and Seek with yourself. And you will continue to play this game until you open up your 7 Chakras. You are the Protagonist in this game and the Devil, Lucifer, or Satan is the Antagonist. And the Gag of all Gags is that Satan has tricked you into thinking that you are him, that his desires are your desires, and that this world has something to offer you.

The mind is Satan or more specifically the emotional body called the Ego. You don’t die and go to Heaven or Hell, you are already there depending on how the light of your consciousness flows in the body.

As Jesus said in The Gospel of Thomas:

“If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. [B]When you come to know yourselves[/B], then you will become known, and [B]you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.[/B]”

Here Jesus is describing Heaven and Hell. And in Matthew 16 21

21 From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.
22 Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!”
23 Jesus turned and said to Peter, “[B]Get behind me, Satan![/B] You are a stumbling block to me; [B]you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns[/B].”

Jesus wasn’t calling Peter Satan, he was using it as a metaphor referring to Peter’s ego. The Christian Churches have completely contorted Jesus teachings just like what the Scribes and the Pharisees did to the Jewish religion in Jesus’ day – again from the Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the Scribes have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

Here Jesus is talking about The Kingdom of Heaven. As readers of this thread already know The Kingdom of Heaven is experienced when through the practice of Khechari Mudra you redirect the energy flows in the body so that the light of the consciousness flows through to the Pineal Gland or Third Eye instead of the Medulla Oblongata. When your consciousness flows through to the Medulla Oblongata or mind, this gives life to the Ego or Satan.

The Ego is constantly creating desires for you to fulfill. And again they are nothing more than wanting to experience an electricity from this false paradigm (called earth or maya) that is experienced within. Everything is interpreted within you, you don’t get pleasure from the outside world. If the mind doesn’t like the electricity that it is experiencing, there is Hell to pay. If the mind does like the electricity that it is experiencing, the mind stops vibrating and you get to feel your true nature for a brief moment as the mind goes desireless. The only time you get to feel the bliss that is your true nature is when you are pleasing the mind with the electricity from the world that it wants to experience in that moment.

This is why Jesus referred to the Mind or Ego as Satan. You will live in Hell tormented by Satan until you open up your Chakras. The way to win this elaborate game is you must unplug the mind from its power source which is the vibrations of the body. I read Lahiri Mahasaya’s Autobiography recently (compiled from his diaries - I cannot recommend it enough) and he kept saying over and over again that you must make the prana static. He also kept stressing how important Khechari Mudra is.

The breath gives life to the body. As I’ve written before all the prana from the air that comes in from the right nostril gets a postive charge applied to it (used to power up the Sympathetic Nervous Sytem or Pingala Nadi) and a negative charge gets placed on the prana that comes into the left nostril (Parasympathetic or Ida Nadi). The word Chakra means wheel. And when this prana makes it down to the Muladhara Chakra to supply the body with electricity, it can go up the Ida Nadi, the Pingala Nadi, or the Brahma Nadi. If your breath is unbalanced, then the prana coming in will either mainly flow through the Ida or Pingala Nadis. This causes the Chakras or Wheels to start spinning towards whichever nadi is currently dominate and the electrical flow of the body is expressed externally and you live in the world.

The Ida and Pingala Nadis crisscross each other all the way up the spine (As can be seen by the Red and White lines that circle the chakras in the above picture) and so once the Muladhara starts spinning the Svadhishthana starts spinning the other way and Manipura spins the opposite way all the way up depending on which Nadis is currently dominate. Every 90 minutes or so the Nadis shift dominance and the Chakras change their rotation. This causes the chakras spin to slow, finally stop and then start spinning the other way. It really doesn’t matter which way the chakras spin, regardless your energy is expressed in the external world or you are enraptured by Maya.

Through the practice of Khechari Mudra, it is extremely easy to balance the air flow in the nostrils. Then at the Muladhara there is a gathering of prana that is equal in polarity [B]and the Chakra cannot spin one way or the other.[/B] This causes the prana to start going up the Brahma Nadi and the Mudadhara Chakra opens and your Kundalini turns on. Maha Bandha is instrumental in building up more prana to allow this to happen.

Once the Chakra stops spinning the energy that once expressed itself causing you to experience the external world then starts helping you clear the blockages internally and you start to experience your internal world. The only way to progress in your spiritual path is to stop the spin on these chakras and have the prana travel up the Sushumna or Brahma Nadi. This clears out your karma. That is why Jesus keeps repeating that you must make the two one.

I feel that the spinning of the Muladhara is directly connected to the contraction of the Diaphragm. And once the Muladhara stops spinning and opens, the diaphragm stops contracting and the disparity in polarity of the breath lessons to the point where the other Chakras don’t spin as fast and mental activity slows. That is not to say that intelligence is affected in any way, the distractions that inhibit the thinking process go away.

As you go up the spine to the higher Chakras, it takes a much finer balance between the polarity of the prana to open them up. Hopefully that makes sense for you. I debated whether to post this information as I have no source for it. It intuitively came to me when I kept pondering what Lahiri meant when he spoke about how you must make the prana static.


How do you know you are making progress on the spiritual path? Calmness and clarity keeps increasing.

Just a general remark.


How Truthful Are We About Seeking


I made a video about Yoga and The Hidden Teachings of Jesus.

Regular readers of this thread already know most of the information on this video as I copied much of what I have written here. This is a tool you can use to expose family and friends to this information.

