Regarding kundalini syndrome


I am a computer science PhD student from India. I had been doing pranayama, meditation, mudra & bandha (uddyana, mula, jalandahr, vajroli(kegal exercise),khechari (tounge goes behind nasal opening), sambhavi), physical celibacy practices from 6-7 years. From last 3 year, I was getting problems of kundalini syndrome. So, I have left these practices. I have added some grounding practices. My problems are as shown below

1.Mind symptom: right skull head pressure, insomnia; when I quit bed in morning that head pressure less. As day progress it increases more. When I sleep in the night from right side, my head pressure increase, I get more thoughts. But when I sleep left side then I get to sleep. But left side sleep does not come always. When I get less sleep then right skull head pressure becomes more. Right head pressure always present in the back of the right skull. When I try to solve the problem(mean to say concentration) or any activity which alters breath pattern then I feel more head pressure. When I try to do meditation or any breathing practice it increases.

2.Physical symptom: heat in perineum area, movement of the perineum, tingling in right and left feet(less in right feet), muscle pull, something moving inside skin especially in back side and left leg. These things happens less in right leg. Most of these things happen only in left leg , here and there in the back of the body(front and back both), right skull and back of the right skull. When I sit in front of computer long time it increases. When I listen song through headphone it increases. It is sensitive to light and sound. I have also get skin rash, acne and white patches. I went to a dermatologist. He has prescribed some medicine. I have used it and I have relieved.

  1. Psychological: sometimes depression, sometimes energetic, fear, uncontrolled thought pattern

I went to a neurologist. I have gone through MRI of Brain and Cervical spine. I have also done EEG of the brain. Everything was normal. I had vitamin D and B12 deficiency, it has become normal after taking milk 2-3 month.

I went to doctors like neurologist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, ayurvedic and dermatologist. I have not relieved.

Celibacy break:
Earlier, I was following physical celibacy. But, one day, I have get frustrated. I have masturbated myself. For someday it has get continued. I thought it will put my inner energies down. But no progress. After doing non-celibate act for some days I feel less pressure in my right skull. When I maintain physical celibacy for more than 7 days again it increases. But, after 2-3 month I have come in under control means physical celibacy. But still, my pressure and insomnia is continued. In past, I had no insomnia problem not even in my family. I am trying to follow physical celibacy now. Vary less I break celibacy. Celibacy break relieves me for certain day.

Grounding practices:
I have left all practices and I move barefooted on the ground. Moving with friends in nature. Try to avoid any activity which increases concentration and alter breath pattern. I am vegetarian and I try to maintain diet and lifestyle based on vata, pitta and kapha imbalances(prakriti, vikruti). I try to practice forgiveness, service, compassion kindness etc. Many times my anger deviates me.

Regarding Marriage:
I will marry in this year. Is tantra with natural birth control help me in relieving these issues?

Is it kundalini syndrome? If it is kundalini then why is it not coming in my right side of the body (less in right leg) and left skull.

Please give some advice I shall be highly obliged

Need help. Suffering after doing Isha foundation Inner Engineering program

Sorry to hear about your condition I would be writing the answer based upon my15 years limited experience about this condition. And my only Motive is help u.

First thing we always hear only good thing about meditation and yoga there is hardly any negative side effects(authentic) are mentioned but lot of people do go through negative side effects ranging from very minor to very severe .it helps a person to know that lot of people are going through negative side effects and it can be tackled.

What you are going through is very minor side effect it’s very good that you have stopped all the practices specially the BANDHA. Continue doing your grounding practices be in nature open to the sun

You need to do catharsis you can do in front of mirror make faces cry weep Yell shout abuse jump let the body moves whichever way it wants to let all the repression come out ,whatever comes don’t stop if in the beginning it doesn’t happen by itself make effort I think you can look for Osho dynamic meditation if you cannot go through all the stages of Osho dynamic meditation. just do the above mentioned process at least for 30 days.

Regarding the celibacy please don’t force it upon you sex is very natural and there is nothing wrong with it it’s a very natural in human beings there’s nothing wrong about it it’s wonderful to go beyond sex but by forcing it will manifest in vary ugly forms.

Regarding the uncontrollable thought patterns can we really control thoughts just see for yourself if you try to control any thought only that thought will keep coming and it’s very vicious circle what I’m going to say it’s very easy to say but hard to act upon but that is the only way . don’t differentiate between thought is a good one or bad one let them be there don’t say it’s a good thought and don’t say it’s bad thought I don’t want it.

I will recommend you a book which might be helpful for you now and maybe for future a book named Kundalini the evolutionary energy in man by Gopi Krishna. You can find it in the PDF

There is scientific study done by Brown University I am posting the link below do it is done only for Buddhist meditation but still it shoes people do go through negative side effects

Some people going through negative side effects like u

Hope it help wishu all the Best


Hello ms23!

Do you have signs of your third eye or any other extra sensory perception?
Do you meditate in peaceful nature, hearing birds, the wind and/or sea? Kundalínis are very sensitive.
I know you walk on bare shoes with friend but is it in a forest or is it a city park?
Can you take cold water showers? It is very good to raise the kundalíni, to decrease depression and to raise the body immunities.
Mantras to Ganesh, Shakti and Shiva will help raising and stabilize.
Pranayamas and asanas, maybe a mudra or longer meditation with a Guru(that will help you with this problem).
Celibacy aligns Chakras but try tunning your Chakras. White tantra(sex without orgasm) will help i’m sure.
Being around good people, have harmony in home and at work.

I also have kundalíni problems but doing the right things it is just a matter of time.
Hope this information can help.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Q. Do you have signs of your third eye or any other extra sensory perception?
Ans. I think, No.
Q. Do you meditate in peaceful nature, hearing birds, the wind and/or sea? Kundalínis are very sensitive.
Ans. Now, I do not do any kind of meditation, pranayama, mudra and bandha. Earlier, to control these issues, I have tried different forms of pranayama but it does not give any help. These all pranayamas increases my right skull head pressure and my present symptoms.
Q. I know you walk on bare shoes with friend but is it in a forest or is it a city park?
Ans. I move in playground or in hostel ground.
Q. Can you take cold water showers? It is very good to raise the kundalíni, to decrease depression and to raise the body immunities.
Ans. Whether winter or summer, I always bath in cold water. I feel good.
Q. Mantras to Ganesh, Shakti and Shiva will help raising and stabilize.
Ans. I have tried to do bhakti practices like singing song of god, fasting etc but it was increasing my symptoms.
Q. Pranayamas and asanas, maybe a mudra or longer meditation with a Guru(that will help you with this problem).
Ans. I have not tried in front of guru because I have no particular Guru. Everything regarding Yoga and spirituality, I have learnt from the internet.

Advice: Celibacy aligns Chakras but try tunning your Chakras.
My Experiance: Even if i do savasana my symptoms increases. How to tune chakra without doing ahy form of yoga practices?

Advice: Being around good people, have harmony in home and at work.
My Experiance: It is not always possible. But I try to mix with spiritual minded people.



even tho you don’t have any other world perception it can still be because of the kundalíni.
Kundalíni syndrome can be really harsh as far as I know, delusion, hallucinations, feeling all kinds of things… but I have been told that diferente people have different kundalíni symptomes.

Remember when you do pranayamas you need to start inhaling from you belly and not from you lungs.
Meditation for kundalini problems can be dangerous when done without any kind of regular yoga in life, it is recommended for beginners to do dailly pranayamas at home, bhastrika or Breath Of Fire are ok.

Mantras can be quite effective, should be done once in a wile 108 repetition each. Start with Ganesh Mantra, ‘‘Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha’’ followed by Shiva Mantra ‘‘Om Namah Shivaya’’ and to end maybe ‘‘Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’’, mantras should be done quietly or silently(within the mind) if done to a deity look at the diety’s image or try to visualize closed eye(mentaly) during the practice, mantras will plant seeds in your mind that can flourish if nurtured.

Find a place of peace to heal, with no technologies at all, including cars, life in nature does miracles.
Computers screen hurt the eyes and give us headaches, if you work all day and night in a office in front of a PC dim the brightness and install software to protect against eye strain, I have one myself it is called f.lux you can download it from the official page

I recommend to do yoga with a certified guru, he will make everything easy and save you years of search for knowledge and methods you might not even know it exists. The most important is to talk to a guru about your symptoms if you are going to attain classes or not is yet to decide.