Hopefully this video will aide in raising the Consciousness of Humanity:


Dear ,
Awaking of Kundalini is spontaneous process. Kundalini is the reflection of Holly spirit within us.
[B]John 14:26 - But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.[/B]

[B]John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.[/B]


I recently read Samael Aun Weor’s book The Perfect Matrimony. Sam was the founder of a Gnostic Church. He wrote that you are never suppose to have sex like an animal and let your orgasm be expressed at your genitals. That is having sex from desire not love. If you do this then you unleash the barbarians and you will create a worldly child full of desires. If you want to have a spiritual child you cannot have sex like an animal through desire. According to Sam, an Immaculate conception is possible through Yogic techniques where just one sperm exits the man penis and impregnates the woman. The spermatozoa with the highest consciousness. Which contradicts other things I’ve read saying the soul doesn’t enter the body until the fetus is about 3 months old but it is an interesting concept.

According to Sam you are suppose to make love with the man in Padmasana and the woman on top of him. Very little movement is made with the legs. Each sex is suppose to contract their sexual muscles and bring the energy up to Ajna. You should caress with your hands and stare into each others eyes with thoughts of love and admiration. The energy you create causes the most highly developed spermatozoa to exits the man’s penis and impregnate the woman. This is similar to what the Tantra School taught but they didn’t talk about an Immaculate conception. I have noticed that when I am in this position and pucker my lips to kiss, and at the same time in Khechari that my tongue uncontrollably thrusts forward pushing on the Tenth Gate. When you have an orgasm the energy first travels up the spine, if your Khechari is touching the Tenth Gate, the energy expresses itself through the tongue. If you are not in Khechari, then the energy travels back down the spine on the next inhale and express itself through ejaculation. You lose the creative power of the universe as kind of a circuit breaker. The energy must express itself through the tongue at the Tenth Gate or through the genitals as an ejaculation. After the Tenth Gate is opened, the electricity created from an orgasm and expressed through the tongue placed right underneath the Pituitary Gland will make the Amrita flow.

The orgasm expresses itself at the tongue by making it thrust forward with violent force. The bone that breaks that allows you to get to the Amrita is called the Cribriform Plate. After the attainment of Khechari Stage 3, when you practice Nadi Shodhana you are constantly pushing on the right and left side of the Cribari Form Plate sending electricity to it weakening it as you rotate back and forth through the turbinate areas. But your tongue doesn’t break through this bone. Your tongue actually pushes on the Crista Galli to bust open the Tenth Gate.

I had an experience last week that leads me to conclude this. I realized that I should be practicing Nadi Shodhana all the time (all day long). Yogananda said that the great masters watch every breath they take. The only reason you would do this is if you were always practicing Nadi Shodhana. I have been lazily sitting in the breathless state. It takes effort to breathe. Moving my arm around is easier. I almost feel like I have to start an engine up or something to breathe. When I have to breathe because of exercise creating carbon build up, its no big deal because the breath just starts up on its own. But when I breathe when I don’t have too, it feels laborious at first. After you balance your Nadis, your turbinate areas flare and get lubed up. I develop this rhythm and I get this puffiness feeling in my chest. The breath gets shallower and you almost feel full of air even after you exhale.

Well after doing this for awhile I started feeling a tingly feeling at the secret spot which is the bump that is right above the top part of the nasal septum. It tingled so much that I started pushing on it and it started shocking me. The electrical shock was similar to what you feel like when you bump your nose but there was no pain associated with it and it felt good. So of course I pushed and pushed and then started to push harder even though my nose was filling up with mucus and my eyes were watering from the shock. And then I felt a bone move, an electric shock went up and down my spine, my tongue felt like it was being squeezed by a Boa Constrictor as a very strong vacuum developed in my nasal pharynx area, my eyes locked into Shambhavi Mudra, and I went into a trance.

After I came out of the trance I could feel that the Nasal Pharynx area had changed. There were ribbons of skin that were extremely sensitive where the secret spot use to be. And I liked rubbing my tongue on them. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized what had happened. By pushing right above where the green arrow is pointing, I shifted that large bone forward where the blue arrow is pointing. This brought down the top of the Nasal Pharynx considerably. My Nasal Pharynx area feels about half of the size that it use to be. If you start pushing on the bone right above the green arrow, your tongue gets rigid as it straightens out and the back part of your tongue braces itself against the bones pointed at by the yellow arrow, this pushes the little one down and the other one back creating the space for the bone pointed at by the blue arrow to come forward and down.

The shifting of this bone about 45 degrees counterclockwise causes the passageways to the Tenth Gate to open up considerably. In the picture below the two nasal openings of the turbinate area looks like it covers about 90% of the passageway with the top part of the Tenth Gate covering only 10%. It looks like from the picture that you could put your tongue in the nasal passageways down below which you can to some extent but since your tongue is extended up to enter the pharynx and has to curl almost 180 degrees down to enter the nasal openings, it can not go very far. The shifting of this bone makes the openings of the turbinate point directly at the Tenth Gate. I wish I could show a picture like the one below of what my turbinate area looked like before and compare it to a picture of what it looks like now.

The back part of my tongue now touches the top of the Nasal Pharynx. As soon as I go up into Khechari now if I extend my tongue it has to go either in the right or left turbinate area. There isn’t enough room in my Pharynx area now to put the tongue up there without entering one of the turbinate areas unless I roll my tongue up on the top of the septum and point it back to the back of my throat. The implications of this are obvious. An advanced Yogi is suppose to perform Nadi Shodhana all the time. Now the bone that the red arrow is pointing at is a lot closer to the nerve channel where the black arrow is pointing at. This is where the information from the eyes, ears, nose and mouth travel to make it to the brainstem or mind. This nerve channel is what we are suppose to compress to enter into Samadhi or the void.

And so basically what I am saying is that it is a good idea to pay attention to Jesus when he says: “If two make peace with each other in this one house, they will say to the mountain, ‘Move Away,’ and it will move away.” And as Lahiri Mahasaya says, you must make the prana static. And as Satyananda says that you must balance the Mental (Parasympthetic Nervous System) and Life forces (Sympathetic Nervous System). I believe that practicing Nadi Shodhana pushes the positive prana through the negative nadi and visa versa and this scours the latent impressions, samskaras, or karma.

My tongue now feels like it is home, where it is suppose to be when I am in Khechari. I now have no problem sleeping in Khechari and wake up with a strong internal ringing sound. Practicing Nadi Shodhana puts you in a state of bliss.

There is nothing special about me. I am a sinner. My ego that came with my body will always create desires to experience worldly things that bring in electricity. I just wake up every morning and practice Pranayama. If you practice, you will experience everything I am experiencing. The powers that be create all these fairy tales about the enlightened masters. They were once just like you and me and then they did these exercises. The reason Moses became enlightened is not because he was a Jew or one of GOD’s ?chosen people?. He became enlightened because he was raised as a Pharoah’s Son. He was taught this secret information. The ruling class of the Egyptians knew about these techniques that is why they wore crowns with a snake coming out of their Third Eye. It says right in The Bible Acts 7 22

And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.

Jesus had to travel to India to study at a university there to learn these techniques. Now you can get this information right off your computer sitting at home. Wake up people! The external world is false. You have an imagined identity of who you are. In the internal world, you are GOD playing an elaborate game with yourself. Which world do you think is real?

I incorporate Nadi Shodhana into my everyday life whenever I can. If I’m not talking to someone or eating I’m in Khechari alternating my breath. I still love going up an down my chakras when I’m waiting for anything like in line at the supermarket or in traffic at a red light. It is nice just to say hello to your Chakras. I haven’t incorporated the two of them together yet. I know that that is the next step. I am hoping to make a few more videos in the next few weeks on How to achieve Khechari Stage 2, How to turn on your Kundalini, and How to perform Nauli.


When you practice internal Nadi Shodhana after achieving Khechari Stage 3, a good portion of the tongue goes through the Nasal Turbinate holes up to the Tenth Gate. In doing so the back part of the tongue blocks off the Eustacian tubes which lead to the ear. You can see the ear like appendages that cover the Eustacian Tubes in the picture. The top of the left one is right below the first “E” in the word science and the top of the right one is right below the letter “A” in library. I know that there is a physiological reason why The Divine designed us for the opening of the ear to be right here.

When I practice Nadi Shodhana a vacuum is created in the nasal pharynx area that pressurizes it and then releases every cycle of breath. So with the tongue blocking off one Eustacian Tube, only one ear feels this pressure and then release at a time. It feels like I am getting some sort of brain massage when I do this as the stimulation of one ear activates one side of the brain and then the other ear stimulates the other side with the rotation of the cycle of breath. The effect of this stimulates your Crown Chakra and draws you into Shambhavi Mudra. The Monroe Institute developed music that you listen to with head phones that has a similar effect. You hear different sounds in each ear and this activates the left and right brain to increase its neural communication to try to figure out what is going on. According to Dr Monroe this causes the subject to have out of body experiences.

Obviously when you practice Nadi Shodhana with your fingers, you don’t get this effect. And so once again I will pound the drum and write that getting to the higher stages of Khechari Mudra is of paramount importance. Everything intensifies when done with Khechari. As Jesus said in the Gospel of Philip

He who has been anointed possesses everything, He possesses The Resurrection, The Light, The Cross, The Holy Spirit. The Father gave him this is The Bridal Chamber. He merely accepted (The Gift).

The word anointed literally means to rub or sprinkle with oil. It is common knowledge that the Pineal Gland makes a compound called Melatonin that allows the body to go into a deep state of sleep known as REM sleep. What is happening is Melatonin allows the consciousness to separate from the body when you are sleeping. When the Pineal Gland is stimulated with electricity from the tongue in Stage 4 of Khechari, instead of making Melatonin, it makes a much more powerful compound known as Amirta, DMT or what is called Ayahuasca. This compound separates the consciousness from the mind while you are wide awake and you then enter what Jesus referred to as The Kingdom of Heaven or what the Yogis refer to as Samadhi.

At the very top of each of the Nasal Turbinate areas is what feels like two small lips pressed very tightly together. This small slit feels like a skin covered Cowrie Shell. For those that don’t know, this is a Cowrie Shell:

Obviously there are no ridges, the openings are vertical and they are closed most of the time. When I balance the Ida and Pingala Nadis this slit dilates. I have also noticed that when I practice my Yoga teachers advanced form of Sivananda Yoga, these slits are dilated the entire time. This is where the Amrita flows from. I now put the tip of my tongue in each opening as I rotate my tongue when I practice Nadi Shodhana. This is extremely sensitive tissue and I can’t get my tongue that far up these slits yet. I think that they will slowly open more and more just like the turbinate areas did. I notice that when I practice Nauli my tongue twirls with my stomach and opens up these slits. After practicing Nauli on the exhale kumbhaka, I like to practice Dynamic Jalahandra Bandha on the inhale kumbhaka. Lahiri Mahasaya called this Thokar Kriya. When you swirl your head around with the tongue as far up the turbinate areas as it can go, it opens up the turbinate areas. I have to be close to the Cribriform Plate (the bone known as the Tenth Gate) but I haven’t felt it yet. Looking at this diagram, I know that these slits are leading right to the Cribriform Plate:

I either need a longer and thinner tongue or I have to open up these slits and judging by this picture, these slits do not open that much. I don’t know whether I need to start milking my tongue to make it longer or whether it is going to do another rain dance, fill up with blood and expand again or whether the stretching from just practicing Nadi Shodhana hours every day will slowly make it longer. My tongue is far longer than most people’s tongue now and looks kind of freaky already. I can easily touch my nose with my tongue.

Balancing the two poles of energy in the body dilates the turbinate areas of the nose allowing the tongue to go further up. I feel like the nasal turbinate area dilates to a cone shape and the tongue takes the same shape and gets pointy at the end especially when you have an orgasm. I am also starting to taste the different fluids that the brain makes. Some of them are pleasing and some of them are strange. Shambhavi Mudra becomes automatic when you push your tongue as far as you can up to the Tenth Gate after you balance the flow of your Nadis.

What you think is you, your personality, doesn’t even exist. It is nothing but an amalgamation or compilation of all the emotional tags the ego placed on the incoming electrical signals picked up by the senses. Suhas touched on this years ago on this board. That everything you experience is placed through the filter of what you have already experienced as the mind tries to categorize or label the experience. This collection of emotional tags is where all your desires come from. Which gives life to the mind, thoughts and you experience the external world. And so basically what you think you are, your personality, is what prevents you from experiencing what you really are, which is GOD. And so while you might like yourself or your personality, the real goal in life is to get rid of all these latent impressions that make you think that you are the physical body and not GOD. And so basically what I’m saying is the real goal in life is the dissolution of your personality. Then you will only be left with love which comes from the heart not the mind.

It is not a coincidence that your genitalia is placed at the bottom of your spine. The ability to create new life is obviously one of the most important and powerful capabilities that you possess. The prana that is stored here once activated and not expended can cause very powerful electrical surges up the spine. The same power that is used to create is also used to enlighten us. And so when you agitate this power uniting with your polar opposite and retain your Ojas, this power clears the Nadis. Men should not lose their Ojas. Women lose their Ojas when they menstruate. It is important for female Yogis to learn and practice the Yoga techniques to stop their menstrual flow and preserve this vital fluid. Unfortunately I never learned the techniques as the school I studied Tantra at separated the sexes. They mentioned that there were books written about how to completely stop all menstrual discharge and so the information is out there if you look for it.

Here is an interesting passage from The Gospel of Philip from the Nag Hammadi Scriptures:

Two Trees in Paradise

There are two trees growing in paradise. One produces animals and the other produces people. Adam ate of the tree that produces animals, and he became an animal and brought forth animals. As a result Adam’s children worship animals. The tree whose fruit he ate is the tree of knowledge and because of this sins increased. If he had eaten the fruit of the other tree, the fruit of the tree of life, which produces people, GODS would worship people. As in paradise GOD created people that people might create GOD, so also in this world people make GODS and worship what they have created. It would be more fitting for GODS to worship people.

This passage confirms what I wrote in my last post about the Samuel Aun Weor book The Perfect Matrimony. The Tree of Knowledge is the physical body or body consciousness and the Tree of life is the Chakras or GOD Consciousness… When you have sex through desire like an animal and ejaculate you release the barbarians and create a worldly child full of desires. When you have Tantric Sex through love and don’t ejaculate and focus on bringing the energy up the spine while making love, you produce a spiritual child.

Here is an interesting article about The Gospel of Philip and Tantric Sex:


I received a private message requesting an outline of what to practice. I have written everything that I practice on this board. I believe the main focus initially should be to achieve Khechari Stage 2. A basic routine of pranayama should be done each morning and night should be something like this:

50 Talabyas See Ennio’s download video on how to do this
5 sets of Chathurtha Pranayama (Just going up and down your chakras putting your attention on them)
2 rounds of 100 Breath of Fire (Stomach Pumps)
5 rounds of Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)
12 Kriya Breaths (see Ennio’s site)
4 rounds of Maha Mudra and Maha Bheda Mudra combined (Satyananda’s Kriya 6 and 7 in the book Kudalini Tantra)

You should do these exercises sitting in Siddhasana (the foot pressed into the perineum (for women the vaginal opening)) with your tongue rolled back as far as it can go in Khechari. This should take you about 20 minutes and leave you feeling exhilarated. A little bit every day is far better than an hour every couple of days. I practice every day without fail.

It is extremely important to experiment with various techniques. I do the same Sadhana every morning and then just play around and experiment in the afternoon and night. Much of your spiritual progress is obtained throughout the day when your are just going about your every day life. For beginners this means rolling your tongue as far back as it can go and holding it there throughout the day. This gives your tongue the ability to curl back. When you have a moment alone, roll off 100 to 200 Talabya Kriyas. Once you obtain Khechari Stage 2, you hold your tongue in Khechari throughout the day. When you acheieve Khechari Stage 3, you practice internal Nadi Shodhana for hours intermittently throughout the day. It is very easy to do this and brings about pure bliss. I practice hours every day while easily going about other chores. Throughout the day you should also focus on your Ajna chakra or just go up and down your chakras and feel your energy centers.


sorry to interfer but after reading op book on kundalini yoga by swami satyanand he clearly stated that after few years of hath yoga,asan,mediation practices you are able to perform kriya yoga with basic khechari and then advance khechari mudra.
but here OP hadnt clear my doubts about whether he had practiced those or not.
and if not is this good for me to follow?
i am ding occasionaly meditation since 5 years and hath yoga and pranayam since 3 months.
able to do kumbhak for 1.5 minutes.
can some one guide me?


Great thread, I learned a lot more about Kechari!

I can get to stage 3 at least, and can do internal nadi shodhana but largely this is some kind of genetic lottery thing, I really did not practice too much, just have a really long pointy tongue.

Mostly my practice is simple, sometimes asanas, and otherwise mostly just AYP basics like daily spinal breathing pranayama and deep mantra meditation.

If anything I purposely slowed down my kechari exploration because sometimes the daily bliss was getting very strong and even altering some of my visuals, but I assumed I was going to fast.

This thread got me playing around with Kechari a bit again.

Now, I am wondering if bone really needs to be broken?

AYP never mentions this. Also, I found an Xray image where it shows a desciple in the Lahiri lineage doing Kechari. What I found interesting is he is at a 45 degree angle toward the back of the head. Looks like this might actually push the medulla toward the pineal? I had been going more of straight up and forward into the nostrils…


Also, they note some structures changing shape during this. Might be a bit of wishful thinking but they note one structure that changes shape to look a bit like the left half of the OM symbol. I can certainly see that change, though not the full OM character as they say. In any case, you can see definitely that things are getting changed…

Hope this adds some interesting perspective to the discussion :stuck_out_tongue:


what breathless state really entails? do you mean you dont inhale at all?



Thank you for sharing so much fascinating information.

From a yogic standpoint, this is not that important because when either Nadi is dominant, it brings about body consciousness. Both Nadis must be balanced for spiritual growth to take place. But for the average Joe who is just living his life, you will find that it is better to eat a big meal when the left nostril is flowing and do intense physical activity when the right nostril is flowing.

I thought it would make sense that the left nostril should be dominant when eating too, since the parasympathetic nervous system is the “rest and digest” system. But it seems that the Swara literature recommends the opposite: right nostril should be dominant when eating.

Anyone have any thoughts on why this would be correct?




I thought it would make sense that the left nostril should be dominant when eating too, since the parasympathetic nervous system is the “rest and digest” system. But it seems that the Swara literature recommends the opposite: right nostril should be dominant when eating.
Anyone have any thoughts on why this would be correct?[/QUOTE]

The air that flows in through the Right Nostril powers up the Left Brain which is The Sympathetic Nervous System (Pingala Nadi) which is responsible for the Time based reality or the Fight and Flight response.
This part of the Nervous System tricks Consciousness into identifying itself with a catalog of experiences stored as memories in the Nervous System.
The Sympathetic Nervous System sends Prana and Blood to the external muscles.
The air that flows in through the Left Nostril powers up the Right Brain which is the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Ida Nadi) which is responsible for a Space or Form based reality or the Rest and Digest response.
This part of the Nervous System tricks Consciousness into identifying itself with the physical body which is composed of the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space) that make it up.
If you can’t sleep at night, check your Nostril Flow and you will notice that the Left Nostril is closed (rest-and-digest mode) and your Time based awareness is flowing.
The Right Nostril - Left Brain is the Solar or Electrical pole and the Left Nostril – Right Brain is the Lunar or Magnetic pole.
When you balance these two poles of energy, Time and Space come together, Fusion takes place and your Chakras open.
You should eat when the Left Nostril is flowing. (Parasympathetic Nervous System)
Exercise when the Right Nostril is flowing. (Sympathetic Nervous System)

[QUOTE=KILA;87397]What does the breathless state really entail? do you mean you don’t inhale at all?[/QUOTE]

The Breathless State is the cessation of the diaphragm contracting and relaxing which creates a vacuum that pulls air into the lungs.
There is still an air exchange going on inside my body.
The CO2 forms a peaceful stream and rises to the top of my Nasal Chambers and exits the body on its own.
If I practice an inverted pose like Headstand, I have to breathe because the Breathless State works with Gravity (Heat rises and the Carbon exiting the body is hotter than the ambient air).
The Breath is what causes Polarity in the body which gives life to the mind.
The Breathless State quiets the Mind considerably.

[QUOTE=saurabh88;86861]sorry to interfere but after reading op book on kundalini yoga by Swami Satyananda he clearly stated that after few years of hatha yoga, asana, mediation practices you are able to perform kriya yoga with basic khechari and then advance khechari mudra.
but here OP hadn’t clear my doubts about whether he had practiced those or not.
and if not is this good for me to follow?[/QUOTE]

As Nasargadatta wrote in I am That page 133:

The greatest guru is helpless as long as the disciple is not eager to learn. Eagerness and earnestness are all important. Confidence will come with experience. The greatest guru is your inner self.

If you want to believe that you need to wait a few more years to experience what you truly are, then go ahead and wait.
These exercises will still be here.
And you will still be life trapped in a prison called your body caused by the 7 seals on your Chakras.

I can get to stage 3 at least, and can do internal Nadi Shodhana but largely this is some kind of genetic lottery thing, I really did not practice too much, just have a really long pointy tongue.

Sure, GOD makes these mistakes all the time and some people just get lucky.
This reminds me of the Passage in The Bible when after Moses experienced The Burning Bush (A metaphor for the activation of his Kundalini) Moses told GOD you got the wrong guy.
Exodus 3 11

And Moses said unto God, Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt? …. And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The Lord hath not appeared unto thee.

Even Moses did not think he was worthy of GOD.
In the Parable of Moses, the Pharaoh is a metaphor for Moses’ Mind, Israel is a metaphor for Consciousness as the Land of Milk and Honey is a reference to the hormones the Pituitary and Pineal Glands make.

I had similar thoughts thinking I just got lucky.
I somehow just happen to walk out on my balcony right when the polarity of my body was switching poles and thus balanced when I flipped to the right page where Satyananda taught an advanced form of Maha Bandha and I just happened to practice it for the first time at the exact moment when activating my Kundalini was possible.
I am no Saint.
I have all these desires.
This activation of my Kundalini was just a big mistake.
These thoughts do not reconcile with The Reality That YOU ARE GOD.
And so of course you are deserving to Experience WHAT YOU ARE.

Now, I am wondering if bone really needs to be broken?

AYP never mentions this. Also, I found an X-ray image where it shows a disciple in the Lahiri lineage doing Kechari. What I found interesting is he is at a 45 degree angle toward the back of the head. Looks like this might actually push the medulla toward the pineal? I had been going more of straight up and forward into the nostrils…

This X-Ray shows Shailendra Sharma in Stage 2 of Khechari. He is not in Stage 3 where the tongue is placed up the Turbinate Areas to the Tenth Gate. I also noticed that he hasn’t shifted the bone yet that I talked about a few posts ago that makes Nadi Shodhana extremely easy to practice. I am confident for many reasons that the Cribriform Plate is going to break open by the tongue by pushing on the Crista Galli.

As I posted before:

Khecari mudra itself begins when the transformed tongue curls back as in nabho mudra, but is now able to slide its way up behind the soft palate. At this point, it locates a juncture of bone on the underside of the skull. This is referred to as the “Gate of Brahma” in the Yogakundali Upanishad, and it is said that “even the Devas (Gods) are unable to open it.” In other texts it is referred to as the “tenth gate.” What now happens is that the elongated and strengthened tongue begins to apply extreme pressure to this juncture, and literally breaks it open. When this occurs, the tongue is then able to slide up into the cranial cavity and actually begin to apply direct pressure upon various parts of the brain. Upon completion of khecari mudra, there follows a process called “melana” or “maithuna” which is one of the most closely kept secrets of Yoga.

I have searched for the scripture Yogakundali Upanishad to gain a better understanding of this passage but I have been unable to find anything about it.
Lahiri also confirms what is written in this passage in the following letter to one of his advanced disciples:

There is a sticking point above the holes in the nose and it will go beyond that - gradually. Don’t force it; if you do so you can injure yourself. It will do its work after higher Kriya.

[Editor’s note.—
This is some advanced instruction for khechari mudra----
"There is a sticking point above the holes in the nose and it (the tongue) will go beyond that – gradually. " “It (khechari mudra) will do its work after higher Kriya.”]

Jesus also confirms the breaking of this bone in this passage of The Gospel of Thomas:

98 Jesus said, “The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man. In his own house he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall in order to find out whether his hand could carry through. Then he slew the powerful man.”

The powerful man is a metaphor for the mind, the house is a metaphor for the body, the sword is a metaphor for the tongue and the wall is a metaphor for the Cribriform Plate.
After you break through this bone, the tongue can be placed right underneath the Pituitary Gland and the hormone it makes from the electrical stimulation from the tongue anesthetizes the Mind (Medulla Oblongata and Pons) allowing the electrical signals that were formally captured and interpreted by the Mind to flow to the Pineal Gland activating it.

I am now being prompted to push on the Crista Galli every time I switch Nostrils while practicing Nadi Shodhana.
When you press upon the Crista Galli with force you experience a sensation that feels like eating Sushi with a lot of Wasabi.
I can feel the bone move, my tongue rubs these ribbons of really sensitive skin that were exposed with the shifting of the bone and my eyes lock into Shambhavi Mudra.
You go into a state of No Mind and many times I have come out of it not knowing what time it is, what day it is and how long I have been meditating.
I know one day the pressure from my Tongue pressing on the Crista Galli is going to break the Cribriform Plate.
I am confident that I will be put into a Trance, filled with Bliss and this will happen on its own and I will just witness the event.
In other words, I will experience that I am GOD for a few moments.

I believe that applying pressure on the Crista Galli is stimulating the Pituitary Gland to make a liquid that anesthetizes the Mind.
If you look at this diagram you will see that the top part of the Crista Galli has a rooster crown to it.
There are 8 stages of Samadhi according to The Buddha and I am dancing around the first stage – The Void.

Lahiri wrote in his diary that GOD resides in your Pineal Gland as a speck of light 1/600 the size of a human hair.
The polarity of the body causes too much mental turbulence and so you will not be able to focus on this light until you still the mind by balancing the polarity in the body.
When you can focus on this light, GOD will fill your body with the light of 1000 suns.
When Thine Eye is Single, The Body is Full of Light as Jesus taught.
This is what happened to Jesus in The Book of Revelations after he opened the 6th seal (Ajna Chakra) which purified all 144,000 of the Tribes of Israel (Nerves of the body were cleared of their latent impressions which create desires to experience the external world).

As I’ve written before, GOD manifests as Prana or The Holy Spirit in the Physical Plane.
This energy travels at the highest frequency which is Pure Love as emotions are frequencies of energy.

Your desires to experience the physical world cause GOD to flow through your body at a much lower frequency.
Your desire to experience the external world causes all of your suffering.
Notice that the lower emotions are caused by thinking or identifying with Time and Space and resisting what is which causes Stress whereas the higher emotions are being.

You can see from this diagram that less energy can occupy the same space when traveling at a lower frequency.
The impressions in your Nervous System (Karma) and your resistance to what is is causing Prana (The Holy Spirit) to flow through your body at much lower frequency of energy.
This is the cause of all your suffering.
You need a higher frequency of energy flowing through you to spiritualize your body and open up your Chakras.
GOD has Nothing but LOVE FOR YOU.
The Karma in your Nervous System changes LOVE into lower frequencies of energy when the external world does not match up with your thoughts or desires.
You cause all of your suffering by delving into the pain and pleasure cycle that makes up the physical world.
As you purify your Nervous System, more energy can flow through it and higher emotions are experienced.
The Path to Enlightenment makes you experience and express LOVE to every thing and everyone.

The frequencies in this image are symmetrical.
This is not the case with the Prana flowing through you.
The Time or space component of the Prana causes your Chakras to spin towards the dominant component.
When you balance Time and Space through the practice of Nadi Shodhana, the Chakras do not have enough polarity to spin and so the energy builds up until either enough polarity in the Prana allows the Chakra to spin or Time and Space get too close together and Fusion takes place and the Chakra opens.
It takes a finer balance of polarity to open the higher Chakras.
The Chakras represent Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, Time, and GOD.
The Muladhara (Earth Chakra) requires far more polarity to spin than Svadhishthana (Water Chakra).
Lahiri wrote in his diary that each Chakra is 10 time more subtler than the Chakra below it.
The Sahasrara requires a complete balance of Polarity in the body for Consciousness to escape the physical world and return to GOD.
Be Still and Know That I Am GOD.

Some people believe that Surrender and renouncing the world is similar to quitting but once you understand these concepts, that your desire to experience the physical world is the cause of all of your suffering, then it makes sense that renouncing the world is the only logical thing to do.
Your personality is a catalog of experiences that your mind has tricked Consciousness into identifying with.
It is not the absolute reality and preventing Consciousness from experiencing what you really are.
Why suffer in what Jesus called Hell (body consciousness) when you can experience your Divinity?
You must give up your physical body to experience this or as Jesus taught, The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those that have put themselves to death.
Jesus is not talking about Suicide but the complete eradication of the Karma that makes up your Personality and the cessation of movement in the physical body that is currently imprisoning Consciousness.


The Breathless State is the cessation of the diaphragm contracting and relaxing which creates a vacuum that pulls air into the lungs.
There is still an air exchange going on inside my body.
The CO2 forms a peaceful stream and rises to the top of my Nasal Chambers and exits the body on its own.
If I practice an inverted pose like Headstand, I have to breathe because the Breathless State works with Gravity (Heat rises and the Carbon exiting the body is hotter than the ambient air).
The Breath is what causes Polarity in the body which gives life to the mind.
The Breathless State quiets the Mind considerably.

Just curious, what happens if you block one of your nostrils while you are in the breathless state? Is one of your nostrils more open than the other while you are in the breathless state, as is the case for people who are breathing normally; do the cycles between which nadi is dominant still occur for you–or do you think energy is flowing only in the sushumna? Do you think there is any benefit to practicing nadi shodhana while in the breathless state? It sounds like the air exchange you are having in the breathless state is constant in both directions; you don’t have an inhale and subsequent exhale, correct? I am wondering about this in connection with what Sivananda said about how we inhale to get the prana into our body. Do you think the same amount of prana comes into you in the breathless state as someone who breathes with their diaphragm? Or don’t you need prana to come in from outside when you are in this state?

Thanks for sharing. I have learned so much from you!




[QUOTE=Atlantiseeker;87490]Just curious, what happens if you block one of your nostrils while you are in the breathless state? Is one of your nostrils more open than the other while you are in the breathless state, as is the case for people who are breathing normally; do the cycles between which nadi is dominant still occur for you–or do you think energy is flowing only in the Sushumna?[/QUOTE]

Until you become a Christ by balancing the Polarity of the body and eradicating all of your Karma through the practice of Nadi Shodhana, you will be affected by the energies from the Sun, the Moon and the other Heavenly bodies that rotate above us.
The Yogis teach about the three Gunas which are Sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious), Rajas (passion, active, confused), and Tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic).
The Sun is the Rajas force (Sympathetic Nervous System or Time based reality), the Moon is the Tamas force (Parasympathetic Nervous System or Space or Form based reality) and a balance between these two forces creates Sattva or Enlightenment.

Activating your Kundalini opens up the Muladhara Chakra which brings about the Breathless State.
My body is still affected by the energy from the Sun and the Moon and so of course there is still polarity in my body depending on which force is dominant as the energy from these bodies rotate dominance within the body every two hours.
Plus when I sleep at night I start breathing like a normal person which of course brings polarity into the body.
The adenoid that opens up at the top of the Nasal passage directing which Nostril the air will flow through is still active in my body.
And so in the Breathless State (without practicing Nadi Shodhana), the air is mostly flowing through the dominant Nadi or the open Nostril.
And so the energy is still entering my body unequally but since there is so much less air (and thus energy) flowing in, the disparity in polarity is no where near that of someone that is breathing normally.
This quiets the Mind considerably.
The polarity doesn’t exist to spin the Muladhara Chakra.

I felt achy last Friday and at first thought I was overdoing my Yoga Practice (postures) until I realized that I was sick.
My left Nostril was completely closed off for about 4 hours before it occurred to me that my body was purposely keeping the Solar force open to raise the temperature of my body to create a Fever and burn up whatever was attacking me.
I let this go on for a few hours and then got some eucalyptus ointment and started practicing Nadi Shodhana to end this.

[QUOTE=Atlantiseeker;87490]Do you think there is any benefit to practicing nadi shodhana while in the breathless state? It sounds like the air exchange you are having in the breathless state is constant in both directions; you don’t have an inhale and subsequent exhale, correct?[/QUOTE]

We are physiologically designed so that when the diaphragm stops contracting, the CO2 will gather at the top of the Nasal Passage and start exiting the body on its own.
Air is drawn into the lower chamber of the nose to replace the volume of air lost from the upper chamber.
You are correct in stating that the air exchange is constant in both directions.
If I disrupt this flow, the urge to breath comes up.
As soon as you start practicing Nadi Shodhana, you are breathing.
And you need to do this to balance the polarity in the body.
Have I just rotated my tongue back and forth while in the Breathless State without breathing after balancing the polarity?
Yes and it almost feels like you are having sex with yourself because the Turbinate areas get extremely sensitive.
As I’ve written about before, the focus of my attention is not at my genitals when I have sex but my tongue.
I feel like the female body balances me energetically and the energy starts rising up the spine and consciousness focuses on the tongue.
When I have sex like an animal and move around I feel like the woman’s body is giving me pleasure and I feel love for her.
This emotion stems from the Mind (Desire) and is Bullshit.
When I just passively lay down with the girl on top of me and just flex my Muladhara Chakra (Perineum), I become Love.
I don’t feel love for her, I LOVE.
I don’t think I love you, I AM LOVE.
I am this energy.
It is a completely different energy.
And I feel that this energy is coming from within me, not from her.

Every Chakra is situated right at a major gland of the Endocrine System.
Through hormones is how the spiritual world connects with the physical world.
The goal of Yoga is to take back the dominance of the Pituitary Gland and return it to the Pineal Gland.
Puberty switches this dominance and your pleasure center drops from the tongue to the genitals.
Consciousness then starts focusing on a time based awareness instead of just BEing.
You need to bring this energy back up to the Pineal Gland and activate it.

As stated in Genesis 2 7

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Swara Yoga states that You Are Your Breath.
Your breath creates your reality.
If you carelessly allow your breath to alternate its flow every two hours through the right and left nostrils powering up the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems unequally, you will create a Time and Space based reality that will trap Consciousness into the physical world.
Consciousness is GOD’s only Begotten Son not Jesus.
The Cross that Jesus was referring to when he said you must take up your Cross and follow me was taking the air that is breathed in through the right nostril and exhaling it out the left nostril and visa versa.
It says right in the Gospel of Philip that The Father gave The Son (Consciousness not Jesus) The Cross in The Bridal Chamber.

This is another quote from the Gospel of Philip:

A person receives them (The Resurrection, Restoration and Truth) in the chrism with the oil of the power of the cross. The apostles called this power the right and the left. This person is no longer a Christian but is Christ.

Jesus practiced and taught Nadi Shodahan in Khechari Mudra to Experience YOGA or Union with GOD!
This practice purifies the Nervous System and eradicates Karma.
If I just sit in the breathless state, I will not clear out the accumulated Karma acquired before I activated my Kundalini.
This Karma is lowering the frequency of the energy that can flow through me and preventing enlightenment.

[QUOTE=Atlantiseeker;87490]I am wondering about this in connection with what Sivananda said about how we inhale to get the prana into our body. Do you think the same amount of prana comes into you in the breathless state as someone who breathes with their diaphragm? Or don’t you need prana to come in from outside when you are in this state?[/QUOTE]

I don’t know how much Prana you need from the outside air after you activate your Kundalini (Open up the Muladhara Chakra).
Sometimes I feel like my body is in a conserve energy mode like a laptop when it is working off the battery instead of plugged into an outlet.
Many times I have almost fainted after I sat for a period of time and just got up too quickly to walk across the room.
My Consciousness is fully aware of what is going on at all times but the energy flowing through the body is being used differently.
The contraction of the diaphragm is a waste of energy and the heat that the body loses from the exhalation of so much heated air also is a drain of energy.

Satyananda lectured that balancing the two poles of energy in the body brings about greater force which to me implies more energy is flowing through me.
And so I believe a much higher frequency is flowing through me, the energy is flowing differently, and some things are on standby mode.


[QUOTE=umunhum;78339]I turned on my Kundalini and achieved the breathless state playing around with the Kriyas in Satyananda Saraswati’s book Kundalini Tantra. I then could achieve the breathless state (My diaphram no longer moves unless I want it to), by doing just about any form of Pranayama. About a month after my Kundalini awakening I started to notice that I no longer control the breathless state, it just happens all the time now.


There is a Taoist technique called Embryonic Breathing ([I]Tai-Hsi[/I], or [I]taixi[/I]). Do you think that is the same as what you did?




Hi umunhum,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your dedication to your work and the courage to share it all. I have had almost exactly similar experiences to what you’ve described particularly your understanding of the importance of the balance in our polarities. I practice internal nadi shodhana all day with my tongue and then found your video and writings. I’m not sure how private messages work on the new forum, but I would love to hear where your practice has led you now and what you are up to. Hope to hear from you soon.




I am not in the state to hv a teacher.can I learn these mudra’s from any book?help me please.