Om Shanti,


Most, if not all, of the large financially well-established yoga organizations are teaching false techniques and are run by false gurus. Anyone joining these organizations will come to harm. They do not have any structure in place to individually observe and monitor every student which is essential in yoga teaching. Every individual needs a different dose of medicine to recover from the illness of materialism. These organizations are prescribing the wrong dose of the wrong medicine every time, and obviously harming the patient(student).
When we have a fracture, the treatment is REST. Similarly in yoga, when these wrong techniques are practiced in wrong doses, there may something similar to a fracture or injury in the subtle body. To recover from it takes a LOT OF TIME and REST. Walking with a fractured leg will only DELAY HEALING. Similarly doing meditation or any higher activity with an injured INNER BODY, will DELAY HEALING. Only way to heal is REST. No technique can heal. Rest can heal. Correct guidance from a true SAINT can heal. Finding such a saint is very difficult. Saints do not live in luxury in large organizations and make money! I have been suffering for 18 years from various problems after practicing yoga incorrectly in WRONG DOSE and under FALSE TEACHERS. Now by the grace of God I have found the right guidance and am healing slowly. But HEALING is always a SLOW PROCESS. Patience is key to healing. A fracture that is healing may go back to square one if one is impatient and starts walking too soon! Only in this case, the fracture can’t be seen but felt. In such a scenario, the spiritually “fractured” student needs REST and TRUE guidance. Meditation, breathing and any kind of spiritual practice exerts a LOAD on the brain and the body. An injured student can get harmed even by meditating for a few seconds! STOP AND REST. That is the only way to heal. The body will tell you when the healing is over and you can start SLOWLY again, in the steps of a TRUE SAINT, not large oragnizations advertising their products! For individual guidance on healing from a true saint, you may visit this site for info:


Oh great!! Thank you putting your experience… Quite a learning for all of us… Regards, Vishy


Kundalini is not a toy of a child, which can be and should be invoked. Everyone wants to gain access to this dormant energy without having the body prepared to cope with this natural energy. That’s the reason, we find so many people suffers from Kundalini awakening which should not be case, at least for a longer duration. When Kundalini needs to flow upwards, the purification of the body is required which is lacking in your case. My suggestion would be

  1. Yoga Techniques for Cleaning, purification
  2. Food Intake should be righteous in nature
  3. Physical Exercise, so that energy can distribute which can clear the blockade within.
  4. Pray to this energy, to make it gentle for you.


I accept that I have done mistake in my yogic practices. I was doing only one hour spiritual practice in a day. These spiritual practices I did around 6-7 years. I am facing problem because of this mistake. But I think mistakes can be corrected. I am trying to correct it and I am trying to stabilize myself. My main issue is right skull head pressure and due to that pressure I get insomnia. This right skull head pressure increases by sound and light. Due to that I can not use electronic gadgets. These things destabilize me. Any kind of spiritual practices increases these symptoms. So I have totally stopped any kind of such practices. I move 5-10 minute bare footed on ground. Whenever I find time I try to live in nature.


Most is not complicated.
Yes your body is not purified.
It is partially purified.
Think of the body like a circuit.
The opened nerves simply have less resistance.
This resistance is observable as subtle tension.

That with less tension seems more open.
SO. lay down for an hour a day.
Move your mind+feeling through your body. Releasing every bit a little as you feel it.
1 hour a day.
In this way you will release the subtle tension.
After 3 months if results do not satisfy you, contact me, an I will tell you how to blow open the nerves. However, only after 3 months of former practice will your mind be conditioned enough to do it.
In fact after 3 months it will be prime for it.
As well, your perception will change.
As will you.


An ashram might help you,

living for a wile in nature with people that have the energy to fill whats is laking in your mind, and to move that excess energy from your right brain, seems the right thing.
During my awakening I could do my life, sometimes, but I felt something was not right, I knew I was in need of nature, and every time I was surrounded by only city my energies started to un-ground and missed the harmonious peace, resuting in energetical pressure points.
Volunteering in a Ashram for example Sivananda Ashrama in Rishikesh would give you nature, peace, harmonious energies and the right persons for your healing.


Thanks sir. Glad to be of help.


There are no such thing as problems or syndrome caused by kundalini. All these problems are caused by prana, usually too much of it. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in hinduism and yoga.


Kundalini is something much more important than you can imagine. This dormant Sacred Serpent (Just think of the shape of a rising cobra and the shape of a spine) is a legacy that humans inherit from their Creator God and Father Enki. Please read more about this:

Problems that arise due to Kundalini, is simply because humans try to awake it without the protection of Enki, it is that simple. You can understand the rationale behind Kundalini and its 4 stages by reading this post: